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10 Things People Who ‘Aren’t Black Enough’ Understand

Stereotypes are used to categorize a particular group of people. Individuals within the group are systematically placed in oversimplified categories.

While not all stereotypes are negative, like assuming one possesses an admirable ability to do something — that generally, not everyone can do — they just aren’t all true. The fact that these assumptions solely can come by way of seeing someone’s skin complexion is what’s problematic.

Stereotyping can occur across racial lines when there is a lack of cultural understanding, but it becomes a concern when the assumptions are made within racial groups. Specifically, Black people who hold certain expectations of other Black people and then deem them “not Black enough” if they don’t fit a mold.

Here are 10 things that people who aren’t “Black enough” understand about the diversity of Black thought and experience.



You don’t like the “Cosby Show”?

The myth: All Black people love the “Cosby Show.”

What people who aren’t “Black enough” understand: While the Huxtables were a positive representation of Black life in America, they were a very small percentage of “the norm.”

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16 thoughts on “10 Things People Who ‘Aren’t Black Enough’ Understand

  1. Kevin Smith says:

    Yea i wasn't the biggest Cosby fan. Why? because my reality was far from the Cosby life just didn't seem authentic to me.

  2. Steve Wilson says:

    I really enjoyed this Black lesson

  3. I understand. I don't know if you already thought of this, though, but while your experience may not match that of the Cosby's, the experiences found in the Cosby's may very well be realistic. Although the TV show is fiction, they were an upper middle class family who just so happen to be Black, and shows how upper middle class Black families are likely to live and behave.

  4. My career involves combining software technology with the interests of young amateur entrepreneurs. Secondly, I'm not in the business of selling rap music but rather in the business of something called artist development. I am not a sports fan at all, and I don't have freestyle skills. So I guess I don't fit the mold of a basketball player or a true hip-hop artist, even though I can write great rap lyrics.

  5. Where's the myth about all black people being Christian?

    I get that one all the time when people find out I'm an atheist.

  6. Not a rap or basketball fan.

  7. Marcus Bethea says:

    Just for the record Nas.

  8. even i have pondered that question, i honestly don't see many black atheists as if it's embedded in our dna to be religious, which is a lie, we were forced into that notion from slavery past. Like a black conservative, we need to see more black atheists

  9. Sanford DeShay Chancellor says:

    Definitely Nas. (that is not what I took away…but since you ask)

  10. Michael Hill says:

    I guess I'm not black enough to understand the point of this list!!

  11. James Peoples says:

    You should rename this article "Stupid shit black people are expected to deal with."

  12. James Peoples says:

    I always thought the Cosby show was boring.

  13. You dont go to the Baptist Church, lol? Even though Im not an atheist (my family follows Catholicism), of course many people assume that I must go to a Baptist Church because all black people go to the Baptist Church!

  14. WE were the ones who invented jazz, blues, and soul. A large number of us have abandoned those roots for hip-hop. Is that a bad thing? HELL NO! But we must reclaim OUR inventions and OUR heritage before they're lost to us!

  15. Even for common whites the Huxtables were too ladida.
    Son Theo had a carreer as a teacher,
    an underpaid job where many a capable person is not welcome,
    because the applied standards are mainly your good looks.
    So I was only welcomed as a stop-gap and eventually I had to
    take on a menial job. I also never as worked an engineering graduate.

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