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44 thoughts on “14 Statements That May Reveal Self-Hate

  1. Ummm Tracy (writer), "black" is a socio-political identity created by our oppressors and not a biological identity, it's NOT a nationality. Do you know what a nationality is? Obama is the President of the United States of America, do you think the other 88% of the population has a different President? Very few of these point towards internalized hatred, this says more about your lack of knowledge about race origin, race relations and your contribution to further spread misinformation.

  2. Assuming some of these statements reflect self-hate itself is self-hate.

  3. EL Rahmaan Kush Bey says:

    they lost there dan mind

  4. Emily Wedin says:

    As an Er nurse in an inner city hospital, I have been the victim of racism. Intellectually I know that the actions and comments directed towards me are the result of years of abuse the person had to endure, most likely? but I did not do anything to them, just happened to be there. No one should hate themselves because of their race or skin color, nor should they hate those they come in contact with. Please stop abusing us…just sayin'

  5. Reggie Nobles says:

    Apparently i hate myself and i didnt even know it ………

    *sends myself to my room without dinner. *

  6. I choose that!!! All of Our People here in American Get Out of The American Dream and let all other have it..because it is an end within it's self? 2, we all get out of the religious BELIEF SYSTEM and it's influence and deal with pure factual information that can't be disputed nor BELIEVED but KNOWN. 3, we realize that we are EVERYWHERE in this country and with that being known we have FAMILY EVERYWHERE? 4, We pay attention to all of OUR CHILDREN in this COUNTRY and except as a fact the they are our CHILDREN as well….5, We get out of the FEAR of LOVING each-other…and stop using FEAR as HATE…it's OK to hate whether you knew it of not.."I hate Mosquitoes, flies, colds, flues, racism, diseases etc? 6, We all find SOMETHING JUST ANYTHING WE ALL AS ONE RACE OF PEOPLE "L I K E"……and i don't mean food,or dancing? something INTELLECTUAL????????

  7. Jackie Linton says:

    The above statement is more of a resentment towards their mother and/or father and they are taking it out on others.

  8. Jackie Linton says:

    Pretty for a dark girl is racist.

  9. Jackie Linton says:

    Good hair! Compared to what! That statement is racist and that person hates themselves.

  10. Jackie Linton says:

    Why should you care about Africans? Because your an African! Racist person! And still talking about slavery because we are still feeling the effects of slavery. And as the saying goes, history will repeat itself if ya don't know it.

  11. Jackie Linton says:

    Do you think that makes you special because all of your friends are white? So what! Get some professional help so you'll stop hating yourself. I am not black! lol! You look black. hehehehehehehe

  12. Jackie Linton says:

    What is talk like a white girl/boy? What does that even mean? Are you saying that only white people are able to talk slang? Or are you saying that only white people can speak English? I am black, female, over 21 and will talk anyway I want too!!! oh yeah, act anyway I want too as well.

  13. Steve Webb says:

    First of all, " Race Hate " is self taught! When Africans were brought to America, they did not have this. It was indoctrinated here in America, and think about it? The Bible can 'not help us on this one!

  14. Olu Akani says:

    I swear half of this is just pure and utter bull shit. Jesus wasn't white and he sure as hell wasn't black.. People from his region are still alive and if you want to see how jesus may have looked go do that instead of clutching to a few passages in the Bible.. To be honest to me it's a bit sad that some of us try our hardest to claim him as black.. I really really don't care what colour he was..

    Yes some black people can be racist because sometimes you have to point it out to the other black people who come up with the bull shit excuse that black people are not the oppressive majority so can't be racist. Like it's some pre requisite to the definition of being a racist.. Making comments like that hinders our cause .. And yep.. Obama is the president of America, not black people.. Sorry for pointing out the obvious.. Which is Obama is simply a politician.. .. And I have never had mostly white friends but there was a time I had mostly Indian friends because I lived in an Indian area.. There was also a time I was the only black guy in a group with a white guy, an Indian and a guy from Thailand . when Ilived in a mostly white town . I guess if I ever have a conversation about my group of old friends and I mention I once never had any black friends.. I automatically hate my race

  15. Interesting concept Olu….. You know even Scientist are saying more than likely Jesus was a man of color. Do you think Africans or Black People was confined to just one Continent? If so then please learn your history.

  16. Nikki Brue says:

    Emily Wedin There is a lot of interesting literature on 'racism towards white people', I would suggest you look it up. A few good books are "Dear White America" by Tim Wise who talks about the complexities of race relations in the USA, and another book he wrote called "White Like Me". I think you would enjoy them. They are very insightful.

  17. Caucasians can be victims of racial prejudice but not of racism. Part of why I hate the word is because it is often misused and misunderstood. Race is a socio-political construct, a Caucasian would have to be in a place where systematically they are inferior to be a victim of racism. They can be on the shitty end of racial prejudice though. Not knocking anyone's struggle but there is a difference by definition.

  18. Olu Akani says:

    Aaron Mitchell there is a difference between real history and attempting to put together pieces and clutching at straws to suit your own narrative. Yes Africans were not confined to Africa but because the Bible gives a brief, and very partial description, it does not mean he is black.. I would also love I've to see a peer reviewed scientific study by scientists that thinknjesus is black

  19. People romed and conjured eachother way before history was being recorded. They didn't wait until books and languages were mastered. But here is a link right here.The Face of Jesus Reconstructed: n2-0jU2-m6I

  20. If you want to say Jesus looks like the people who are there now then let me ask you this. What am i talking to you in? English….. Do i look English or Indian?

  21. Sundiata Keita says:

    i think its a good article. all of the comments made perfect sense. i dont know why black people are in the comment section acting like they dont know what "black" means or acting like they never heard anybody say youre "acting white."
    this is why you negroes are powerless. you critique your own people for trying to do something good online. then you go back into the real world and dont do shit yourself for black people. thats why the white man is kickin our asses all around the planet, cause you niggas act powerless in everything you do.

  22. Sundiata Keita says:

    Emily Wedin = agent
    ask yourself why a white person would end up on this little known black website.

  23. Olu Akani says:

    Aaron Mitchell look.. People of his tribe are still alive.. They haven't died out.. His language is also still spoken.. It's not rocket science.. This is not pre historic history.. THIS IS RECORDED HISTORY.. The Bible recorded it and there are several ancient writings not in Bible that talk about the people of the region.. There have also being studies done on the people living in the region.. I get it though.. You are doing what most Christians do anyway.. Come to a conclusion based on no evidence what so ever because it fits what you want to believe.. Instead of watching random YouTube videos or looking at random conspiracy blogs.. Try reading some peer reviewed studies or unbiased evidence. Like I said I don't care what colour he is but it's sad when black people try their hardest to claim him..

  24. Olu Akani says:

    Aaron Mitchell dude I watched the YouTube video and like I said you are clutching at straws.. Because a video created a reconstructed image of a man with tanned skin and curly hair AND THEY SAY IN THE VIDEO THAT MODERN DAY EGYPTIANS, PALESTINIANS AND NORTH AFRICANS. WOULD LOOK LIKE THIS. It doesn't mean jesus was black..have you actually seen a tanned Arab.. They do exist you know … the video you posted would proved the point I'm trying to make instead of making the point that Jesus was black.. Anyway.. I'll let you have this one man 🙂

  25. The 14 listed statements are wrongly made be the victims of Racism/White Supremacy….it shows "The Hate that Hate produced."

  26. The 14 listed statements are wrongly made be the victims of Racism/White Supremacy….it shows "The Hate that Hate produced."

  27. Sundiata, do you have anything constructive to contribute to the conversation or is it your goal in life to be the village idiot? Emily is a friend of MINE so she is responding to what she saw on my wall. She is not a secret agent from a covert government organization The M.A.N., you are part of the problem, I can't stand people like you. Don't breed!

  28. Sundiata Keita says:

    Ángelo Martínez you think you have white friends. ok i know all i need to know. carry on.

  29. Sundiata Keita, I already said you are part of the problem, that means you don't know the formula for the solution. How many planets do you have a choice in living on? Why haven't you chosen the planet that is "white" free? Why are you sharing this planet with people you hate because of the color they were when they were born? Sound familiar?

  30. Sundiata Keita says:

    Ángelo Martínez i didnt read what you said but you right sir. you right sir. carry on.

  31. Mohammed Shakur says:

    Melvin 'Melle Mel' Robinson You better tell it, King!

  32. Aaron Mitchell Arabs are men of color too.

    Olu Akani, you're great!

  33. Ewa Kucharska Arab is not a race. You had black Arabs then the same as you do now. So yes, you are right. Arabs are men of color. Black and Brown is a color. White is the absents of color.

  34. Ruby Noon says:

    Saying that these statements may reveal self hate is self hate. Dumbest opinion I've ever heard.

  35. Douglas Seaburg says:

    Ángelo Martínez – I know I'm late to the party here 🙂 – But it sounds like you're are down playing your friends experience. The experience and intensity of it is no different because of the color of her skin. It's like your saying "Ah! Little white one…so adorable…but you did not experience racism honey. Nice try". But change the color of her skin and wham! It's racism?… Calling it racial predjudice/Racism….what's it matter? You're just arguing semantics.

  36. Douglas Seaburg says:

    Ángelo Martínez – Also, My high school was predominantly black. Not a week went by I wasn't mushed in my head "F'in white boy!", pocket's run, jumped..etc. The experience sucked. Did they do it because I was white? Yep. But I've also been mushed, had my pockets run and been sucker punched by white kids….was there a difference in how I felt? No…it fuckin sucked either way. And all those kids collectively were assholes. I could give a shit what color their skin was. (O and I'm not a government agent or part of the "MAN" club. In fact I hate clubs. So if I was asked to be part of it I'd tell them to fuck off 🙂 I found this site because an old buddy of mine posts articles on here…most of which I completely disagree with 🙂 )

  37. Douglas Seaburg race is a system of power, not biological so until the systemic roles are reversed racism does only work one way. However, there is a such thing as prejudice going every which way. I am not downplaying anyone's experiences, what I am saying is the term is often misused because far too many people don't know what the definition of "race" even is.

  38. Douglas Seaburg says:

    Ángelo Martínez – Of course we don't have race within humans. Basic Biology teaches us that. I guess I'm not sure of the relevance of your post. Is it to show the scientific view? What are the systemic roles? And what is the reversed role exactly?

  39. Douglas Seaburg the belief that race is biological is what sustains the system itself. The term is often misused and in my experience, most people that call something racist are actually wrong. Racism is a pretty specific occurrence when someone exerts power over another and only has that power because of the color of their skin. Like segregation, slavery, unbalanced judicial sentences, etc….anything to do with policy but not necessarily on the personal level. There are people that use their own prejudices and we all have those if not use them against one another and even have prejudices on skin color. Maybe I could be more eloquent in my explanation but I'm multi-tasking here at work.

  40. Douglas Seaburg says:

    Ángelo Martínez – First you said that racism is misused which I agree with. Now you are saying it can only exist one way because of the perceived unbalance of power between perpetrator and victim of the abuse and that imbalance is usually correlated to color of skin. In this case for racism to exist because both sides involved have perceived and acknowledge the imbalance. If not it would be same as if a religious person tried to offend me by calling me blasphemous for being an atheist. I acknowledge the intent to offend me but it does not because I do not defer any power to that person. What I'm trying to say is that you can not have your cake and eat too. Racism is a misconception and by that it can't be applied in any way or direction… but if it's accepted as a form of suppression than it's valid for anyone

  41. Douglas Seaburg I am saying it is a system form of oppression and not a biological identity which makes it a human fabricated construct. Religion works the same way where there is a theocracy. Quite how in the US there are place that one cannot run for public office if identified as an Atheist, cannot adopt children and used to be jailed if not executed. That's where it is systemic.

  42. La Glory Journal says:

    jesus never existed, he was created at the conference of nicea 325 a.d. the entire religious concept was stolen from Africa! Every thing that has been taught to society has been a lie…religion is a way to control people, especially black African because black Africans are SPIRITUALISTS who's powers have been smothered with all the slave and war monger religions….

  43. La Glory Journal says:

    jesus never existed, he was created at the conference of nicea 325 a.d. the entire religious concept was stolen from Africa! Every thing that has been taught to society has been a lie…religion is a way to control people, especially black African because black Africans are SPIRITUALISTS who's powers have been smothered with all the slave and war monger religions….

  44. LOL! Having a nationality is considered self hate? Someone had better notify ALL of Africa!

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