You Been Lied To: 7 Things You May Not Know About Somali ‘Pirates’

Columbia Pictures' "Captain Phillips."
Columbia Pictures’ “Captain Phillips.”

The media has brainwashed people into thinking Somali ‘pirates’ are savage thieves

Somali ‘pirates’ have been branded in the media as maritime gangsters. The image of Somali pirates as senseless, savage thieves can be largely attributed to propaganda by the European and American governments. In April 2009, the Obama administration employed a long-term strategy to restore maritime security off the coast of Somalia. This strategy conveniently places American Navy Gunships in Somali waters.

Also, Hollywood recently made a movie celebrating the ‘true’ story of “Captian Phillips,” who was kidnapped by Somali ‘pirates.’ Though the film was blasted for its many lies and inconsistencies, it made an estimated $107 million domestically, with audiences giving the film a 93% rating.

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