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6 Black Celebrities So Crazy In Love They Acted Insane Over Their Significant Other


When couples fall in love, they become inebriated by the sense of euphoria that follows. Unfortunately for some couples, those moments of happiness are often fleeting, interrupted with heartache triggered by drama. More often than not, couples who experience extreme highs and lows stay together; it seems the more insane they appear, the greater their chances of staying together.


Bobbi Kristina and Nick Gordon

On Jan. 9, 2014, Bobbi Kristina Brown made headlines when she announced her marriage to her “brother” Nick Gordon. Although Nick was not legally adopted, the couple grew up together as siblings when their mother, R&B star Whitney Houston, agreed to care for him when he was a child. Shortly after Houston’s death, Bobbi and Nick made their relationship public. Bobbi reportedly said that her mother would have wanted the two of them to be together.

In March 2014, Bobbi’s grandmother, Pat Houston, filed a restraining order against Nick after he tweeted photos of guns and threatened to use them on members of the Houston family.

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  1. Now this situation with Kanye and this woman. And have you ever seen a white woman so crazy about black men? Is it real? I believe she would go with all of them at the same time if she could get away with it. She is going to do something, and Kanye, how in the world can the marriage last. Kanye, you mean to tell me you could not find a black woman to love. You do not have nothing on your side to help make it work. I am speaking for the younger black women, my son better not bring someone home that does not look like me.

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