14 Things You Do After Watching ‘Scandal’ on Thursday Night

disbeliefYou Can’t Believe What You Just Watched



scandal-social-mediaYou Get On Twitter/Facebook to Discuss With Other ‘Scandal’ Gladiators



scandal-ignore-face You Ignore Anything Non-‘Scandal’ Related



scandal-questionsYou Look to See if Anyone Can Make Sense of What Just Happened



scandal-emotionAs You Talk About The Show You Begin to Realize How Much Emotional Energy It Takes to Watch It



olivia-pope-drinkingYou Realize You Might Need a Glass Of Wine Like Olivia

kerry-bitch-faceYou Get Really Annoyed With People Who Say They “Don’t Get The Hype”



scandal idiotsYou Occasionally Take Time to Curse Those People Out

everything-last-weekYou Realize That Everything You Thought Was True The Previous Week Is Not



scandal-piece-everythingAnd You Might Need a Pen And Paper to Keep The Storylines Straight



olivia-pope-outfitsYou Take a Break To Shop For Clothes Like Olivia Because She’s Always Fabulous



You Also Realize Idolizing Olivia Has Given You A New Swag You’re Going to Take to Work on Friday

scandal-guess-next-weekYou Return to Social Media to Speculate With Friends What Might Come Next Week And Realize You Might Not Be Prepared



scandalYou Think About Watching The Episode Again Just in Case You Missed Something The First Time And to Prepare For Next Week

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