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Tampa Family Becomes Sick After Eating Tainted Beef

An investigation is underway Friday after a family, including a pregnant woman and two young children, were hospitalized after eating bottom- round steak laced with the psychedelic drug, LSD (Lysergic Acid Diethylamide).

On Monday night, Ronnie Morales, age 24,  started feeling sick after eating dinner. His pregnant girlfriend, 31-year-old Jessica Rosado, drove Morales to Saint Joseph’s Hospital in Tampa, Fla.  Soon Rosado fell ill, and was admitted to Saint Joseph’s where they induced labor and she gave birth to a healthy baby boy. The couple’s young children ages 6 and 7, also began feeling ill and having hallucinations. They were also hospitalized.

All the family members were released on Wednesday in good condition. By Friday, Hillsborough County Medical Examiner found LSD in their toxicology reports,  and the beef has also tested positive.

The steak was purchased at Walmart at 1501 North Dale Mabry Highway in Tampa. Since being notified, Walmart officials have removed that specific type of meat from sale, and have issued a statement declaring their full cooperation with the investigation.

“Like everyone else in the community, we are deeply disturbed about this situation and we are taking it very seriously. We want answers and we’re committed to working with officials to get to the bottom of this,” the statement said. Store officials have also reviewed surveillance tapes and have not found any suspicious activity.

The supplier of the meat, Cargill Inc., has not issued a recall or made a statement about the incident. Local, state, and federal investigations are currently ongoing. Chief Jane Castor of the Tampa police said the family is not at fault for the tainted beef, CBS News reports.

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