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Redskins’ DeAngelo Hall Would Welcome Exiled DeSean Jackson

nfl_u_jackson11_300x200DeAngelo Hall and DeSean Jackson have had run-ins on the football field. But Hall, the Washington Redskins Pro Bowl cornerback, said that has nothing to do with improving the team, and he and his teammates would welcome Jackson as part of the Redskins.

The Philadelphia Eagles cut Jackson last week amid published reports that the explosive receiver and return man had ties to Los Angeles gangs. The Eagles also independently uncovered information about Jackson’s off-field connections and activities, a source told ESPN. Jackson vehemently denied the reports. He was scheduled to visit the Redskins on Monday.

“If we could add a piece like that … he’s a threat whenever the ball is in [his] hands,” Hall told

Several teams are interested in Jackson, 27.

“I feel like our locker room has a good group of young guys, a good group of old guys, man,” Hall told the website. “Some of the things [Jackson] has been going through lately, that’s life. That’s life.

“We’ve all been through something, so. .. . if he’s able to come here, man, I’m going to take him under my wing and just try to put him on the right path.”

Jackson and Hall went head-to-head on national television in last season’s “Monday Night Football” opener on ESPN, when Philadelphia beat Washington in Chip Kelly’s NFL coaching debut with the Eagles. Jackson made a gesture during that game that some have interpreted  as a gang-related gesture at Hall, according to the report.

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