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8 Disturbing Images of Instruments of Torture Used on Black People

torture cotton screw

Cotton screw

Moses Roper, a Black man who was born into bondage in North Carolina and eventually escaped slavery in 1835, recounted the torture endured in punishment for running away in “Narrative of the Adventures and Escape of Moses Roper, from American Slavery.”

A machine used for packing cotton became an instrument of punishment. When Roper, who had many attempts to escape the South Carolina plantation on which he’d been enslaved, ran away yet another time, among the “instruments of torture” applied to him was the “cotton screw,” a machine used for packing and pressing cotton.

Roper recalled: “He hung me up by the hands at letter a, a horse moving round the screw e* (*This screw is sometimes moved round by hand, when there is a handle on it. The screw is made with wood, a large tree cut down, and carved in the shape of a screw), and carrying it up and down, and pressing the block e into the box d, into which the cotton is put. … I was carried up ten feet from the ground, when Mr. Gooch … let me rest for five minutes, then carried me round again, after which, he let me down and put me into the box d and shut me down in it for about ten minutes.”

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82 thoughts on “8 Disturbing Images of Instruments of Torture Used on Black People

  1. Kevin Smith says:

    I love Atlanta Blackstar there is no other site in the world that teaches us these things.

  2. It is so painful to watch/read/imagine. Dear God!

  3. Got to start looking at it.

  4. DeOnna White says:

    I feel the same way. Some folks don't understand that you can't wash blood. Our ancestor's went through unnecessary servitude. If our ancestor's continued to have children a family, why it can't be possible that we are feeling the pain to this day. Looking at it, reading it sends chills threw my body. The rage kicks in, We have inherited our feelings/emotions from the ancestor's from the past. We can work on changing the perception but it still is what it is and I'll say again, I don't think I would have made it back in that time. I have a hard time now and never experienced what my people have, but I feel them in my blood. One Love!!!

  5. D Oliver Martin says:

    The Catholic inquistion in Europe showed the depravities that seem to engulf European in their never ending quest for superiority over others. Bloodlust and bloodletting is common,and when they find a target (often one that can't fight back), the chains of restraint is removed…There was a "children" book, from he late 19th century where one child is so annoyed by him being associated with a Black person, that he was "forced" to retort.."a nigger is NOT a person..imagine that

  6. And you NIGGERS love being friends with these Animals

  7. What year did man create GOD?

  8. Clem Mayne says:

    Are we still referring to ourselves as Niggers Brother; I get your point but we need to let go of the slave masters tool that assisted in dehumanising us and excused his behaviours.

  9. Terry Brown says:

    You did make it… You were there that's why you are here. You have always been in the genes of your ancestors. What you are experiencing are real DeOnna. This might be hard to grasp; however, here is there and there is here. Only the perspectives change.

  10. Terry Brown says:

    Choice Felton Maybe the counting of years had not yet began. I think man created God when man began to contemplate from whence he came. He was convinced he did not make himself, so he concluded he was made by an unknown entity. This conclusion would naturally be rooted in belief; just as it continue to be to this present moment.

    Until man come to know how he come to be manifested; he'll remain in the realm of make belief. Many do not even realize there is a difference between knowing and believing. Peace & Blessings

  11. Terry Brown says:

    Maybe these Animals were made to be this way: I wonder who or what is responsible for making them. Any idea why these Animals behave the way in which they do? Maybe they need to be helped out of their destructive mindset. If everything happens for a reason; maybe they like us are working out their purpose. How awesome it would be if we are destined to assist them out of their madness?

  12. Mark H. Golding says:

    Keep up the good work. Too many of our black brothers and sisters are living in denial and still seek love and approval elsewhere but from each other due to their lack familiarity with their own history………………k

  13. Mark H. Golding says:

    Choice Felton 325 AD at the council of Nicaea and the massacre was in full swing on or before 1492…………………..k


  15. Clem Mayne No learn the Difference between A Black King and A Nigger A Black man would never date or befriend one of these animals .

  16. Terry Brown There is no help for A neanderthal cave monkey, be he Asian or European.

  17. Like Livingston and Darwin said Evolution is how they got to be where they are today.

  18. Like Livingston and Darwin said Evolution is how they got to be where they are today.

  19. Sundiata Keita says:

    1) white people steal their culture from everybody else cause the only thing they are good at is killing people, like they were made for it
    2) i was wondering about the masks, its like noone would tell the truth that they were to keep you from suicide
    3) they said the devil was under the ground but he walks the earth

  20. Sean Savage says:

    Read Deuteronomy in your bible to understand why this happened and why we are in the state we are in its all a plan to keep us from the truth the bible is about us so called african Americans ( true Israelites )

  21. Sam Jones says:

    Terry Brown I wish that was case bruh. But I have seen no evidence of white people stopping the practice of Racism/ White Supremacy. Sad…

  22. Sam Jones says:

    White Peoples culture is Racism/ White Supremacy.

  23. Devine purpose. Just for general convo lets say the descendants of Cain were placed here to be the best perpetrators of evil. Do you suppose that they would: (a) acknowledge it openly (b) use another as a tool for evil or (c) both?
    The African condition being infected, affected & rejected places us opposite of the most vile… OPPOSITE…. IF THE DEVIL REJECTS YOU YOUR ON GODS TEAM BY DEFAULT.

  24. Devine purpose. Just for general convo lets say the descendants of Cain were placed here to be the best perpetrators of evil. Do you suppose that they would: (a) acknowledge it openly (b) use another as a tool for evil or (c) both?
    The African condition being infected, affected & rejected places us opposite of the most vile… OPPOSITE…. IF THE DEVIL REJECTS YOU YOUR ON GODS TEAM BY DEFAULT.

  25. You win the prize!!! try explaining that to our brothers and

  26. I wonder why no one mentions the Arab/Islam slave trade, which started way earlier than the European one and still continues to this very day. Their methods were just as and even more brutal than the European and still we give them a free pass, not a mention. More died on the trans-sahara route and yes more were transported than those across the Atlantic and we still put our heads in the sand and keep silent and even call ourselves muslims. Do the research and see what you come up with, I did. To be continued…..

  27. Mayo Olagundoye says:

    whaaaaaaat???? i NEVER give a pass for this and like you i cant believe how many people do

  28. Olu Ekundayo says:

    @Terry Brown – Greetings Baba. You indicate something that may be unnatural. Like making a cat bark like a dog. Your conjecture about the nature of the beast may be correct. But your conjecture about the nature of the beast being changeable may be a little off. Peace.

  29. What kind of damn devils would do this to someone.

  30. Kia Eccentric McCool says:

    WHYYYYYY did I just go through these pictures? I am so regretting this article.

  31. True DeOnna, it is in our blood and we should embrace the strenght of our ancestors and the goodness of who we are. For it is only throug us that they are better. Now the reverse has happened and one of the biggest problems we deal with today is black on black crime and self degredation. It is in our music, our movies, on the internet, on TV reality shows… Yes, we are free now, but racism is still an enemy to our people and we need to stop a lot of foolishness we do in order to be strong intellectually, financially and physically so to keep fighting the racism that many other races have towards us/our people. Black Power!

  32. Alton Jones says:

    These pictures are reminders so that we never forget….we can choose to forgive but never forget!!!!

  33. John Lindsay says:

    Excellent answer, Clem!!!

  34. Terry Brown We created the MADNESS when we tried to Evolve them, Should of left them walking on all fours Grunting like animals in Eurasia.Asian and European Neanderthals are all Savage Cave Monkeys who we should have no dealings with,

  35. Terry Brown We created the MADNESS when we tried to Evolve them, Should of left them walking on all fours Grunting like animals in Eurasia.Asian and European Neanderthals are all Savage Cave Monkeys who we should have no dealings with,

  36. What year did man Create God?

  37. They to busy Embracing these Asian Gayrabs and calling them monkeys Brother.

  38. They let some White pasty Neanderthal Cracker Fag tell them they are Asiatic Black men and should embrace these Low life savages

  39. Those demons were heartless..

  40. Wasoof Volga says:

    Clem Mayne I do understand your point of view, I'll still call brother niggas just to show them that the same nigga they used to beat, kill…… is still there and we're free!!!!

  41. You are right the Arabs did more to us that the europeans. They casterated all the people they took as their slaves so that they would not reproduce. And left to them we would not have known our history. we will not be able to persuade our people not to be muslim because they are too involved in it. That is why I advocate education. Letting our people know their history is very important. Let us continue to Make it a point to enlighten them.

  42. This makes me angry. Like after watching Roots, angry!!!!!!!!!!

  43. This makes me angry. Like after watching Roots, angry!!!!!!!!!!

  44. I am short of words just tears tears tears .The question I ask today is that were there no CHRISTIANS during that period among the white folks or they came to Africa carrying the bible in one hand and the gun in the hand hidden behind their backs.I will not lie to you don't blame the MAN or WOMAN who chooses not to forgive because forgetting the beastly inhumane treatment meted to these innocent individuals was so gruesome .God please give us some answers if all men were not created equal because today the whites still practice racism.I wonder I really wonder thanks ATLANTIC we have seen and learnt

  45. Beatrice Wusie
    I don't agree with you sis .Europeans people when they commit a crimes against Africa .they where Christian .and so Arab to where Muslim .all of them whether Europeans or Arabs .against us. not because we are christian on Muslim. because we are black but we refuse to be as they want us to be .we well be us we wont us to be

  46. Wow.The things that so called civilized people can do to another.

  47. Wow.The things that so called civilized people can do to another.

  48. Wow.The things that so called civilized people can do to another.

  49. Caryl Cooper says:

    TERRIBLE! I am reading The Invention of Wings. EXCELLENT. Try it and let me know what you think.

  50. Should we continue to rehearse these images? What can we replace them with instead? How do we move in a direction that inspires us to grow towards the images we wanna experience, without forgetting these past images of torture and inhumane and Un-Godly treatment?

  51. Miguel Hall says:

    Revelation 13:9-10 KJV
    [9] If any man have an ear, let him hear. [10] He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity: he that killeth with the sword must be killed with the sword. Here is the patience and the faith of the saints.

  52. Jeniffer Wilkinson says:

    We should never forget and we need to teach our kids.

  53. If we follow European proclamation, on the reason why they went to Africa namely: because Africans were cannibals, heathens, waging wars between themselves and ruled by despotic kings. Everybody is aware today, that the first attribute of any warring people or nation is to perfect their ammunitions. If Africans were at war with each other as they would want us to believe, the continent would never have been found with armaments so rudimentary: bows, arrows, spears – it is impossible.See more

    Only black people wallow in slavery, keep it alive, celebrate it and pay other races to see ourselves portrayed as cowardly, uneducated, trifling and primitive.

    Here's a thought, do not just show it, do something about it because well done is better than well said but I suspect that black people only show slave our murder photos because we want someone else to do something about us black people can't ….“Never forget.”

    Black people shout “never forget” and then we forget because to remember is to be faced with having to do something about it but that takes courage we don’t have so instead we post photos of our own death, destruction and defeat waiting, wishing, hoping and praying that some one other than us will have the courage to do something about … what us black people can ….“Never forget.”

    For over 200 years we have done nothing about it so why talk about it when we are not men enough, strong enough, brave enough nor intelligent enough to fight, read, write, build, discover, create and show America that we don’t appreciate what you did to us but still we rise.

    For the black people still screaming "never forget" I suggest they physically get up, go into homes, stores, clubs, churches, restaurants and the streets of rural Alabama, Kentucky, Florida, Mississippi and Louisiana and tell them to their faces,

    "Hey, Mr. Charlie, I don't appreciate the way you lynched and murdered us at your will, discretion and pleasure"…..Translated: Put up or shut up.

    In the year 2013 George Zimmerman killed a young black boy and he is walking around creating art and signing autographs while blacks take comfort and security in screaming "never forget" at a photo from 1856 because no one really expects any black person to actually go back to 1856 slavery and have their say even though the penitentiary is full of black people living in 1856 slavery.

    There are black people in the year 2014 and they are living…"never forget" from the end of the masters whip in real time while black people in the free world fake and shake..Never forget” while standing in line to buy a I phone 5 from the oppressor.

    Dear Black people out here screaming “never forget”
    I suggest that it looks bad when we go pay the same and exact white people that lynched you good money to watch a slave movie of you being lynched where with a smile on their faces and songs in their hearts they call you a “ni##er to your face and show you with glee how they did it.

    Last but not least…for the black people claiming…we are educating our children our history,….. here's a clue…. educate your children to what you did about it and then they will know and learn from what we did about it that they don’t have to put up with someone lynching them at will however….

    … since we have done nothing about it what is there to teach them so before you scream …”Never forget”… never forget about that.

    We are the men so whom are we shouting "never forget' to if it is not a battle cry?

    Moral to the message: – Put up or shut up and……READ UNDERCOVER SMART.

    Sincerely, Enoch Mubarak
    President/CEO Mubarak Inter-prizes

  55. Clifton Richard says:

    Keep telling the truth,as brutal & raw as it may be at times. It must be shared/told. Never again!

  56. Troy Coates says:

    Did you also know our President is also a part of illuminati that's one
    Of the reasons he's President.

  57. There are White People who say get over it and Black People that do, thereby diminishing the Will and Courage it took for my people to endure such cruelty. We all heal when we openly attempt to understand and acknowledge truth. Keep striving America! One Love!

  58. Theodora Anagor says:

    They have written extensively on the Arab slave trade, it started 1000 years before the European/trans so over time they did more the trans was more intensive.

  59. Jake Blanc says:

    Terry Brown total shock, you're trying to rationalise and understand animalistic behavior, you've got to be ashamed of yourself.

  60. Jake Blanc says:

    Beatrice Wusie you must be out of your fucking mind.

  61. Jake Blanc says:

    Loretta Ramsingh that's what negros always forget. I'm pissed off i have to call them negros coz they're acting like it.

  62. Jake Blanc says:

    Loretta Ramsingh that's what negros always forget. I'm pissed off i have to call them negros coz they're acting like it.

  63. Theodora Anagor says:

    Beatrice Wusie . If you were an Arab slave you could buy your freedom, and it was not generasional also if a slave had her masters child sh became free the minute she dropped it.

  64. John Lindsay says:

    Why in the world would you use the n-word?!
    Says a lot more about you than the people you're referring to.
    You're quite a source of embarrassment to SUNY Institute of Technology.

  65. Yisrael Immanuel says:

    Speechless. Painful

  66. Zied Soua says:

    I am so sorry for your ignorance: one of the first companions of the prophet Mohammed "Salla-Allah-alaih-wa-sallam" was a black slave owned by one powerful man of Kuraich (the tribe who lived in mecca back then) , and his name is Bilal; to make him quit his faith in Allah(God) , his "owner" have put a huge rock on his belly and told him that it is going to stay likewise until he changes his faith, and Bilal refused by whispering words that all of us muslims still remember to this very day :" ahad, ahad " which means "one and only" (Allah is the one and only) ….. Try to shed some light on your ignorance BROTHER and it will guide you.
    Here is a link for you who are interested

    And again BROTHER, i am so sorry for your ignorance.
    PEACE, from an anonymous muslim.

  67. The white man is the devil. He will reap what he has sowed!

  68. "He will reap what he has sowed!" <— Proof that all of humanity is capable of the same wickedness. It's also proof that you are just as much a "devil" as any white man.


  70. Jon Boconcepts Yeah, right. Shut up. My comment should make you silent. But stupidity is stronger. Kill yourself.

  71. MsJay Willis says:

    you evil white heathens will pay dearly for what you have done to Yah's chosen

  72. Arvi Man says:

    Blacks sold blacks to whitesarabsother blacks…Humans are capable of being angelsdevils. It's what you teach them to be.

  73. Arvi Man says:

    How are you so different from the racists who did these things?

  74. Most of these horrific implements were used in the Inquisition on WHITE PEOPLE, courtesy of the church and the religious fanatics. Not blacks in America. Torture is the most vile and abhorrent, and unforgivable action committed by humans.

  75. Robert Moody says:

    Tekena Karibi Whyte The people doing this stuff WERE Christians. All this was justified by the book of Exodus. God is OK with slavery. He condones and encourages it.

  76. Thomas Ray says:

    hat was used in Africa, COLONIALAmerica and south America. It the US Slaves were too valuble to abuse. Yes, th were oftn whipped for offenses, but so were white peple Prison was only experimental back then—Most folks were either whipped or hung. A US master's worst threatwould be to sell off a troublesome slave away from his family and friends. Yes bad things did happen, Slavery is a terrble system, but in the US they were too expensive and too important to get Bank loans to abuseon a large scale like in the aboltionist stories.–Source: the Slave narratives, the only accounts in the words of the Slaves themselves (Look them up and READ them for the truth of US SLAVERY) We were not Ancient Rome or Haiti

  77. Clem Mayne some black people don't know all what black people went through. If we don't know the history of slavery, it's a good chance we won't recognize the signs if they try to enslave us again . Remember America got rich and powerful off of slavery, and they never got over losing those slaves. You do know Trump is running for President? Don't be no fool..

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