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Separated Already? Halle Berry Ditches Wedding Ring, Olivier Martinez Holds On to His

Say it ain’t so!

Actress Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez have only been married since July 2013 and there are already rumors of separation swirling around the two stars.

Halle and Olivier are still hot commodities in Hollywood and their work schedules have forced them apart for quite some time.  Now some sources are saying the separation might be permanent.

The couple haven’t been spotted out and about together since last December as they are both busy filming for upcoming projects.

Olivier is appearing as a guest star on “Revenge” and Halle is filming for a new CBS series titled “Extant.”

Rumors of marital troubles only grew worse when Halle hit the red carpet for the Fame and Philanthropy Post-Oscars Gala with neither Olivier nor her wedding ring in sight.

Olivier, however, has still been sporting his wedding ring in public.

TMZ caught Halle’s husband out and about in LA Thursday night with his wedding ring still snug around his finger.

He didn’t have much to say to the photographers as they snapped pictures of him hopping into his car and driving away.

This came as no surprise considering both Olivier and Halle have strong feelings about the paparazzi and their lack of respect for celebrities who want some personal space every now and then.

Halle Berry ditches wedding ring

Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez at the “Cloud Atlas” L.A. Premiere.
Photo Credit: Tom Sorensen

Halle and Olivier have a son together, Maceo, who was born in October. Halle is also the mother of 6-year-old Nahla, who Olivier has also spent tons of quality time with.

The last time the couple was spotted in public together, they were at a performance of “The Lion King” at the Pantages Theater in Hollywood. There were few photos of them with smiling faces.

Both Halle and Olivier looked relatively tired or upset.

Unfortunately, bad news may still be rolling in for the “X-Men: Days of Future Past” actress, who may have been snipped out of the movie because she was pregnant during filming.

While the actress who takes the role of Storm was expecting a few scenes to be cut, The New York Daily News reported that she now only has one line in the entire film.

“She only has one line in the whole movie,” the source said. “They’re not telling her until the movie comes out.”

So much for keeping that a secret…

On the bright side, neither the major scene cuts not the marital separation rumors have been confirmed.

Fingers crossed that the rumor mill just hasn’t been favoring Halle lately and that things aren’t really falling apart for the couple.

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