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8 Black Celebrities Who Gave Up Careers For God

rapper loon

Former hip-hop artist Loon, quit the music industry and converted to Islam.   The star, who changed his name from Chauncey Hawkins to Amir Junaid Muhadith, released his self-titled 2003 album on rapper-entrepreneur Sean “Diddy” Combs’ Bad Boy Records, but since then decided to turn his back on his career to focus on his faith.

During an interview with Al-Jazeera,  Muhadith said, “Loon is working his way out of my system. (I’m) happy to be accepting Islam, and finding the peace of mind I was always searching for in the music business…Thanks to Islam, I was able to complete my search and now I’m very much at peace. (My) Bad Boy days are over, I’m now what you call a good boy.”

Loon is currently serving a 14-year sentence for a federal drug charge after being arrested for an offense prior to becoming a Muslim.

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8 thoughts on “8 Black Celebrities Who Gave Up Careers For God

  1. Tariq Ahmed says:

    We now know the System don't like you to find the truth. They didn't arrest him then why arrest him now when he became muslim? We know artists always travel their drugs….. Illuminati likes murdering people when discompliance is detected….
    Immortal Technique said The dance with the devil might last forever…. But the good thing is when you become muslim all your sins are forgiven…… You start on a clean slate….. Even if they murder him He's going straight to paradise….. When they instill disease in him his new sins will be wiped away. Like Muhammad Ali the boxer all prior sins are being wiped away….

  2. Gerald Frank says:

    Sins can only be forgiven if they are paid for by the forgiver. If God overlooks sins without punishing them then his righteousness if flawed. Jesus is righteous because He paid for my sin and then forgave me. I am forgiven because He carried my punishment. For this I am eternally grateful.

  3. Bwire Vincent says:

    I just thought that you guys should know that these people ; when they conquered Africa, they relegated our Kings to chief, or Paramount Chief status, and our animals to Shenzi type, which in Swahili means stupid type. We had a true religion, which they decided to term as voodoo, to give themselves an excuse to term us as 'Kafir' or 'non-believers' (both Christianity and Islam). Point is, we have to stick to our very own in order to earn our well deserved respect. The Buddhists did it, and so did the Hindus. You can never fight the enemy when you worship the same god as they do.

  4. Tariq Ahmed says:

    How did Jesus say to the person "Your sins are forgiven" when Jesus didn't die and resurrected yet in the gospels???

  5. Gerald Frank says:

    How did Jesus forgive sins before He died on the cross? Well He is God and therefore not dominated by time. His work on the cross forgave sins of people, past, present and future. So the work of the cross of Christ is not limited to the dimension of time. Therefore Jesus forgave the sins of people based on the fact that He is going to pay for it on the cross. And because He is God His Word is reliable and eternal. Faith in His Word is trust that He will do what He promised. When God said it, it is done, even thought He did do it yet. And that's faith in Jesus Christ.

  6. This is better than Facebook…

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