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8 Black Female Inventors You Might Not Know

Dr. Shirley Jackson


Dr. Shirley Jackson is an American physicist.  She received her Ph.D. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1973, becoming the first African-American woman to earn a doctorate at MIT in nuclear physics. Currently, Jackson is the 18th president of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, N.Y.

In addition to her academic achievements, she also has an impressive list of inventions to her credit. Her experiments with theoretical physics are responsible for many telecommunications developments, including the touch-tone telephone, the portable fax, caller ID, call waiting and the fiber-optic cable.

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8 thoughts on “8 Black Female Inventors You Might Not Know

  1. Very interesting

  2. Women's History Month: Names / Achievements I Did Not Know

  3. Women's History Month: Names / achievements I did not know.

  4. Roderick T Curd says:

    Necessity is the mother of all inventions !!!! WAH WHAT A HOOT !!!!!!!!

  5. Drābo Deseeker says:

    If this IS true about her… Then having invented all that telecommunications Shi~zit should have made her a Multi-Billionaire …Way Before Oprah became one! Drabo. B-}

  6. …never learned about any of these women in school… :/

  7. Lisa Miller says:

    Add me to the list! I am the inventor of the Icecalator Portable Ice Dispenser and I hold a United States Patent for my invention.

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