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8 Embarrassing Photos These Celebrities May Wish Were Never Taken


In 2009, pop star Rihanna was photographed struggling to get into a limousine while leaving an afterparty held at Mahiki nightclub in London. Her mini-dress proved a bit too short and close-ups revealed dimpled upper thighs.

In 2012, supermodel Naomi Campbell was photographed on the beach in Ibiza.  With her hair pulled back in a ponytail, she revealed a receding hairline, which may be the result of her reliance on hair extensions and weaves during her long modeling career.

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13 thoughts on “8 Embarrassing Photos These Celebrities May Wish Were Never Taken

  1. Oops spelled the word wrong ( always)

  2. Glester Thorpe says:

    Naomi Campbell hairline looks outrageous. Lol…

  3. Sandy MacDonald says:

    Is it really your sites' mission to shame African American women? Is your point that they are growing older, are human, and have the occasional wardrobe misfunction? I usually expect some level of journalistic integrity when I click on your link: I'll know better in future. There's lots of trash out there to look at if I wish to; I thought your site had higher standards…

  4. How about she use to crush beer cans with her feet in Afrika

  5. Deborah Burr says:

    Just shows they're all human!

  6. Marie Brown says:

    hey alma I am back on face book

  7. Naomi Campbell is a KLINGON! I knew it!

  8. You try wearing thousands of ill fitted shoes on your feet and see what happens !

  9. Bettina Jones says:

    Campbell also looks as if she has had a tummy tuck!

  10. i thought we were better than this, Atlanta Black Star…i was just telling my wife how much i love visiting this site because of the lack of bullshit like this…what, did you get bought out by world star?…

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