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Countess Vaughn Opens up About Hair Nightmare

Photo: MadameNoire

Photo: MadameNoire

Countess Vaughn, TV actress of 227, Moesha, and The Parkers fame, recently appeared on The Doctors to share her experience about the negative effects of using lace-front wigs.

Working in the entertainment industry for years, Vaughn was expected to uphold certain standards of beauty that are often hair-centric. She habitually used weaves, extensions and in most recent years, lace-front wigs – which require the constant application of glue, which impedes growth and is damaging to the skin around the hairline.

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Vaughn shared that she was in denial about a scalp infection that caused her to lose hair and skin around the perimeter of her head and caused discoloration that she now disguises with eye liner.

“I didn’t want to make the connection [that the wigs caused this]. I was like, ‘Come on, a wig can make you sick?’ No, no way.  Now I have discoloration,” she says. “Anywhere that you would apply and put tape on, I’m lighter in those areas and I use make-up to cover it up.”

The 35-year-old mother is now speaking out, sharing her experience as a cautionary tale to other women and girls, especially her own daughter.

“I had to go through this in order to teach my little one that you gotta love yourself before anyone else will.”


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5 thoughts on “Countess Vaughn Opens up About Hair Nightmare

  1. Nicole Marie says:

    Idk what kind of glue she used, who applied the wig, or how long/tight she had it on, but damn! I've only seen that happen to women who wear them too long, too tight, or don't have them properly installed. God bless her and her hairline.

  2. Devan Clark says:

    @Nicole Marie Silly you just don't want to hear the truth and have to wear your hair natural because you think it's ugly .

  3. Unless you are a councillor for addictions, you can't help them. It's just he new crack. They act like Countess had somebody her cousin's friend knows doing her wigs .

  4. Sheralyn Facey says:

    natural long time a it mi sehhhh

  5. Sheralyn Facey says:

    natural long time a it mi sehhhh

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