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In Memory Of: Notorious B.I.G. And Jay Z on ‘Picasso Biggie’


March 9 is a sad day for hip hop, as it marks the day that The Notorious B.I.G. died. However rather than mourn his death, many people are choosing to celebrate his memory, and that is exactly what producer !llminded did when he took B.I.G.’s old verses and remixed Jay Z’s “Picasso Baby” into a track called “Picasso Biggie”.  As reported by

“What happens when you slow down the beat to Jay Z’s “Picasso Baby” and add The Notorious B.I.G.’s flow on “Sky’s The Limit,” then replace Hov’s verse with his bars from “Success,” and finally employ Sheek Louch’s “colossal-sized Picassos” line from “All About The Benjamins” on the same track? Producer !llmind answers the question with a fitting remix on the pending anniversary of the late Biggie’s death (Mar. 9). Proving that dope beats and even doper lines can always mesh together to form one great mix, “Picasso Biggie” brings two old friends together once again.”

“Picasso Biggie” is surprisingly well produced for two verses that were done over other beats. Producer !llminded was able to find a way to blend the beats and vocals in a way that makes the song sound like something that was made recently.

There’s no telling what the course of rap music would of been had Biggie not been killed. Many people feel that Jay Z wouldn’t have rose to the status that he’s currently in now. However, when the two did collaborate in the past they would go toe to toe and make classic records.

“Picasso Biggie” is obviously not a real Jay Z and Biggie collaboration, but it does help to conjure up  memories of the past and leave to imagine what could have been.

Check out the !llminded produced track “Picasso Biggie” with The Notorious B.I.G. and Jay Z and give us your thoughts.

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