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6 Benefits to Wearing Your Hair Natural Instead of Relaxed

Styling Natural Hair is More Economical

It’s no secret that many Black women spend much of their hard-earned money on maintaining their relaxed hair. Monthly or even biweekly trips to the salon can be very expensive, and relaxed hair must be maintained to minimize damage. After a woman decides to go natural, she will no longer need to visit a stylist as often as she did with relaxed hair, because it will be much easier to care for her own hair.

You will hear some women say they would rather relax their hair because it is easier to maintain, but there are plenty of natural sisters with easy, wash-and-wear styles. Although there may be a learning curve for maintaining and styling natural hair, there are plenty of tutorials available. Before you know it, you will be rocking your natural hair with the best of them.

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21 thoughts on “6 Benefits to Wearing Your Hair Natural Instead of Relaxed

  1. Nikki Godsanointedchild Williams says:

    I love my relaxed hair.

  2. Kadian Nelson says:

    Going natural is the best thing that I ever did for myself.

  3. I like black woman hair style!

  4. Ebony M. Gilliam says:

    Very happy I've gone natural … Much healthier for me overall..

  5. I agree to all six points..been natural wearing my sisterlocks for 7 years

  6. Chelsea Chelz Neely says:

    In the process of going natural noticed that my hair is growing longer and thicker

  7. you are beautiful with your Tanzy:)

  8. Thank u!!!. I love them…never thought my hair could grow to the middle of my back!!!

  9. Ebony M. Gilliam says:

    Why thank you 🙂

  10. Anonymous says:

    I'm transitioning because I love the look of natural hair. Nothing against straight hair, but the kinks and coils of African textured hair has always looked better to me. Glad there is a movement that is embracing this now.

  11. Max Hawthorne says:

    How was that number 6 short hair style achieved i love it

  12. She looks beautiful! She has the face for it though!

  13. I have saved a ton of money, stress from rude beauticians and rather enjoy seeing the Asian store owner upset at the loss of business. When we get gentrified so do the foreign store owners.

  14. I've been wearing my "freedom" for 50 years. Saves so much time and money.

  15. It's a shame that being natural is instilled in the subconscious as a hurdle by the semantic 'going'. There's nothing more natural than natural. Sisters have been going in-natural. Oh, and with great time, effort and money to restrict their liberty ( swim, rain , intimacy) and reducing their mortality ( voluntary chemical inducement from relaxers) to achieve the oppressor's look. The irony

  16. Both looks are nice, it's whatever you fill. Women are still beautiful, natural or relaxed

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