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6 Common Misconceptions About the Enslavement of African People

Painting by Artist Rod Brown

Painting “Sheol” by Artist Rod Brown

The Greatest Atrocity in Human History

In Atrocities: The 100 Deadliest Episodes in Human History, author Matthew White listed the Mideast slave trade (7th to 19th century) at 18.5 million deaths, and the toll of the Atlantic slave trade (1452–1807) at 16 million. That amounts  to 34.5 million deaths of one single group of people.

That estimate does not account for the deaths as a result of the practice of slavery across the Diaspora, which ended in Brazil in 1888.  Nor does it account for the centuries of colonialism across the continent.

Preeminent scholar and historian Dr. John Henrik Clarke places the toll of African lives lost during the slave trade or the African Holocaust at approximately 150 million.

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