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6 Common Misconceptions About the Enslavement of African People

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The Beginning of Mass Enslavement of Africans

While slavery existed in various degrees throughout time, the unprecedented scale of trafficking Africans in a chattel slave trade began not with Portugal, but according to many well-respected scholars, with Arabs.

As Elikia M’bokolo, the renowned historian from the Democratic Republic of Congo, wrote in Le Monde diplomatique: “The African continent was bled of its human resources via all possible routes. At least ten centuries of slavery for the benefit of the Muslim countries (from the ninth to the nineteenth). … Four million enslaved people exported via the Red Sea, another four million … through the Swahili ports of the Indian Ocean, perhaps as many as nine million along the trans-Saharan caravan route, and eleven to twenty million (depending on the author) across the Atlantic Ocean.”

“Despite the long history of slavery in the Arab World and in other Muslim lands, little has been written about this tragedy,” writes Murray Gordon in the introduction of “Slavery in the Arab World.

While Gordon acknowledges that at times the Islamic version of slavery could be more “humane” than the European colonial practice, he provides many facts that indicate that slavery under Muslims could be extremely cruel as well.

One particularly brutal practice was the mutilation of young African boys, sometimes no more than 9 or 10 years old, to create eunuchs, who brought a higher price in the slave markets of the Middle East. Slave traders often created “eunuch stations” along major African routes where the surgery was performed on the children in unsanitary conditions.

Slavery is still practiced today in two Islamic nations: The Sudan and Mauritania.

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244 thoughts on “6 Common Misconceptions About the Enslavement of African People

  1. Corey James says:

    thank you for this. much love

  2. Ya John says:

    This is so inaccurate……it makes me think twice about reading anything from this site.

    The trans Saharan slave trade predates Islam. The first Muslims were slaves. The origin of Islam rose up in opposition to these unjust social practices, that's why the first Muslims were persecuted, including Muhammad. This is known History!

    Where is your integrity?

  3. Mohammed Shakur says:

    Prove it.

  4. Mike Orgill says:

    Really fascinating.

  5. Donate Beatrix Philbert-Nieveld says:

    There also were two slave rebellions on the Island of Curacao. There was a movie made of one of them called "Tula de revolt"

  6. William Barksdale says:

    stay positive and lets share info and not belittle one another

  7. Ya John says:

    So you want me to find the research that states the Trans Saharan trade actually begin with ancient Egypt which included the sale people as slaves. And you want me to dig up the names of the first Muslims who were slaves. That's a lot research thats why I don't write articles that tell half truths.

  8. Kevin Smith says:

    Ya John I lol at your fantasy religion/Arab Propaganda. The Trans Saharan slave trade does not predate Islam. The Trans Saharan slave trade started after Muhammad died. The bottom line don't act like Islam has been black peoples' friend. Arabs made up and used that religion to concur black folks period.

  9. Mohammed Shakur says:

    Just bring on enough info to prove it. You dont have to get technical with it, brother.

  10. Tamara Hart says:

    ya john- Islamic people still practice modern day slavery. just recently in Britain a family was prosecuted for keeping a deaf/mute child in the basement of their home. she was used for sex for the father and domestic labor for the mother. when they were discovered and questioned, they refused to tell where the child had come from and vehemently denied that she could be a relative- and this is NOT the only known case:

  11. Tamara Hart says:

    and blacks enslaving blacks-

  12. Denise Addison says:

    Well Ya John, If you know it, you clearly learned This information from somewhere. Share your sources. That would be sufficient. We can do the research ourselves.

  13. Jeff Hebron says:

    Knowledge. Appreciated.

  14. Eric Davis says:

    slavery is here in the mind all the things we see we want we need there is a old saying you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink

  15. Vance Shannon says:

    Kevin Smith Arabs smell like goat cheese,lol…..

  16. Iba Diop says:

    Tamara Hart, where do you get these infos on blacks enslaving blacks?

  17. Ya John says:

    Islam like other religions grew in opposition to many of the unjust social practices at that time including slavery. Many of the first Muslims were slaves. Bilal Ibn Rabah a slave from Ethiopia the land that the Muslims would later escaped to, in Ethiopia the Muslims were personally protected by the Ethiopian King Negus. Bilal is responsible for the call to prayer which is widely known as the Adhan. Khabaab ibn Al Aratt a slave from Najd -Arabia, sold into slavery as a boy when his tribe was over come by Arab slave raiders. Abdullah Ibn Masud aka (Ibn Umm Abd a son of a mother who was a slave) unsure of nationality. Barakah an Ethiopian slave who practically raised the orphan Muhammad, as an adult Muhammad convinced her to start her own life. She left Muhammad and married but return after her husband’s death. Zayd of the tribe of Kalb an Arab slave captured in a raid bought by Muhammad’s brother in law, raised and publically set free by Muhammad. Zayd is quoted “Not a single day I have I felt that I’am a slave”. Salim Mawla Abi Hudhayfah a former slave who taught the recitation of the Quran ( unsure of his ethnicity) Sahyb ar Rumi an Arab slave who was enslaved by the Romans who escaped his masters traveled to Mecca where he converted to Islam. Wahshy Ibn Harb a a ethiopian slave who killed Muhammad’s uncle in battle, but later converted to Islam and fought on the Muslim side. Muhammad issue with his people is similar to Jesus’s issue with powerful Jews & Romans of his time and similar to Moses issue with powerful Egyptians of his time who were enslaving his people. Slavery Trans Saharan Slave trade predates Islam began with early civilizations. Unfortunately like gold and salt people were considered commodities. The history of Islam shows emphatically that Islam opposed these practices.Forgive me for my spelling and grammar and any mistakes, please do your own research.

  18. Ya John says:

    Islam like other religions grew in opposition to many of the unjust social practices at that time including slavery. Many of the first Muslims were slaves. Bilal Ibn Rabah a slave from Ethiopia the land that the Muslims would later escaped to, in Ethiopia the Muslims were personally protected by the Ethiopian King Negus. Bilal is responsible for the call to prayer which is widely known as the Adhan. Khabaab ibn Al Aratt a slave from Najd -Arabia, sold into slavery as a boy when his tribe was over come by Arab slave raiders. Abdullah Ibn Masud aka (Ibn Umm Abd a son of a mother who was a slave) unsure of nationality. Barakah an Ethiopian slave who practically raised the orphan Muhammad, as an adult Muhammad convinced her to start her own life. She left Muhammad and married but return after her husband’s death. Zayd of the tribe of Kalb an Arab slave captured in a raid bought by Muhammad’s brother in law, raised and publically set free by Muhammad. Zayd is quoted “Not a single day I have I felt that I’am a slave”. Salim Mawla Abi Hudhayfah a former slave who taught the recitation of the Quran ( unsure of his ethnicity) Sahyb ar Rumi an Arab slave who was enslaved by the Romans who escaped his masters traveled to Mecca where he converted to Islam. Wahshy Ibn Harb a a ethiopian slave who killed Muhammad’s uncle in battle, but later converted to Islam and fought on the Muslim side. Muhammad issue with his people is similar to Jesus’s issue with powerful Jews & Romans of his time and similar to Moses issue with powerful Egyptians of his time who were enslaving his people. Slavery Trans Saharan Slave trade predates Islam began with early civilizations. Unfortunately like gold and salt people were considered commodities. The history of Islam shows emphatically that Islam opposed these practices.Forgive me for my spelling and grammar and any mistakes, please do your own research.

  19. Ya John says:

    The problem is people confuse ARAB with ISLAM it is not the same thing.

  20. Ya John says:

    Kevin Smith So what is your thoughts about Mansa Musa one of the wealthiest Kings in World History? Who led an African Islamic Empire. I'm sorry your to late Islam is a part of our Black History.

  21. James Stovich says:

    Who had it worse the Jews or the blacks?? Just trying to encite you?modern day 2014..the media,,things get lost in the shuffle,, ask a 15 year will be amazed

  22. Brooklyn Diane says:

    The Irish were enslaved too… Just sayin

  23. Mary V. Kerr-Moscinski says:

    Why are black people so easily enslaved? They owned the continent of Africa. How could so many physically strong people allow themselves to be captured and enslaved? Black people need to stop blaming every other race for their plight because if they were together as one, they would be unbeatable. They imprisoned and sold each other. No white person or Muslim person went to countries in Africa and hunted and captured black people. Yes, they went there, but the slaves were ready for them when they got there. Who do you think got them ready? Their own fellow black people. Black people never take responsibility for their part in their own misery. Heck, look at how they are behaving right now in many countries in Africa. They are still selling each other, brutally raping each other, brutally murdering each other, and purposely starving each other to death. The slavery you are bemoaning happened before you were born. Let it go and focus on the atrocities that black people are committing against each other right now both here and everywhere else in the world. Don't worry about what happened yesteryear, worry about what is currently happening and find a solution to it.

  24. as i was reading this, that is the question that rang in my head as well. is there some "root cause" behavior that needs to be addressed to heal & become whole as a group.

  25. Kevin Smith: this is a bit of a rhetorical question and not a jab at you – but is there a case of ANY organized religion that's been a FRIEND to black folks (anybody really). so much violence and disguised fear/hatred is woven into the fabric of religion – it's been used to control/conquer EVERYONE. (and commenters, i am not saying there's NOTHING worthwhile about religion, just that it's been misused a LOT throughout the ages)

  26. Mary V. Kerr-Moscinski says:

    Teresa O'Keefe black people are too busy blaming every other race in the world for their problems to solve anything. I have no idea why they are wired this way. It is sad, but nothing changes with them. The other races seem to progress and move on, but the black race just regress. They seem to think that everyone owes them something and they have the right to things that they did not work for. They apparently think that because their forefathers were slaves, the present government owes them something. Most of them do not want to finish high school or go to college. I have to say this about the present-day Africans that come to America (at least the Nigerians that I have met); they make education a high priority for their children and mediocrity is not an option. I only wish the black Americans would take this approach, as well. I do not think that things will ever get better because the so-called leaders in the black communities keep on instigating and encouraging the people to do foolishness. Look at the people that young black children idolize–Jay-Z, Beyonce Little Wayne etc; Jay-Z used to sell drugs to children and stabbed a man, Beyonce can barely read, and Little Wayne has like four or five baby mothers and is always getting arrested. Many black children grow up with a single parent or their grandparents. Most of their father's are in prison or they have never seen them. I bet that If you asked most black children to name a scholarly person, they could not do so. I see black people all the time on television lined up for over twenty-four hours to buy a Kanye West or MIchael Jordan sneakers retailing for over $500, yet they cannot find money to go to school. They just have different priorities and most of those priorities will not get them here nor there in life. It starts with women choosing the kind of men they want to have children with, deciding how many children they can afford to have, and deciding how they want their children to be raised. I said it starts with women because they are the ones who end up with the kids when the men run off and leave them to fend for themselves.

  27. The Black man was sold out by his own kingsmen and tribe leaders to slave traders for money

  28. Span McAdoo says:

    Some African people are Jews also!

  29. Mary V. Kerr-Moscinski Where the heck are you getting your information.?Everything you have written is information from the type of people who destroyed Africa, and held black people as slaves for 400 years. Any group who are capabla of doing something this horrible how are you going to believe any book or any words coming from them about African people being responsible for all that has happened, and still happening to us. Please go read books not written by the type people who committed all these horrible crimes against African people.

  30. Denise Addison says:

    Mary V. Kerr-Moscinski Clearly you have a lot to say on the subject. Do you have any solutions you can offer?

  31. Dan Grif says:

    Mary V. Kerr-Moscinski You are one stupid idiot! You talking about why Blacks/Africans complain about the slave trade and blame others. Bitch they gave the 'Fake' jews a whole country for the falsely over exaggeration of the holocaust. They in turn started a genocide on the Palestinians. They gave the Indians reparations. They paid Japanese for dropping them bombs. The blacks of today have no access to the resources needed to change their plight. Public schools in most urban area's are the worst in the country, and that's bad since the country as a whole is ranked 38th in the world in education. All blacks have to perform twice as well just to get in at any job/career worth having. The entire penal system is being fueled by young black/Hispanic males, in a country mostly populated by whites. Look up crime statistics and see that whites commit more crimes, we just do more time. 'The Willie Lynch Philosophy' is how they are still effecting the behavior of the blacks in the west, and in Africa they sold all the land, oil, diamonds, gold, silver, plutonium, uranium, and most precious metals, and they still are. They implant puppet governments and when they don't do as told, they kill them or execute a Coup. Every western country is economically strong do to all the free labor from slavery for 100's of years. The question as to way blacks are still so messed up. Effects of Slavery! Go read on the strangle hold these demonic European countries have on the continent in general. Khadafi was trying to change the future of the continent, but the western devils would have none of that, so he died with the CIA assisted Coup. A currency backed by the natural resources of the continent was to be birth and it would have stabilized the whole continent within 20yrs, financially! The African Dinar… Same problem with the aboriginal people of Australia… No one group ever suffered like the North American slave, Ever! Systemayic racism is still in full affect everyday… Read and study the world more and you may see things in a different light… You seem so naïve and self absorbed…

  32. William Terry Sutphin says:

    Guns. Germs. Steel.

  33. Darryl Hines says:

    It's kind of difficult to interpret what you are saying. As far as history there were many factors that contributed to the enslavement of Africans and others. Certainly whites deserve the bulk of the blame because they made it into an economic system. Guns against spears certainly gave them a distinct advantage. Most of you who don't study history or the continent and African diaspora see it as a monolith which it is not and has never been. Africa is as diverse as Europe and Europeans have fought and killed each other for several millennia. To have one tribe conquer and sell slaves of another is no different than Germans conquering France. As to the current state of things, it is true that black people must assume some blame but don't let white America off the hook when it profited from slavery and still maintains the bulk of wealth and its legacy from slave labor. There are banks and insurance companies still around today that capitalized off slavery and their shareholders passed it on. Wealth is not acquired over night but is generational (unlike rappers and athletes) and is passed down. As black people we have many problems but we can blame ourselves and our captors as well.

  34. Darryl Hines says:

    Mary V. Kerr-Moscinski Once again you expound your views in generalities and stereotypic fashion. I assume you are not one of us because your references to "them" make us appear alien and you xenophobic. If you would turn off the television and go to some of the nations HBCUs, fraternities and sororities, churches and a host of social and community organizations you will see that there are many AA people who bely your assumptions about us. As I stated before, please read a book or several books for that matter and see a people through a different prism than what you see on the six o clock news. We have a long way to go but the future is much brighter than the world you depict.

  35. Jerome Ward says:

    Some say we should repent and return to God,and follow his statutes and commandments!

  36. Paul James says:

    I guess I'll try to answer Mary V. Kerr-Moscinski from an anthropological and cultural perspective (but I'm a layman and admittedly there is a certain amount of conjecture.) The african was the originator of society, of language. It was on the african continent where man became man, where man created the first science, where man studied the sky and created wisdom. The african was (is) by nature loving and peaceful, appreciative of the feminine power of creation and respectful of all life. The depth of african empathy and sensitivity for me, is captured in one story. In Nambia (if I recall correctly) a pregnant mother would dream the name of her child. She would then create a song with this dream name and teach to all the members of her tribe. When the child was born, the tribe in turn would sing to the baby this dream name and song. And when the child grew of age and did wrong (as children will do,) the mother and tribe would sing this song to the child so they would know who they are and act accordingly. This to me embodies the african spirit. It captures a way of respecting life, of knowing who you are in the scheme of things and in the world. It also puts a point on the poisoning influence of western culture. This "thing" that you think makes you superior is a charade of a civilization. Technology has not created a better human, a brighter mind. I believe the world has been permanently retarded in it's spiritual progress by the loss of the Original Man's approach to humanity and embracing western acquisition, colonialism and white patriarchy. I judge the black people by no other standard than what we could be.

  37. The Portuguese abolished slavery in Cape Verde in 1869 as well. Like Brazil, it was a Portuguese colony. Cape Verde is a part of the African continent, but it should still be included in the narratives.

  38. Sundiata Keita says:

    terrible inaccurate article.
    1) slavery never ended cause of the exception clause int he 13th amendment
    2) its called triangular trade so white people can get rid of their guilt, it wasnt trade, it was thievery
    3) chapter 2 of Howard Zinns book says 150 million slaves were taken
    4) blacks didnt sell slaves, cause slavery didnt exist in africa, it was indentured servitude
    5) if you say blacks sold slaves, then which african nations sold slaves. name 5 of em. no one can cause those are white lies

  39. Sundiata Keita says:

    you sound dumb as hell. why are blacks so easily enslaved? let me come to your house with guns and cannons while youre armed with a stick and kidnap you, then let your grandchildren ask me why was their granny so easily enslaved. you and the author need to read some books on slavery before yall start typing because neither of yall know what the hell you talking about.

  40. as i read this comment, i just shake my head…35 million of one group die and u say black people are acting"genocide"without record

  41. Nadya Turner says:

    Wow, victim blaming….so my brother knocked me down, that gives everyone else the right to stomp all over and abuse me….wow


  43. Mary V. Kerr-Moscinski, I am surprise that you or any person of color would blame Blacks for being enslaved. I suppose you also blame the Native Americans for losing this country to whites as well. While we're at it, lets blame the Asians from China, India, Japan, Korea and the rest of Asia for allowing white men to come into their countries and removing most of the resources. Actually, while we're at it lets also blame the countries of the Middle East as well for allowing them to come into their countries and removing years of oil before those countries decided to nationalize their own oil. Lets not forget the natives of Alaska and Hawaii. Almost every country in the free world has been subject to control by white men. So you see that the people of African countries are not alone, we've all been exploited to some extent. Apparently, you have been so caught up in with your white Polish men that you have forgotten that it's Black Bitches like yourself that has caused our race to become mixed. It's has been Niggers like you that has held us back. So remember, because you have an ski at the end of your last name, that doesn't mean that you are ONE of Them, It only mean that you are Black Nigger Bitch who married a Dumb Ass Pollack because no Black man would have your UGLY ASS Moscinski

  44. Sundiata Keita says:

    William Smith BAMM!

  45. Andrew Gerald Uchenna says:

    Black people are not the only people who sold their own race as slaves. Just so that we are all clear. So 'easily' or not, Romans, Chinese, Arabs, Native Americans, even the Europeans enslaved their races and of course others. In the case of African slaves, it is possibly the largest and most recent case/period of slavery in the history of human existence. Dont blame your people for blaming those who threw slaves in iron caskets to bake in the southern sun.

    I'd also like to point out one of many flaws in your statements. As far as how blacks value/idolize 'negative' leaders, I find it very disappointing that you only point out entertainers and fail to realize that only a portion of AfAmericans look to them as role models. Since you mentioned entertainment, lets also not forget that a lot of whites glorify their mafias in film.. As someone who speaks so highly of yourself, you seem to fall very short of the mark.

    *Nike does not retail shoes for 500 bucks. Jordan does not either. The shoes are 140-180 with a resale value of up to 500 in some cases.. 'Look at the entrepreneurial spirit in these regressing, handout looking, blame placing Negros'

    Lastly, with that attitude and clear lack of understanding I advise you not to speak on behalf of Nigerians. You have no idea why our culture is the way it is. You do not understand why we value education the way we do. You're not cut from our ream of cloth..

  46. The polacks got exploited to death by my forefathers as well, and they were white as "ourselves"! If you begin to distinguish between negroes and palefaces in the way you do, then you justify the blacks supression by whites, dont you see? Truth is, the poor get exploited by the rich, wether theyre black, white or purplish-green…you argue, as if the Africans wouldnt have enslaved the Europeans, if they had the chance to… <3 Love <3

  47. For all those people who just called Mary V Kerr-Moscinksi a bitch or any other put down is actually no better than anything she said that may have offended you.

    She is entitled to her own opinion and to be honest, although I don't fully agree with all she said I can see her point of view, and wondering WHY we have been oppressed for so long is a valid question, and perhaps something that should be examined.

    The same way one might say a woman who is continually in abusive relationships needs to take a good hard look at herself if she wants people to treat her differently. That doesn't mean she isn't a victim, that doesn't mean she doesn't need help but it means the time for blaming the men who abused her at some point has to come to an end otherwise she remains a victim with the power resting in her oppressors hands. Perhaps the fact that she was abused by her father is why she became a victim in the first place, and she might also have a child who will also end up a victim because the self hatred and low self esteem of the victim mother will be learned and adopted by the child, thus creating a child pre disposed to being a victim as well. So we may be able to understand WHY she became a victim (I used the example of the abusive father) but that doesn't eliminate the fact that at some point a person MUST take personal responsibility for their own choices.

    When a respectable black kid is walking home and gets shot by a white, then that white man walks free you may say how can that EVER be our fault, and on an individual by individual basis there will be times where there is nothing we can do, but on the bigger scale people don't value us because on the bigger scale we appear to not even value ourselves. I think the more we focus on educating our brothers and sisters, and keeping a strong family unity, and if the successful black people took more of an interest in helping the black communities that are less privileged that would be repairing OURSELVES from the inside out and despite what others will say about me, I do think it could do a world of difference in how others treat us.

    Too many successful black people just want to make it OUT of the "struggle" and once they do they don't look back, maybe they come back to build a community center and do a photo op with the poor black kids of their old community, but how many successful black people are truly in it for the long haul when it comes to using energy and resources for the benefit of the black community?

    And on one hand I don't blame them, I'm in the same boat, wanting to see black people rise to their true potential, but also wanting to live a life for myself that isn't focussed or centered on "being black, or saving black people." A lot of people think, hey if I made it out then you can too, and then look down on the black people who haven't made it and who fit in the stereotypical image of black people.

    I REALIZE THAT IS NOT ALL BLACK PEOPLE but I think there are still too many black people considering our numbers in North America that are completely lost and acting in a way that is not conducive to the progression of black people in general. Yes there is the fact that statistics are skewed to make black people appear worse than they are, also the fact that black people are getting longer sentences than a white person who commits the same crime, but even acknowledging that there is still more chance of a black man committing murder than a white man. It is still fact that black families have the highest instance of absentee father. Can we move on from saying this behaviour is still common among black people due to hundreds of years of oppression and instead start taking action to help ourselves?

    By the way I am aware that numbers have gone down when it comes to high school drop outs, gang violence, and teen pregnancies among black people and that is great, but I think we still have a wayyys to go and sometimes it SEEMS (I am not saying it IS I am saying it seems) that the black community prefers to wallow in self pity and expects the same people who oppressed us to fix us and this is what I find hard to take.

    I am not saying to forget everything that was done, I think speaking about it is needed, but without action and constantly moving forward then it is seen as only "complaining."

    So yes I do think it's time for black people to do some soul searching on our approach to trying to gain our equality and freedom and also time to take responsibility for our OWN actions, but taking responsibility needs to come from EVERYWHERE which is why I am also all for black people getting the reparations they deserve.

    I know some countries have begun to seek reparations from the UK and I believe Belgium but why isn't it being done on a WAY BIGGER SCALE! Why isn't the entire Black Diaspora coming together to demand this? Let me guess that is ALSO because whites won't "Let us" or worse someone on here said we don't have the resources, seriously? So Jordan can sit around designing sneaks to sell to the black community at $300 a pop, Oprah has so much influence that she can cause someone to become a celebrity or bankrupt over night, the regular population has no problem giving money to a church and religion that was used to keep them enslaved in the first place, women have money for weaves, and rims then I'm sorry but we have enough money and resources to fight the good fight.

    Basically you all can call me enemy of black people just think the energy should shift from dwelling on what caused us to be like this to what can we change NOW!

    I think black people deserve their truth to be told (although I'm going to be honest with you, when it comes to African history and how stuff ACTUALLY went down, I hear differing stories from all my different Pro Black/Pro African/Anti White friends. That is why I am open to reading books but I am smart enough to realize that just as white people can warp history to suit their agenda and image so can black historians and scholars. I am skeptical of ALL books that are written to promote one people as good and the other as bad, and especially would be skeptical about any book that doesn't have at least a couple of cross references by reputable sources because ANYONE can say ANYTHING. What I care about is the here and now. Today is where change takes place not yesterday. But I do respect those who feel the importance of wanting black history BESIDES slavery to be told, I know for some people knowing the past is VERY important for moving forward in the future so as long as the info is accurate I am all for it, but just because some people don't agree with our current approach to equality doesn't mean we are all enemies of the black community.

  48. Mary V. Kerr-Moscinski:
    To ignore one's own history is ignorant. Your repeated references to "they" and "them" betray a sad desire to dissociate from your own people. You claim that "other races seem to progress and move on," but they also teach their children about their historical struggles–just as God commanded the Israelites, who had also been enslaved. "How could so many physically strong people allow themselves to be captured and enslaved?" Do you think entire villages of Africans were taken by just a few unarmed individuals? This article has nothing to do with blame or irresponsibility. It is our history–mine and yours–and cannot be ignored or forced into a self-loathing diatribe about what is wrong with black people in contemporary America.

  49. Very true I agree, however money and weaponry was the biggest influences on the slave trade, because if you had the most money and biggest ARMY, you were in control.

  50. Mary V. Kerr-Moscinski says:

    Nicki Thompson Thank you. I did not expect everyone to agree with my point of view because they are not me. However, I did not expect to see grown people, who complain everyday about intolerance, say some of the things that they did. At the end of the day, I cannot control the souls and hearts of hateful people or what they write. I am going to keep on voicing my opinion and they can continue to hate. My grandmother told me that the only thing you can do with hateful people is to step right over them and keep on living. That is what I plan on doing. By the way, what you wrote was very well said. We do not have to agree, but we can respect each other. Thank you for being respectful.

  51. Mary V. Kerr-Moscinski says:

    Andrew Gerald Uchenna I may not be Nigerian, but I have been to Nigeria numerous times and stayed at length. I, also, have a nieces and nephews who are Nigerians. I interact with them both here and in Nigeria and ask questions. Are you saying that the people in Nigeria are liars? I know them, so I think that I will believe them over you, thank you. By the way, continue to hate. It does not affect me in the least. You what they say, haters are going to hate.

  52. Mary V. Kerr-Moscinski says:

    Barbara J. Brooks Most "black" Americans are not black; they are mixed. I do not go around calling myself black because I am not. My paternal grandfather was Scottish and my grandmother was mixed; my maternal grandfather was German and my grandmother was mixed. That makes me multi-racial and multi-cultural. I was never taught to dislike any race because I am related to every race. I have Asian cousins, Hispanic nieces and nephews, Indian cousins and nieces, African nieces and nephews, Muslim nieces and nephews etc.; my family consists of every race. We do not refer to each other by race, but by name. Dark-skinned Americans insist on calling themselves black and damn anyone who does not do the same. When your forefathers came to America, they were called Africans. Who decided to start calling them black? That, they should have objected to.

  53. Mary V. Kerr-Moscinski says:

    William Smith You behavior shows your true character. I am not going to call you a man because you are behaving like a hooligan. By the way, cursing and swearing at me is futile. I know that you wish that you were half the man that my hubby is. Keep trying though, you may get there someday with some much needed psychiatric help. Your hateful rant is just proving my point.

  54. Mary V. Kerr-Moscinski says:

    Darryl Weston You are going to give yourself a stroke. Hate begets hate. Take some deep breaths and take a nap.

  55. Mary V. Kerr-Moscinski says:

    Nadya Turner All of the slaves that came to America are now dead. The only people constantly complaining about slavery are the people that actually never experienced it. If your brother knocks you down, call the police. We do live in the 21st century where we have law enforcement.

  56. Tod Armstrong Sr. says:

    Span McAdoo Yes Hebrew…for those who don't believe, look up ancient Assyrian wall art which shows Israel going into captivity. Same as Babylonian wall art of their conquest of Israel…Note: pay attention to the hair and beards of the captives and how "nappy" it is… #thatisall

  57. Mary V. Kerr-Moscinski says:

    Tywuan KlarkKent Watkins They are acting out against each other. Consider this, slavery may have been horrible, but that is how Africans came to inhabit America. I do not see any of you trying to go and live in Africa. If you hate America, go and live in Africa. They have plenty of countries over there.

  58. Mary V. Kerr-Moscinski says:

    Morrie Louden Thank you Morrie.

  59. Tod Armstrong Sr. says:

    Some would be absolutely correct sir…

  60. Mary V. Kerr-Moscinski says:

    William Smith Oh and aren't you the same people who complain about being called a nigger? I do hope that you are getting help with your anger issues because I would not want you around children with that temper.

  61. Mary V. Kerr-Moscinski says:

    Span McAdoo Thank you for your point of view. We can agree to disagree with great respect. Much love.

  62. Spencer Tyrus says:

    African people were not easily enslaved, there were many elements that caused this to happen. Nonetheless, there is no simple answer to this complex question. There is plenty of literature available to address this misnomer. Or their is a noteworthy documentary that our master historian John H. Clarke which deals with this called My Great & Mighty Race. last, there have been some grave assumptions about our history and culture that have been made above that are completely wrong. So, I suggest that we do I homework instead of making blanket statements about something we think we know which really grounded on miseducation and self hate.

  63. Mary Kerr-Moscinska says:

    I was so disappointed to see that people were on here calling others "nigger," "bitch," "idiot," etc. You can disagree with someone's opinion without belittling yourselves. Someone asked me how we can make things better. Well, we could start by men behaving like they have mothers, grandmothers, sisters, wives, and daughters and stop calling other women derogatory names. I am not hurt by anyone's name-calling because it is not a reflection on me. I am just shocked that people who are always complaining about being called a "nigger" are themselves calling others a "nigger."

  64. Naz Zamoyski says:

    The only correction I would make is to change "European" to "Western European". As far as I know, none of the countries in Eastern Europe were ever involved in the African slave trade: It was exclusively the Western European countries.

  65. Naz Zamoyski says:

    There were countries of white people, such as Poland, that abhored the slave trade, and had absolutely nothing to do with it. So please stop saying "white people" in (2). instead, say Western Europe if that's who you mean, or the specific countries (eg, England, Portugal, etc). But saying "white people" could be considered racist and is certainly inaccurate. It would be like saying Vietnam or India bombed Pearl Harbor, because they're all in Asia with Japan.

  66. Aljah Muhammad says:

    I am assuming you meant why WERE black people easily enslaved. If you read the first chapter (Enslavement, Acculturation, and African Survivals) from the well researched book The Slave Community by Blasingame, you will find that they were not easily enslaved. In Africa the whites encountered some of the same problems they did with Native Americans. They were simply too war-like to be captured. As a result, most of the Africans brought to North America were members of agrarian polities in West Africa, accustomed to hard, continuous labor and a sedentary life, but the members of the large, well-organized African states with their centralized governments, fast moving calvaries, or disciplined standing armies, rarely fell into the slave trader's hands…..Yes, it is true that a few African chiefs sold their own subjects (household slaves or criminals), most African slaves were prisoners captured in wars or kidnapped by European slave raiders…Yes, European, slave raiders, raided the coastal villages, and kidnapped UNENSLAVED Africans. I might add that these European slave raiders were equipped with guns and other weaponry giving a clear advantage over their prey. They were not prepared slaves as you mentioned. If you are going to say this, please provide a source…..You say that Black people need to stop blaming every other race for their plight. Exactly what group of Black people are saying this??? How can you possibly know that this is what all or a majority of Black people are thinking??? Obviously you don't think like this, so who is to say that there might be a large majority of Black people that don't blame other races such as yourself. Is there a media source you are getting this from?..If so, what is it?……as far as what is going on in some parts of Africa, you must understand that in this world, turmoil goes on between people within their own countries, even if they are of the same race. You might want to read the book Pre-Colonial Black Africa by Diop. Africa was far different before Colonization. Every single country in Africa was colonized by Europeans except two. Ethiopia successfully fought off Italy, and Liberia which was owned by the United States. Unfortunately, when you cut off the head of the chicken, it tends to run wild. Not all countries in Africa are suffering from this syndrome, but the road back to its former greatness is a tough one, especially when other powers that be outside of Africa work to snuff out any promising leaders trying to remedy the situations……Black people should never just "let it go" as you say. Slavery is an ugly part of our history, but at the root it is one to look to as a source of inspiration that our people went through that can inspire us to come together as a people. You are right, unity is the key….Would you tell a Jewish child today to let the Jewish Holocaust go because it happened before they were born?..I would like to see you try.

  67. Joe Hickey says:

    Mary Kerr-Moscinska I too am saddened by the reaction of people in regards to all atrocities involving Human Rights. Unfortunately it is more a political issue than a race issue. The governments and or tribe leaders sold out on their people. Money, power and greed are at the heart of all of these atrocities. Nazi Germany, African Slave Trade, and even the persecution of the Irish and the hands of the British. We can not change the past but we must never forget and learn going forward. Thank you for being a voice of reason. It is a breathe of fresh air to see and know that the real issue is discovered and the future belongs to all of us. We all need to move forward together.

  68. Pope John says:

    but we are told god is in the church… no good…/.

  69. Pope John says:

    but we are told god is in the church… no good…/.

  70. Pope John says:

    i think Slavery comes in so much forms…mental, educational, religious marriage etc .. we must change the way we think…TOP Priority

  71. Sundiata Keita says:

    Naz Zamoyski f*ck your feelings devil. all white people need to stop following black people around the internet so you can tell us how to think. you control our actions in the streets and come on our websites to tell us how to think. there's no where a black person is free. and thats because you devils told us the devil was under the ground, but nope, you walk the earth.
    no more white tears. i cant use em.

  72. Aljah Muhammad says:

    Mary Kerr-Moscinska I think you should go back and read some books on what really happened to Black people during and after slavery up until the present. Quite a bit is owed to us, there is no question about that but our problem is we should not wait for it, we should instead get up and do something for ourselves. Go and read about Black Wall Street in Tulsa, OK. To understand why we are "wired", you have to understand the cycle of the mental torture we have endured. When you go to the circus and you see a lion doing tricks, you are not looking at a real lion, you are looking at a manipulated lion that was taken from its mother at a young age and indoctrinated into a mindset of limited by that of the one who raised it. A real lion would die or take out its captor before being caught. That is similar to our plight. I agree with you on the false idols our children these days are worshiping, but this generation is one of strength, and fearlessness that needs to be directed toward a positive cause.

  73. Mimi Dee says:

    Mary Kerr-Moscinska: Seriously? I had to look at your picture a few times to see which race you belonged. You kept saying: "black people as if you have removed yourself from that category. And let what go? You sound very angry, I think your anger is directed at the people who have endured suffering instead at those who created the hurt and harm. So,calm down and stop self hating, that the first thing. Second thing: go read some more on our history because you are spreading accusations and misinformation. Then finally: start sharing the truth about what harm and destruction slavery has created within the black/African race. Perhaps this will take you from ignorance to intelligence.

  74. Nzinga King says:

    Um who said Africans didn't put up a fight?? Read up on my namesake and she was just one of them. Secondly there is a trend in black people who know their own history told by their own people. WE conduct ourselves in a particular manner and we especially don't allow our children to perpetuate the stupidity that is shown on the TV.

  75. Warren Foley says:

    There is no misconception about slavery, for thousand of years mankind has engaged in slavery. The strong has always enslaved the weak. It is just that simple fact. History has recorded evidence of slavery for every ethnic group and nation state.

  76. Sandra Adams says:

    And, it is still going on–take a look at Sudan and the way some of the Gulf Arabs who, for all intents and purposes, enslave their foreign maids.

  77. Naz Zamoyski says:

    Sundiata Keita You are a racist.

  78. @Mary Kerr Moscinska…Ma'am did you make this comment as just a satirical statment, or were you trying shock your readers into thought provoking, anger filled dialogue? By the By what is your ethnicity since you obviously aren't black or African? I don't understand your perspective, but for a seemingly intelligent, and afrocentic women to make the statements that you made, this is culturally, and intellecually tragic…KB

  79. John T Jones says:

    Mary, Teresa look up Dr. Claud Anderson it's entitled inappropriate behavior on Utube. He explains it in laymens terms

  80. The slave trade to Europe from Africa would not have been possible had not people first been a tradable commodity in Africa. Ivory, gold, pepper and slaves for guns, rum and calico.

  81. Mary Kerr-Moscinska All I ask of you is to look up and read Dr. Joy DeGruy's work….."Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome". If you are really interested in the truth of what has happened to the generations born into slavery and after slavery to present… will give you the information you would welcome and the answer to all of these perceptions and attitudes. It is the best book on the subject I have ever read.
    As far as Africans selling Africans…..this is called "human nature" and greed know no color!
    All the best to you. Joan Bowser

  82. Acey Orren Hinds says:

    Mary Kerr-Moscinska, until Black men and woman join together and seek solutions to the proplems you discuss,there will not be much progress within the Black community.

  83. Mary Kerr-Moscinska says:

    Joan M. Bowser I will read the book that you suggested. Point taken when you said that "greed knows no color." I referenced Africans selling Africans to point out that most blacks just focus on the injustices that are being perpetrated against them by other races, but rarely do they mention the injustices that blacks are perpetrating against each other. All the best to you, as well. Mary Moscinska

  84. Mary Kerr-Moscinska says:

    Acey Orren Hinds very true. When people are raised to think a particular way, it is hard to break them out of that mindset. It can be done, but they have to be willing and open to change.

  85. Marcus Glivings says:

    What Mary has not studied is the concept of the P.O.W…aka…Prisoners Of War as it relates to African holocaust. The African had no concept of slavery. Study and become knowledgeable.

  86. Marcus Glivings says:

    What Mary has not studied is the concept of the P.O.W…aka…Prisoners Of War as it relates to African holocaust. The African had no concept of slavery. Study and become knowledgeable.

  87. Marcus Glivings says:

    What Mary has not studied is the concept of the P.O.W…aka…Prisoners Of War as it relates to African holocaust. The African had no concept of slavery. Study and become knowledgeable.

  88. Mary Kerr-Moscinska says:

    Mimi Dee , I have absolutely no self-hate. My forefathers endured slavery, as well, but I have never heard anyone in my family cry about it constantly.No one can change the past. We can only hope to make tomorrow better. I wish that people would stop rehashing something that happened centuries ago. It is okay to talk about it because it was an historical event, but I fail to see why people would use it to as a tool to hate others. Slavery happened in other parts of the world too. In Jamaica, for instance, slavery is taught in schools and most of their national heroes are people who fought against slavery. However, the current generation is not traumatized by it because it did not happen to them. Learning about it is sad, but why on earth is this generation supposed to stay pissed off about something that they never experienced? People need to live in the present; the here and now. We should learn from the past, so that we do not repeat those mistakes, but we need to move on and make today and the future better.

  89. I saw so many erroneous systems of belief in the comments that it is unbelievable. I started to get on my soapbox, refute, belie, rant and educate. Then, I thought, "why?" Everyone with the erroneous belief systems have access to the same information that I do. Those here seem to have bought into the rhetoric and vomit it out as they have digested it. They have no clue of what they speak, yet they speak with so much authority. They speak of "black people" in the third party, as if they weren't one (evidence of acceptance of white rhetoric of blacks). They compare the African Diaspora against itself, yet can't see the flaw in their rationale. The have not taken into consideration the events of black life in America in contrast to the Diaspora in other nations, and they think they have drawn rational and logical conclusions. So I heaved a great sigh, calmed myself and let it go. It is what it is, until we love ourselves, give the great compassion that we are so willing to give to others not our kind, to ourselves, it is all a waste of breath. Casting pearls before swine as it is coined. I wish you all great knowledge and clarity in understanding the knowledge. I pray that the tides will turn soon.

  90. Jasmine Advance says:

    I don't believe this story a Bit there where far more slaves that Died it's to many errors to count how fabricated this story is

  91. Mary Kerr-Moscinska says:

    Aljah Muhammad Why do you keep talking as if you personally endured slavery? You cannot be traumatized by something that you dd not witness or experience. You can be sad or even appalled that it happened, but traumatized, I think not.. Save your righteous indignation for something else.

  92. Aljah Muhammad says:

    Mary Kerr-Moscinska Now what did I say that would make you feel I personally endured slavery? However, the book that Joan Bowser suggested is a very informative book on the mental slavery and the lasting effects that we have suffered….It would actually be better for our current generation as a whole to be ticked off about what happened during and after slavery…it would make them more aware of their negative actions toward each other and cause more unification, but I just don't see where the average brother or sister is walking around ticked off about slavery. They could care less.

  93. Mansa Jally says:

    After reading most I realized that a lot of people dont understand this Life from the to where we are. Slavery happened almost all around the World. The most brutal one was the enslavement of Africans kongdomsa very deep root. Slavery was happening in Africa before the coming of the European, likewise any other part of the World. There used to be very

  94. Rodski RodSki says:

    Your Black no matter what you say. The Black gene is dominant its obvious that your disassociation to being who you are is tied into something more deeper than you plan on exploring. You want to be other than yourself. No other people were stripped of their language, their God, their culture and the right to learn and read for 400 years, how dare you even get your mouth right to disrespect us like that. Knowledge of self allows a person to know who they are and what their history is. You're mos def a disappointment with your they symdrome separating yourself from your blackness. Want to be everyone accept who you are…
    Unbelievable! No Slaves Allowed! Accept in this case! Wow! I see why we can't find
    Our way!!

  95. regardless how the people became enslaved it is still wrong to enslave people your love of Jesus teaches us that

  96. Here is your ignorance and INANITY! That Africans were not "united" does not absolve the white man of their enslavement! The pattern of "unity" among Africans had its own natural and historical causes so that it happened to be different from that of Europeans at the time of "slave trade". That you said, " No white person or Muslim person went to countries in Africa and hunted and captured black people" clearly tells that you are out of your mind! Indeed, whites and Arabs hunted and sold Africans! Of course some 5% of slaves were sold by Africans themselves, but lets concede all slaves were captured by Africans themselves, does that absolve the whites and Arabs of their atrocities (murder, rape, genocide, torture…) against these "people". Did the white man consider those few Jews which took part in Holocaust responsible so that Nazis would be exonerated? Why is hence double standard? Is the European Jew's holocaust commemorated every single day? Have they not been paid reparations? Why is it a double standard about Black Africans? The irony is that all the atrocities against millions of my people was intentionally buried! This article just stated some of the things that did happen! But that stroke your subservient obsequiously white-worshiping subconscious, that you felt guilty when apparently different but truly historical account was written here! You said Africans are still sale and rape each other, which is partly true; what you never appear to understand is how society responds to marginalization, poverty and cultural inhalation, and that the effect of these takes long time. The 21th cent systematic enslavement of white man and ignorance of you and your kind is making this time even longer!

  97. Mary Kerr-Moscinska when i read your opinion i was so perplexed by such obvious disparagement that i had to look you up…to my double astonishment not only were you a Caribbean woman but surprisingly you claim to be university student….i wondered what you were studying…it couldn't be anthropology nor social science.
    Now everyone is entitled to their opinion…until evidence proves them wrong then they say the exception proves the rule. So let's try to critique your argument..piece by piece..firstly that black people are easily enslaved…the outcome of (tribal and ethnic conflicts over resources often translates into oppression, extermination, rape, destruction of cultural artefacts around which the subjugated people can rally and regroup…even the Old testament is littered with anecdotes of such resistance. If you accept that the major players in such social conflicts were people such as Moses. King David and the Pharaohs ..resistance to social oppression by the conqueror was not an unknown phenomenon/
    Two…'The other races seem to progress and move on, but the black race just regress.' depends. on how you define both race (an 18C construct to justify oppression….'white' and 'coloured' are the pejorative terms used by one's oppressor to justify their oppression…that's been the case from Japan to Vietnam to Rwanda. It's specious and holds no water once such oppression ceases.
    Three…'They seem to think that everyone owes them something and they have the right to things that they did not work for. ' I could show seveal examples of what is owed ranging from pecuniary promises of land and assets post Civil War as compensation for slavery not met…to state compensations acknowledged for misacarriages of justice, exclusions, down to redlining property values and the blatant collusion by such institutions as the FBi and CIA in undermining social resistance by the importation of drugs, guns, the lynching of the educated from pastors to teachers and craftsmen in order to maintain an oppressive system….thats the USA …to consider events event further afield…please read the following article…
    Caribbean Evangelicals support political call for slavery compensation

    Read more:
    Then get back to me and we will discuss further how muddleheaded and offfensive your further comments are…ps my advice is be careful,,you're standing on shaky ground

  98. Collosul Caso says:

    Whoa, Calm Down, People. It's obvious, Mary is not black; however, she is mixed. Mary has the right to express her thoughts about blacks, just like everyone else. My opinion is to allow those to address their thoughts, and If need be, provide them with proper literature. The name calling and hoot-nannying will not serve any love/respect for others and self. It's an article, folks, and people will shed their own light for understanding, acknowledgement, and so forth. Any how, I enjoyed reading this article.

  99. do you have any info to counter it?

  100. read your history btn th lines

  101. Mildred Ross says:

    Mary Kerr-Moscinska
    You think you have the answer to the slave trade of black people. It is people like you who think you have all the answers of the plight of black people. It sounds like somebody white has had your ear. You know that you are smarter than the average black person etc.

  102. Robson Cruz says:

    There's no such thing like "Black people" (as well as "white people", or "yellow people"), but a continent with different peoples, cultures and civilizations, many times not always in friendly terms to each other. Most of them NEVER experienced the transatlantic slave trade, but sometimes enslaved each other for many centuries.

  103. Simple if you come with a gun and a purpose you can enslave anyone. No blaming we can discuss our history. You might need to research history and asked the Native American why, The people in China why, the native of Austrilia why, all around the world people were killed or enslaved by the same people. Like the Native American they helped so you must understand the pathological nature of the one who enslaves. Dont blame the victim, it is like you are balming the victim of rape instead of the rapist. You speak of black people enslaving blacks mostly after it was a forced system so they had to. The majoority of slavery was not from black on black, but white on black.

  104. John Merritt says:

    It was and still is strategically easy to topple "people" if they are divided. Africa today and 1000+ years ago is not monolithic. Just the same, when a SE Asia powers came into Africa they seeded religion (Islam) into people that accepted assimilation- with the least hostility feasible and had Black Muslims (Moors) do the dirty work for them. and before them, the Romans and Greeks, and before that The Egyptians. African's or not, Those who rule will forever exploit.

  105. the black man allows the black woman and child to be enslaved, let me describe the true nature of the black man:he is a friendly mf by nature, he isn't a complex thinker, and believes everyone wants to be his friend because he is self absorbed. those things there makes the black man and his extentions of himself so easily enslaved. the black man does not like to lead but simply follow what seems to be good at the moment, he has no destiny in mind for himself, nor his woman (because he doesn't cherish the black woman as shown in many african american paintings), and his offspring (his offspring isnt considered a direct root to his heart and soul, it's just simply a means to pass on genes, keep a woman, or create a mass of men much like himself…and nothing more). with his extra friendly nature, and short thinking mind, he accepts everyone in to his world, he only looks at the surface of why they are there (if his woman tells him different his ego shuts her down), yes the black man is a man true enough, he's just a shallow one. so there you have it, that's why the black race gets so easily enslaved by other races…look here black men, stop being so got damn friendly! everyone don't want to be your friend, find out what the goal for other races of men are and get in with them instead of waiting for the easy way out you lazy ass mf.

  106. Allen Thomas says:

    And the Democrat slave owners, KKK founders, and opposition to the Civil Rights laws of the 60's STILL have black Americans on the plantation.

  107. Klyde Broox says:

    Mary Kerr-Moscinska , if you are black, why don't you say we, and us. If you are not black your argument, though largely valid, has it's validity mitigated by an obvious racial bias. It is not so much crying about slavery as expecting Europeans to accept that Europe owes Africa, because the labor of the transAtlantic slave trade built the New World, and Africa shouldn't be indebted tot the IMF, or world bank. They should be indebted to Africa. Your heaping of blame on Africans , also sounds unjust because it reflects no sensitivity to the fact that what is now playing out as African history is pseudo-history. Also, as Walter Rodney pointed out, Europe underdeveloped Africa deliberately. I see much potential merit in your argument, but you have framed it in terms of otherness that puzzle me.

  108. Klyde Broox says:

    Ditto, on that Tracey, ditto. Too many people are schooled to believe in an either … or , dialectic, and refuse to see the reality of the and.. also. Your insight is encouraging, blessings.

  109. Klyde Broox says:

    Mary does not have the right to objectify us, as if we are not even in the conversation

  110. Klyde Broox says:

    Ditto, KB , ditto,

  111. Klyde Broox says:

    Have to agree with you on this Christoper, the Europeans got their toe-hold from initial black complicity and greed. If we (Africans) don't accept that, history might repeat itself in modern Africa

  112. Klyde Broox was thinking about that relatively recently (past few months) how we are indoctrinated into a either/or perception of life and fail to understand that life isn't that cut and dried. This is especially true of religion where the gods of our belief has rules that say that our particular cult is the only one that is right.

  113. Edward Young says:

    Achoti Teresa O'Keefe; Shabat Shalom, Perhaps we can look at this from another perspective…how about some truth. The enslavement of what you called, Africans by Africans is misleading. It was actually Ham enslaving Shem and unless you are keen to the scriptures as a whole, you are saying at this moment here we go with this religious garbage….WRONG!! It is an historical proven fact as well as scriptural. However, I will not take from you the satisfaction of discovering those truths yourselves. I already know them, so you can spend time and look em up. Perhaps who'll pass that which you learn on to someone else whom may be seeking the truth. Our people in this country, have been made to look down upon each other in disgust. You seem to be a prime example of that. Perhaps with some time you will discover that most of our women were trained to teach their young male children to bow down to the GOD you call "A WHITE MAN" or you may know him by the name je'sus. Understand the relationship of enslavement to what seems to be freedom, but was actually emancipation or manipulation is a better word to use. We have never been freed, just made to believe that it was so. Thus if you stepped back and reviewed the whole aspect from "The Chosen to Enslavement" , you would get a better understanding of what I just stated. Even though it may not seem as if at this moment, we are a blessed and gifted people, whom at one time was know as a Nation called Ysra'EL. We failed in our obedience to the Most High Elohym of Ysra'EL, thus we were driven out of Ysrael. (You can research that fact too while your at it, cause they won't teach it to you in college) and until we as a Nation learn to become obedient again, we'll continue to suffer! On the other hand, what would you do if someone came to you and said, either bring me some slaves or become one!! That was the way of the European, but as for the first 1500 years of enslavement, islam didn't ask questions, they made slaves of them all for food, entertainment, sex and a host of other irrational inhuman things. Again, this is historical facts as well. It is easy to give one's opinion, but when you have a better understanding of the whole issue, then your opinions may account for something more educational for all those whom may hear or read them.

  114. Edward Young says:

    Tamara Hart There is more enslavement by the european today than 500 years ago. That is why close to 1million black children go missing annually, sex trade of america and her muslim-asian partners. These are facts you can get out of todays papers or the internet

  115. Edward Young says:

    Well your God ain't who you think he is and neither is your je'sus, whom I call the anti messiah. He belongs to the europeans, not us. However, Moses was given laws and commandments by the Creator of all, plus He gave Moses His Name and it wasn't god. It was Yahwah (YHWH), just for clarity of understanding. Not even Yahoshua Ha Mashiach was crazy enough to say that the laws had been done away with. But the gentile didn't find it difficult at all. They even tried to reverse the Shabat (Shabat Shalom Ysra'EL, for it is the shabat, halleluYah) to the likeness of their master Lucifer (Ha Satan). As for who the church is, no such individual exist. We are the CALLED OUT ONES OF YAH, His chosen people. A people whose name is Ysra'EL.. period.

  116. Edward Young says:

    Sandra Adams Why not just look here in this country called amerikkka. You got more enslavement going on right here under your nose than anywhere else in the word. Just like american europeans, never want to look in the mirror!

  117. Edward Young says:

    Shabat Shalom achoti,(My Sista) the story is truer than what you may want to believe, but it ain't over with yet.

  118. Edward Young says:

    Perhaps you wouldn't think so if you knew the truth about Mohammed. He was just a puppet of the Roman Catholic religion or you didn't know that. Hummmm, perhaps you didn't thus you ain't heard the rest of the story yet. So go do your research and learn for yourself. Then you wouldn't be concerned about this site, but would understand the truth when you see or hear it. Shalom.

  119. Edward Young says:

    You are correct akhi, , name calling is out of ignorance, however her opinions are somewhat of the same issue…hitting hard between the sheets, but shooting blanks. She should do more research prior to her presentations. They are inflaming and opinionated. Thus she seems to be speaking out of ignorance at some points or another.

  120. Tamara Hart says:

    Iba, Edward- when did I say Muslims and blacks were the ONLY enslavers? if I can find articles on these two groups don't you think I can find articles on the other? Why would I turn a blind eye to any group committing a crime? It is of no benefit to me to do so, I need no filter to help me sleep at night. It is the folks who are trying to push a religious agenda, assumed superiority or any other kind of 'group think' that I have issue with. Check out ' Half the Sky" and see all kinds of young girls and women being enslaved and degraded ALL over the world. Much respect to all who have commented- I'm done.

  121. Tamara Hart says:

    Nicki Thompson YES! Nicki! The hatred spewed out in FORCE! Watch these brothers destroy that sister! Exactly what she meant, and we ALL know what she meant.

  122. Tamara Hart says:

    like we need more 'religion' ….

  123. Mohammed Shakur says:

    Blacks were never sold out. They were coerced into giving one another up. The Slave Trade started with the Arabs. Due to some Afrikans mixing with them, they took on Islam. When it was all said and done, the Afrikan Muslims hada choice: sell out their own brethen for Islam or get enslaved with their brethen. Also, our ancestors lost the continent being loving and kind to those who didnt mean us well. We are in a disarray now due to a lack of knowledge of self, still dealing with the after effects ofpsychological warfare from the Europeans and the systemic racism thats still going on today. No these are not excuses but obstacles thats keeping our people rising back to power.

  124. Collosul Caso says:

    We objectify ourselves wrongly when we give people our attention, energy, and time over fallable opinions!

  125. Iba Diop says:

    Tamara Hart I agree with you sista, but my question was: Where did you get these informations on blacks enslaving blacks? Much respect…

  126. Mikhail Isaiah says:

    Some stupid comments

  127. Allen Thomas says:

    Edward Young — There is no comparison. Arabs are arrogant, intolerant and oppressive. Sandra is 100% correct. Third country nationals in Arab countries are abused and have little to no legal standing in the countries they work in. And they literally work as slaves with little recourse for grievance or work standards. But in other countries with large Muslim populations, slavery still flourishes. Islam is plight on our planet. It is a lie and every border where Islam touches there is war, murder and mayhem. Muslims do not want to get along with other cultures…they want to take them over and forcibly impose their blatant inferior 5th century values on others. Murder, coercion, and oppression are the means by which they spread their faith because their actions, their dogma, and hypocrisy will never win over converts who are not sociopaths.

  128. Dolapo Disu says:

    Edward Young I'm not sure where you're getting your sources from but Jesus Himself said in Matthew 5:17, "Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them." Jesus is not for any particular race or culture but for all mankind, He is the only Savior, the true Son of God. I pray Yahweh (or GOD, or THE I AM, or THE GOD OF ABRAHAM ISAAC AND JACOB; as He referred to Himself by different names) will reveal the truth to you before it becomes too late. God bless!

  129. Tamara Hart says:

    I simply googled the report on the British Muslims who were caught with the girl locked in the basement. This article was used when I was working on a art project against human trafficking. When I found this article, other articles on slavery were suggested- that is how I found the one about the young woman in France. She was offered a job with a wealthy black couple and bought out of Africa. Of course, she was used as a slave- beaten, raped, forced to work and locked in. This is becoming a serious problem all over the world and there are people trying to bring justice and compassion for these girls and women. I wanted to point out that all people are responsible for these crimes, as Ya John tried to convince us that Muslims do not enslave Africans- which is a lie.

  130. Jay Martin says:

    Lol. When people talk about slaves and slavery they always want to blame Africa. They ignore the facts that other nations did in fact travel to Africa and enslave Africans. Before you misinformed idiots spout off, you may want to read about the Belgium king and his atrocities. Furthermore, it would also help your feeble brains understand the difference between European and Asian slavery versus Africans who were forced to serve other Africans but we're able to earn their freedom and become rulers themselves. Idiotic statements such as those that excuse Europe, America, South America, Arabic Nations, Canada, the Caribbean, etc. of their atrocities and the known fact that slavers in these countries was unlike what Africans had experienced in Africa. Please read the right books before revealing your ignorance. Next you'll be one of the many who believe the European holocaust was far worse than more than 4 centuries of enslavement!

  131. Taking a class on Coursera now.

  132. Mike Wills says:

    Your post reeks of ignorance of your own history. Black people have never, ever been a monolithic group. There were and still are many different African tribes and territories. So to say that Black people bought and sold their ''own'' people is an grossly ignorant and incorrect statement. Also to state that no White or Muslim person went into Africa to hunt and capture Black people is also a grossly ignorant statement as well.

  133. Edward Young says:

    Dolopo Disu, I'll help you out here akhoti, It was impossible for anyone to be known by that name je'sus in the times of the scriptures. In the modern day history books or encyclopedias, you may discover that the letter "J" was an invention of the europeans, because it wasn't in the Hebrew or Greek alphabets. Thus no one was called jesus at that time, nor could the name come from any transliteration of the Hebrew language. The word je'sus is only about 400 years old… historical fact not fiction. Perhaps it will advance you too, if you were to discover the history of the word GOD. Be prepared to receive the truth.

  134. Edward Young says:

    Allen Thomas The United states of America is a component of that slavery. They are constantly supplying the slaves and the recipients of that enslavement. With all the sexual predators here in this country, you got to be kidding me. The social upper elite of this country travels the globe to have sex with children. Those whom can't afford that get them while they are in the sports programs in these school systems here. You really don't know what the hell you are talking about Allen, or perhaps you are apart of that elite, I don't know, but what I say is much truer than you can imagine. However I can't even put it all on the women, cause there are plenty of women here that are deeply involved as well.

  135. Sundiata Keita your facebook page is pure gold

  136. Sundiata Keita says:

    Dan Braverman sock puppet

  137. Sundiata Keita dude im serious, im really impressed with the how much you hate white people

  138. Sundiata Keita says:

    some say white people stole the commandments from the african egyptians 21 negative confessions.
    some say constantine compiled the texts at the council of nicea.
    some say theyre were 7 ecumenical councils
    some say king james was bisexual.
    i say, turn away from that white god and turn towards your black people. we need you more than a white god needs you.

  139. Mike Wills says:

    Tracy Cousins – LMAO at the most RIDICULOUS comment here. What you said is just plain STUPID.

  140. Mike Wills says:

    Tracy Cousins – LMAO at the most RIDICULOUS comment here. What you said is just plain STUPID.

  141. Mike Wills says:

    Mary Kerr-Moscinska – I also find it hilarious that you don't think of yourself as a Black woman. Sorry to inform you of this, but you ARE Black. Your belief that you are not is ridiculous. Just look in the mirror. That you are multi-ethnic does not relieve you of being a black woman. That you don't embrace it is the sad part.

  142. Guy W Fletcher says:


  143. Mike Wills says:

    William Smith – Interesting comment. However ignorant Ms. Moscinska is about the Transatlantic Slave Trade, your comment about "it's women like her that's caused our race to become mixed" is also an ignorant statement. Also an unnecessary one as well.

  144. Nichol Renee says:

    Thank you. What Belgium king was that?

  145. Nichol Renee says:

    She looks black to me.

  146. Mary Kerr-Moscinska Continued pathetic, uninformed reasoning. Very sad, Mary. I'll leave you to wallow in it.

  147. Audrey Astruggling Singlemom says:


  148. Kelvin Perry Sr. says:

    Allen Thomas – The so called "democrat slave owners" you speak of were conservatives. I'm sure you're aware the parties switched positions after the Civil Rights movement.

  149. Kelvin Perry Sr. says:

    Allen Thomas – The so called "democrat slave owners" you speak of were conservatives. I'm sure you're aware the parties switched positions after the Civil Rights movement.

  150. Allen Thomas says:

    The Republican Party came into existence when it broke away from the Whig party which favored allowing slavery in the new territories and states in the west. Abraham Lincoln was a Republican, MLK was a Republican, the first black Senator (Hiram Revels), and the only black Senator currently serving is Republican Tim Scott. When it came to legislation, get your head around this. Passage of the 13th Amendment (abolishing slavery) was passed with 100% Republican support and 23% Democrat support. Passage of the 14th Amendment (giving citizenship to freed blacks slaves) passed with Republican 94% support and 0% Democrat support. Passage of the 15th Amendment (giving freed slaves the right to vote) passed with 100% Republican support and 0% Democrat support. And the Civil Rights Act of the 1964 passed with heavy support of the minority Republicans (80%) versus less than 70% support from the Democrats who actually filibustered against the bill. You won’t find this information on MSNBC or any other of liberal networks. The media downplays the stellar history of the Republican Party and down play the Democrats who have stood against blacks, founded the KKK and placed Planned Parenthood in minority areas so that black and brown people would euthanize themselves (progressives are racist to the core). They won’t tell you that either. What they will tell you is that you’re a victim…that someone else is to blame for your shortcomings. The Republicans don’t play that game. They don’t play the race card and they don’t go around calling people racists because they don’t like their policies. The media will also hype up the name calling when conservative black people leave the plantation, think for themselves, do for themselves, and speak for themselves. It is ironic, sadly, that the president that has done the least for black people is himself black. This is because he’s a progressive first…and progressives prey upon and require uninformed underclass…neutered and made dependent upon government…to keep them (the liberal upper-class what doesn’t want more people climbing the economic ladder to join their “club”) from joining. So if you’re happy with the status quo and plight of blacks Americans…stay uniformed and tow the Democrat’s line. But if you ever would like to leave the plantation and strive to attain you’re full potential, embrace Liberty over servitude, and engage your God-given bullshit meter so you will know when and who is lying to you…then you and I will be brothers. And our country will be just a bit better then it was before.

  151. Edward Young says:

    Allen Thomas At least you did research it!

  152. Jerry Watkins says:

    please educate Tracey i am curious to hear your thoughts on this subject..

  153. Shomoy Evilentity Andersen says:

    Mary Kerr-Moscinska I somewhat agree we need to move on and focus on our own atrocities currently which is obviously due to a inferiority complex(Which you seem to suffer from but in a more sophisticated way)but you must know that when you said no White or Arab people hunted slaves you are dearly mistaken. Stronger empires ALWAYS enslave prisoners of war, women and Children. That is part of colonization. You must know that the Moors who were Berber/Arab whom were obviously Islamic also invaded many Kingdoms below them. Not only did the Moors destroy Spain and Portugal they also played a part in the destruction of the Songhai. The Songhai were the last of the strong empires but were defeated by the Moroccans due to GUNS. The Mali empire fell internally…Honestly those to the North just prayed that those strong African empires would just fall internally Religion and greed played a big part in that. The Mali, Songhai and the early empire of Ghana which was absorbed into the Mali empire all had problems with the moors who slightly had the upper hand. The fact that you assume that a person with a spear/sword can defend themselves from a Gun is ridiculous. The Mali were strong to but they had internal conflict which led to their destruction internally and I can assure that is when Europeans seized the moment to manipulate then invade. Slavery was already evident to the Spanish and the Portuguese they observed that usually the darker skinned men and women who were obviously from Kingdoms and Chieftains in Africa defeated by the Moors were slaves also. Not to say all darker skinned people who didn't look similar to them were slaves but since the Moors had conflict at most with darker skinned people at the time of Iberian occupation it was common. No doubt the the Spanish and Portuguese were also slaves. The Portuguese and Spanish took that opportunity to make use of that and profit off of it. Doesn't matter how "physically" strong you are technology is where it matters. The fact that the Portuguese abolished Moorish slavery instead of Black African slavery is nothing but pure RACISM. The reason Why Africans in Central and Southern Africa were so easily conquered was BECAUSE OF ISOLATION. Similar to the indigenous people of the Americas. Europeans and Middle easterners always had connection to world trade. Many Africans(Central and Southern) didn't even venture outside of Africa in fact the majority didn't at all. Clearly you have a White washed view on the world. I blame nothing but RELIGION and its whole structure and brutality in Ancient and Medieval times
    Yes it was a "trade" but you must understand that many of those who traded were desperate for economic structure after the fall of MAINLY the Songhai Empire and the Mali empire. Europeans knew they were at decline and seized the moment to manipulate primitive ones who were less advanced to "Trade". Then as simple as that INVASION similar to the Native Americans but the Natives obviously had fewer numbers and were technologically weaker.

    Also it wasn't a race thing it was more of technological advantage and Religion which played a part in the destruction of Africa.

    If you notice the Romans ruled Europe for a VERY long time they played a big part in the advancement of Europe as a whole. The Germanic tribes that inhabited Northern and central Europe stood NO CHANCE against the Roman empire simply because they were Isolated. They didn't rise until the Romans fell. That is when the Holy Roman empire was created which still had influence from the true Romans/Italians through the pope who easily manipulated these people. If you haven't noticed the Vatican city is located in Rome.

    Lol I noticed you've mentioned Jamaica I'm of Jamaican descent, Cruzian and Kittian Descent. I can assure you that Jamaica would be a sh*thole if The United Kingdom didn't help them. Queen Elizabeth is still the sovereign ruler of Jamaica under commonwealth(Which is why Jamaica only has a governor and a prime minister) the British helps out the West Indies A LOT economically. I know of those who fought against the British especially Nanny of the Maroons but you must understand that Britain was already planning on ending slavery and wanted to keep Jamaica as a mere colony so decided to abolish it anyway. Jamaica is plagued with crime idk why but it just is. I will assume you are from there since you are boasting about its history. Please spare me, Jamaican has one of the highest crime rates in the world.

  154. Shomoy Evilentity Andersen says:

    Guns? To who? Rebels and thieves?

  155. Shomoy Evilentity Andersen says:

    Now can the author make an article about how Abrahamic religions played a big part of the brainwashing and destruction of millions of people to this day.

  156. Because the white man gave his Kinsman guns.

  157. Shomoy Evilentity Andersen says:

    Wait wait wait whoa whoa whoa…I noticed you seem to be bashing "Black people" as in African Americans in your further comments. You have a mindset that shamefully many Black West Indians have you come here regardless of the amount of money you make and bash African Americans like you're better because you're "different" ..Lmfao wow. You're speaking about African Americans as a problem when Blacks in the Caribbean aren't all that and a bag of chips lmfaooo the nerve of you. My parents are West Indian but people like you I despise because one thing a lot of you do when you come to the states is fail to realize that you are also BLACK. Lmfao you have the nerve to talk about African Americans. For a people who were enslaved and OUTNUMBERED by the millions. Out of anybody I would say African Americans are doing EXCEPTIONALLY well compared to others of the African Diaspora. Secondly you clearly have no knowledge of the White flight and the production of drugs into the united states which was a BIG downfall among the Black community. Also you CLEARLY KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THE RACIAL DISPARITIES IN THE JUDICIAL SYSTEM. That is one of the main reasons why so many Black men are in prison especially for petty crimes that white people can walk away from. Do you even know what white privilege is? It amazes me how you Caribbeans and Africans come to America like the place you originate from doesn't have any skeletons in their closets. Lmao remember you came here for a reason and it is the African Americans WHO DIED so your ungrateful asses can bash us and kiss white ass. A lot of you are never satisfied unless you have a White d*ck in your mouth MALE or FEMALE. My Ancestry maybe different but I support Black Americans and their struggle because since I was born here I am one of them. Oh and this is coming from someone who has parents from the Caribbean who observes Caribbeans and Africans who come here thinking they're better than African Americans when in reality when you come here your @ss is labeled as Black/African American….spare me. If you are speaking of Black people please include yourself and your kind. "They" "Them" "You" lol Woman….you are Black.

  158. Shomoy Evilentity Andersen says:

    Yes I am disgusted by some of these comments by foreign blacks my parents are foreigners but they have no Idea to what African Americans went through. They have ALWAYS been outnumbered by the oppressor. Where people in the Caribbean had the Advantage because they simply outnumbered the whites and took advantage of a familiar playing field.

  159. Shomoy Evilentity Andersen says:

    That woman is Black or Bantu/Negroid if she doesn't want to be called "Black" which is what we will be called in the census bureau or the world fact book whatever she can run from it all she wants but honestly we don't need those types. She obviously listed Hispanics and Muslims as a race. Neither are a race…German is not a race and Indian is not a race. Muslims are those who follow Islam so she might have wanted to be specific about "race" that woman does not look multiracial at all she might be but to the average Human she would not be considered such unless she said it.

  160. Jerry Watkins hi, and thanks for asking. Many of us belief in a negative or positive,black and white, that everything must be one way to be right or correct, when in an objective reality, one not colored by our subjective perceptions, everything is value. It is because of the negative that we can appreciate the positive and vice versa. It is easy to understand the love of a mother, for instance, because we all have mothers, although all of them or not capable of loving their children. But this in no way negates the love of the father, which many times can be expressed differently than the mother's love.

    In a like way, because one practices one religion, does not negate the value of another. I believe that we all have a small part of a very large picture, and it is through understanding and respect of other teachings, that we develop a better understanding of ourselves and the workings of the universe. As is written on the walls of the Temple of the Oracle Delphi; "man, know thyself and you will know the universe and the gods."

    When we learn who we are, as I believe, the divine manifestation of the universe, we begin to see others as the same; in which case, the erroneous belief that we are in any way separate, is revealed as a fallacy. We are not separate from each other or environment, but a continuation of all.

  161. Shomoy Evilentity Andersen yes, this is true, it makes no part of the African Diaspora any greater or lesser than any other part. Nor does it make any race more righteous than any other. It is merely the paths we follow in order to maximize our spiritual potential.

  162. Harold Mason says:

    That is the truth of slavery in the African countries – It was more like endentured servitude – Whites and other cultures were barbaric murdering raping criminal slave holders

  163. Klyde Broox says:

    I have to return, the conversation pulled me back in. Using the fact that slavery was occurring in Africa before the TransAtlantic Slave Trade, and that some Africans initially sold slaves to Europeans to try and excuse Europe , is like saying a murderer should be excused because that murderer is not the first , or only murderer. I hope people who are seeming to say this realize how stupid that sounds. People are going off on tangents don't follow them, keep the eyes on the prize Europeans owe reparations, that's what this obfuscation is about avoiding guilt and liability for reparations. The fact is that people from one continent invaded and raped another continent (research the exploits of Hawkins, nobody sold people to him, he went in and extracted slaves violently) of it's people to take them to labor on other continents that they had invaded from other peoples. (CF. The Scramble for Africa, the Berlin Conference etc. ) The TransAtlantic Slave Trade was the first great engine of Capitalism, it built the so called New World, and allowed Europe the research money to make the great advancements it made in science and technology. Prior to that the Arabs and Africans were leading in science and technology. Next, so called "emancipation" was the second great engine of Capitalism. When keeping Africans as slaves became too costly and difficult for slavemasters, because the slaves were rebelling, the slavemasters set them "free." and took credit for "abolition." What really happened was that it was no longer economically viable to keep the slaves. Slave owners had to feed, clothes and shelter slaves, who were now rebelling continually and working less and less. Economics 101, set said slaves free, get rid of the costs then have the large pool of freed slaves now applying for the same "job" they were rebelling against because now they had to pay their own bills. The race card was later introduced when freed slaves and poor white people began to join together to form labor movements, to divide and conquer labor power. The TransAtlantic Slavetrade was about capitalism, race was incidental, My black brothers and sisters our ancestors were not enslaved because of their color, the color thing came after. Our ancestors were enslaved because Africa was not a unified empire. Shaka Zulu saw that and was trying to unite the continent by force of arms, but by then it was too late and Europeans engineered his assassination because they knew if Africa had united Europe would have got its ass kicked so hard it would have lapped its tail and retreated. We took back Africa, the only continent recovered, let's be proud of that. Let's fulfill Marcus Garvey's vision and think repatriation. Imagine the population depletion that would occur in America for example, if all blacks returned to Africa. Imagine the positive impact we would have on the tribalism that's hurting Africa. The slavery we should be focusing on is what my fellow Jamaican, Bob Marley sang about, mental slavery. Trading racial insults with whites is sinking to the level of the racists who started in the first place, Liberate the psyche, think black unity and exercise black power with compassion for that is truly the most powerful weapon on creation. Whites, who claim to be not racist; if the cap doesn't fit, stop wearing it.

  164. Shomoy Evilentity Andersen says:

    I hope people realize that the Europeans did not trade with LARGE KINGDOMS for the most part it was rebellious traitors who got rich off of the suffering of the poor. Through the manipulation of their European "providers". Can you not see the connection with the Western corporate world in Africa as of today. There are Africans who work crappy jobs to this day just so the Europeans can benefit. China is actually doing the same right now but in a peaceful manner…you might want to Google that. Such betrayal is nothing more than brainwashing…religious, racial, economic or whatever. Its all brainwashing which is sad. You are taught as a child to hate and you are taught as a child to be religious no child is born either or.

  165. Jay Martin says:

    Nichol, the devil was King Leopold II. He is responsible for killing up to 15 million Congolese. His atrocities were written in books one of which was made into a movie.

  166. Aisha Marshawnn says:

    Mary Kerr-Moscinska …I could not disagree with you more. I almost calledyou stupid, but then i had to realize that programming plays a big role in why we behave the way we do. YOU CANT BLAME THE OPPRESSED FOR WHAT THE OPPRESSOR HAS CREATED. Read the 13th amendment and you will understand why our people are in the condition they are in. And yes Whites (devils) do owe us. Amerikkka was built on the blood sweat and tears of your people agaisnt our will. I will agree that it starts with us (WOMB-MAN), but it also starts with knowing where you came from. We are destined for greatness if we only would wake up. People are blind deaf and dumb to our issues. But like I said you can ever blame the OPPRESSED for what state of mind the OPRESSOR has conditioned us too.

  167. Aisha Marshawnn says:

    Teresa O'Keefe ….exactly. Its always a root cause. Most people tend to look over that part of it and want to point fingers because thats always easier to do.

  168. Aisha Marshawnn says:

    And these laws came from Maat. The 10 commendments were stolen as everything else europeans touched.

  169. Cheryl Blair says:

    Mary Kerr-Moscinska White Slavery on the Barbary Coast tells a tale of when America was importing us to America black Africans and M-E were enslaving white Christians. Why do they not talk about this and making Gods white so we would up worshipping them?

  170. Mae Williams says:

    Mary Kerr-Moscinska Muslim invaders also went to Africa and conquested and took slaves that they wanted.

  171. Mae Williams says:

    Mary Kerr-Moscinska Muslim invaders also went to Africa and conquested and took slaves that they wanted.

  172. Rick Senior says:

    As long as black people have the propensity to "Beatify" their leaders, they will always be lead around by their noses. Every one who has ever stepped up to lead them has become their god. Therefore we have the tendancy to follow blindly behind a man and lack the collective whearwithall to contribute logically to our advancement. This can explain churches buying 20 million dollar jets for their preachers instead putting that money where it could actually advance the community as a whole…

  173. Rick Senior says:

    Nichol Renee King leopold II. He was 100 times more bloodthirsty than Hitler and Stalin combined…..

  174. Dana Wilkinson says:

    So many whites say, "I didn't enslave anyone", but they're sure as hell still reaping the benefits from their fore fathers.

  175. Alex Delarge says:

    Mary Kerr-Moscinska "black people are too busy blaming every other race in the world for their problems to solve anything. I have no idea why they are wired this way" Your foolish and racist remarks indicate you have a primitive and sentimental interpretation of biology.

  176. Mary Kerr-Moscinska Wow, you've said a lot! Thanks for the thought-provoking post. This is what happens to a people when they lose their "kin-ship" and spiritual integrity.

  177. I agree with your post. Many who want to judge the current conditon of Black America are often outside of the culture and it's generational/daily psychological implications. Not making excuses for bad judgement/behavior, but an acknowledgment of its unique challenges/impact would help bridge the analysis gap and perhaps promote heart-felt healing amongst our ethnic group.

  178. Anonymous says:

    Mary Kerr-Moscinska I think I can answer your concerns a little bit. This issue of Black people (and to be specific Black Americans) not bounding together as one, is isolated to only Black Americans who are descendants of slaves and should not be a blanket comment as if this is global. So when you make such comments be specific. I have traveled and lived in different parts of the world and I too am black. I was also not born in America though I am also a descendant of slaves.

    First and foremost slavery in that fashion happened more recently than you think and such slavery lasted centuries. As a result, the destruction of the individual and the bond of the people was systematically broken. It was more than just holding people captive, it was also a psychological breakdown that was purposefully and strategically done (they actually have documented books on methods to mentally destroy and control them). And as such may take twice as long to mend (slavery officially ended less than a 100yrs ago so do the math). Yes, if the individual's choice to work hard strive and bound together was taken as of today, alot of those American issues would be rectified. However, seeing that a family unit is what predominantly influences a person, the pain of slavery has passed from generation to generation which resulted in the blame game and in most cases rightfully so.

    RE African Continent: The current world's economic function and the rise of the western world structure has placed the African continent in a vulnerable state. Sanctions exist that are so outdated and so unnecessary no one but them fight to be released from it. The continent exports more in value than what it is paid for in addition. Do you think those in EU and the US are unaware of this? They are the one who have such sanctions in place. When you learn the root of where this problem arises you will then see why the blame game has some value in that respect. But as a people they are bounded.

    I, and where I am from do not blame any other race for anything, but then again we rose out of slavery and aren't the minority as say to those in the US. That comparison is clearly an indicator why you in the US have these issues. All the races in my country (and others) live in harmony, but the US constantly chose not to. Though slavery was abolished some time ago, just a few decades ago you all were stll fighting for freedom. Therefore this should imply to you that these issues are unique to you. Slaves in other countries were not treated in the same manner and as a result the consequences are not the same. So yes, clearly the relationships of the past have you all where you are (and so us).

    My advise to you is the research why this consequence exist in the US specifically. When wanting to know why black people do not bond dont say it is a ridiculing manner but more in a supporting manner as you have just contributed to the lack of a bond. Because you comments clearly show that you do not speak from a depth of knowledge of slavery. One thing I have noticed about slavery knowledge in the US is that it focuses on the same handful of info: slaves was property, they were beaten, they were badly treated and the underground rail road. Did you know that when families and tribes that came together were purposefully separated them so they would not have support to rise up and retaliate? Did you know that they placed those that were rivals and spoke different languages together and trained them to never bind as comrades? Did you know they let them beat each other and showed favour to another with the intent of a mental destruction? These things as light as it may seem was consciously done to destroy you! It was not that they did it without knowing the destruction of what it would do. That was the plan. And the proof is in the fact that of all the african slaves that exist, only the US have these issues. It is because they were implemented in the US. Religion, names, history was stripped of them to ensure they were vulnerable despite the numbers under one owner. It was a form of brainwashing. And if you do not know better, it ensures that you know nothing to pass on to your off springs and so forth (to today). This is the divide and conquer syndrome. And because other races never faced that loss, they can move on faster.

    Slavery is not a new phenomenon and has existed and likely to continue to exist in the future, but note something, when the Jews speak of the Holocaust no one ridicule them about the one million that died compared to the tens of millions that died coming into and being a part of slavery. Everyone acknowledges it and sympathize. So the plight of those that "blame" are also looking for such acknowledgement. Be careful of the things you speak. Instead influence one person at a time to be a better person.

    (if I had all day I would type more, but there is atleast Google to your finger tips)

  179. I notice that you only reply to the very few negative post, could you please reply to to some of the positive post which are full of knowledge and wisdom, because it seems to me that your post has no wisdom or knowledge to back it up and the fact that you just reply to the negative and is yet to address the positive shows your lack of knowledge.

  180. I notice that you only reply to the very few negative post, could you please reply to to some of the positive post which are full of knowledge and wisdom, because it seems to me that your post has no wisdom or knowledge to back it up and the fact that you just reply to the negative and is yet to address the positive shows your lack of knowledge.

  181. If we blame our selves we take away the blame for the demand.. !! We can not continue to see our fault and not that of the villain – blame the victim is a mentality full of corruption. Others have used this type of foolish argument to justify their behavior and to this day they continue to persecute people of color simply for the purpose of dividing and conquering. Let's not continue to be the fool in the foreign land.

  182. Cinamon Blair says:

    The Rape of Africa started in Africa by Africans…all other evil things just fell into place

  183. Dapo Onasanya says:

    Mary Kerr-Moscinska

    I will not get frustrated for your lack of historical content. I will simply ask you where did you get this train of thought and how did you come about this? is this just a thought derived from experiences? you sound very general and like all self righteous critics you do not even provide any solutions. Please take a class on African history and enslavement and get enlightened. while your at it take a class on education and be aware of the fact that young blacks are not taught history about there "real" ancestors. you talk being owed for we did not work for? if that is the case how did the western powers become so wealthy in such short times. think about the large sugar plantations and exportation of raw materials, which made these countries so rich. theses slaves pretty much worked for free or just enough to keep them alive.Lastly as for blacks selling blacks. African kings did not expose their servants to the atrocities the Europeans did. I understand your angry and you just want this whole thing to go away, but its gonna take history, love, tolerance, and alot of support to save our black youth.

  184. Niels Cudnohufsky says:

    Interesting and appalling

  185. Tracey Lin Miller We are here to learn Tracey. You have something to say that can help us know more, we're all ears 🙂 Don't worry about the ones that don't want to know hence the article of slave trade. Heck, l am from Africa and l still don't know everything. Teach Tracey!

  186. Vicky Webb-Colston says:

    Teach!!! Thank you Jay!!

  187. Slavery was invented by white people, when black people built the pyramids they worked as indented servants.

  188. Mike Mcneil says:

    The only way to gain control over blacks at that time was to take his god and then take his woman……..

  189. Sabrina JT says:

    Harold Mason SAY IT AGAIN HAROLD!!!!!!

  190. Sabrina JT says:


  191. Zee Diamondz says:

    @Tracy Lin Miller #facts

  192. Ade Kola says:

    Let's be careful not to go into revisionist history,
    Read , illuminating the darkness, blacks and North Africans in Islam by Habeeb akande

  193. Nichol Renee me too and my vision is just fine…

  194. Red Cinnamon says:

    John Knapton America was built on slaves.

  195. Zee Diamondz says:

    #facts @tracy lin milller

  196. Zee Diamondz says:

    Allen Thomas #facts

  197. Zee Diamondz says:

    Edward Young #facts

  198. Zee Diamondz says:

    Collosul Caso you gotta correct the innacuracies brotha because the other people in here that are searching for truth wont completely be subject to the whitewash. And u never know she may just begin to love herself once she realizes the truth of (her)our journey. Or maybe shes the feds, lol

  199. Harold Mason @thanks for clearing that up Harold.

  200. Black Folx says:

    Oh, I'm quite sure she does very well for herself, her family, and community, but she didn't say 'all' white people, and it's really great that your family was able to build a church and all, but I can see by your comment that you are not in touch with what 'white supremacy' really is and how it works so, I will suggest that you read a book entitled 'The Isis Papers', and then maybe that will enlighten you as to how and why the U.S and the rest of the white world who are actually less than 1/3 of world population are able to rule and control a 'world apartheid', and the detriment that they will cause to keep that control. Then you will have answered your own question. Hotep..!

  201. Carol Lester says:

    People who crave power and outrageous riches, always and will always have some way to shut off their hearts and souls to those whom they enslave. Republicans act as if a living minimum wage is some shocking concept but say nothing when wall streeters get billions in total bonuses and no jail time for market frauds.

  202. Mike Matten says:

    Before you all get carried away, you may want to understand that the first (slave) in America was not owned by a white man, but by a black man. Slavery goes back over 4000 years not 400. Nearly every country in Europe has been involved in slavery one way or another. African slavery has its beginning around 650 AD when muslims invaded North Africa.Before that Muslims had invaded The Meditarainian area.The first slavery revolt taking place anywhere near U.S. was Dominican Republic in 1520. Did we have slaves in America then? No we did not.Slavery in America lasted about 40 years. We are but a very minor player in the field. Arabs, Muslims, Islam, whatever you want to call them are the people we Americans and British dealt with to bring slaves to America. How did they get them? By invasion, other African tribes had deals with them, Bring us slaves and we wont invade your people. This went on for centuries. Tribe against tribe, for what? Goods from Europe. American slave time is like playing poker in an all night tournament, but we only played 1 hand. Have a nice day.

  203. Jerry Watkins what I was thinking was just because a few Africans or Muslims enslaved Africans does not take away the full blown injustice of the slave trade to the Americas. Many "internal slave trades, had ending points, and also allowed people to have families, that they could keep) The slave trade to the Americas became the founding power of the economy and made America the powerful nation it is today. Rather than this "woe is me" attitude that is being ascribed, I say PAY THE FUCK UP!

  204. Harold Mason I agree all you have to do is look at how they treated their own people Also think of English and French prisons and how easy it was to get into them. To compare that to the indigenous back and forth of war and trade is insulting.

  205. Jazz Rukiya says:

    I wonder how many of you have ever BEEN to the continent of Africa? I spent two months in Tanzania and Zanzibar, and I can tell you the Arab is hated more than the white man. The Arab was the first to enslave and he still treats the African like shit today. The Arab has taken the truth out of the books so the youth don't rise up. I spoke to many elders who know their whole history and lineage and they told 17 Fulbright fellows (All black by the way) that the Arab brought the horror first, then the German, then the Portuguese. After the British came, Livingstone wrote the British and asked that slavery be abolished. After it was abolished, the Arabs kept kidnapping Africans and holding them captive in the caves of Bagomoyo to be sold to the Portuguese. Fast forward to today, in America we are still slaves. We are enslaved mentally and financially. Some of us can't even get along on post. We should NEVER forget our past, the Jews don't, but we have to move forward!

  206. The "rules", have been changed, thats why…A free man of colour could prosper, because he could depend on a market that was community based.Today's economic realities dictate that we often can't /won't produce what is needed in the "new" market. While we might decry the underlying social and cultural conditions of the day, the reality was we had a "trained labour force", so to speak, with a common market which they serviced. You could in your own community, buy a loaf of bread which was baked at a local bakery, or a carpenter/cabinet maker to make the bed and tables needed. This changed to a large extent when "social and racial reforms' of the 60's took place …we wanted to integrate into the larger community as a whole and buy "what the others could, that we could not have previously done". The ensuing economic fallout was swift and unforgiving, merchants who would not normally sell to "coloured folks", now could do so ,albeit ,sometimes reluctantly.The increase competition for the money in the community was now putting the vision, if there was one, of a viable self sustaining community , at risk.
    Joiners /Plumber/plasterer,electricians, etc, who struggled to pay the bills, didnt want their sons/daughters,doing what they did for so little in return.The result ….a dying community..children leaves, or are stuck with the low prospect of doing anything worthwhile.More death and decay.Am I saying segregation was better..NO NO NO…, but the seed of our destruction was sown by the erasure of unique identity. You see, while we were so busy "elevating our status and self ",people with FAR more trading experience was busy scoping out what the could do for 'US", and the money that could be made. They also had the co-operation of the banks and other credit facilities, that often refused to do business with us.Money makes money, and with that money the Mom, and Pops business' could not compete. This was replicated throughout many cities, through the local chambers of commerces,that encourage expansion into many black communities, a la fast food giants,chain stores, licquor store and many other types of money extraction type business'. We then left with an empty shell that is NOT going to support we then disperses to the many corners of the larger world, no longer speaking as one,nor having the monetary clout that was once an hallmark. The BLACK Wall street was no more. we had not the monetary nor political effect that once was.We were now just a "number" in a larger game.America was built on cheap labour and the present practice of exporting jobs to cheaper and a less regulated regime, will continue, and those wishing for changes and a questioning of why we can't prosper, will have to do a complete re-evaluation of what it will take to do so…Unity based on race was unfortunate, but necessary, now we have to find a new common goal. education disparities, and racial infighting , who is black , who is coloured, who is a Tom, etc and where does one fits into all this ,contributes to our continued paralysis. A new PARADIGM is needed. Lastly the name calling that is so prevalent on thread MUST stop, if we can;t respect each other how can we expect other to do so…we might disagree but we cant at least be civil.

  207. Nichol Renee It is King Léopold and it is well explained in the book King Léopold's Ghost.

  208. AMEN!!!!, this why we had our leaders ( in Africa) ,sold us out to the slave traders of both Arabs, and Europeans origins. this still happening in AFRICA, see Mugabe,of Zimbabwe, and Zuma of South in opulence, while those around them suffer. Fantasy/delusion of "the Chief".. an examination of ALL AFRICANS leaders will reveal this grotesque practice..Thats why TRIBALISM is STILL practice …until we stop this crap of identifying with a tribe within a race, we are doomed to stay at the bottom of the heap, so to speak..this practice of identifying with a leader, is what have been the locus of our destruction…RELIGION, not of our choosing, but forced upon us by other, and we BELEIVE…pity

  209. Nichol Renee that would be King Leopold of Belgium …

  210. Sabrina JT Something tells me that Edward and Sundiata both got a serious racial hang up. Is there anything else you guys think about during the day?

  211. Allen Thomas says:

    Kelvin Perry Sr. Sad. So wrong.You really owe it to yourself to find the truth for yourself. You may find that you been misled and lied to. Think for yourself. Do you really think that political parties just flip positions like that? You probably do…but that's just not true. Parties, like people, don't do such things. I'd love to hear back from you if you do begin a quest in seeing who's who and who's done what to whom. It's not hard to find the information.

  212. Jazz Rukiya Move on?? Hmmm. That's a fresh idea. But, come to think of it, I think I will just keep on holding on to all that anger and bitterness toward another group of people simply because of their skin color. Now THAT sounds like a way to live!!!

  213. Allen Thomas – If the Republican party doesn't play race games, please explain Arizona. Please explain why the KKK is now a Republican organization. Republicans today are old Caucasians. If you think you can convince African Americans that old white people have their best interests in mind you have your work cut out for you. I'm open to critical thinking and willing to learn. I also have eyes and ears. I see the Republican Party of today based on their actions. These actions aren't minority, homosexual or female friendly..
    Have a wonderful day..

  214. Kelvin Perry Sr. Please illustrate for us 4 or 5 examples of your statement "Republicans still have African Americans on the plantation", please. I want to understand what you mean by that.

  215. Allen Thomas says:

    Kelvin Perry Sr. I see a lot of emotion there. I'm not asking you to not be black or be dismissive of historical wrongs. But you are being duped. And worse yet…you're being duped by old white progressive men who only use black folks for their own personal gain. Instead of school choice they give you abortion clinics. Instead of a hand up, they give you a hand out. They always down to blacks in a condescending and demeaning manner. You can always find a few turds in any party, but you can find a single honest, good-hearted person progressive anywhere. All they do is divide people, keep the underclass down, and deflect blame to others. All that conservatives want is for everyone to have the freedom, liberty and opportunity to achieve their full potential. The Democrats believe you are racially incapable of making decisions and looking out after yourself. They place abortion clinics in your neighborhoods who you can euthanize yourselves. They offer you a life of servitude to the government…and all it costs you is your humanity. BTW. I am having a wonderful day.

  216. Scott Schafer – Scott my comment was a relpy to Allen Thomas. He knows exactly what i meant by that comment. Have a wonderful day.

  217. Allen Thomas – I can already see that we are going to have to agree to disagree… Have a wonderful day.. 🙂

  218. Kelvin Perry Sr. But you can still be kind enough to share your sentiments with all of us. Please share – I'd like to hear.

  219. Scott Schafer No thanks Scott.. I've been down this road several times. It never has a different outcome. Thanks for the open ear and have a wonderful day.

  220. @ Mary…Thats because Aficans of the time were a peaceful and welcoming people who didnt know about the rabid, violent and cruel inherent nature of whites and other people (Muslin,etc) who would look to enslave and exploit this peaceful, God-like people…As the original man, Africans would welcome ALLL in peace love and prosperity not knowing that letting these people into their world would ultimately end up destroying them and their history…remember Jesus was betrayed by someone close to him (his own disciple) as was the African people and culture betrayed by Judas' in their midst who had been corrupted, threatened and coerced into selling their own people or enemies/rivals of their people into this nightmare of a situation as to save their own family and tribes…How dare you have the unmitigated gall to think you have the right to say something so absurd as to portray your true ignorance…Don;t comment on things you have NO idea about.

  221. Lucy Dennis says:

    AlLen Thomas, you are so wrong. MLK was not a republican, if you knew your history you would know that a mass of the Black were republicans up until the middle of the sixties, when the parties exchanged platforms. You would know this if you studied. The Democrats that were KKK, turned around and joined the Republican party…research it and you will find the truth

  222. Taurus Teena says:

    Trust is the root cause and envy of prosperous peaceful people…. its good to know our story versus history his story mostly lies…
    Yes the africans eventually helped and to attack blacks who arent the root cause of slavery indicates a programmed individual who doesn't know enough about our story

  223. Taurus Teena says:

    Hypersegregation is real
    American Apartheid is real unlike the white jesus you worship that isnt real

  224. Slavery is a form of Divine punishment for disobedience to God. The black people that was dispersed into all nations are the true children of Israel and we are being punished for our disobedience to God. He said in his word that if we did not keep his commandments, statues and judgments that we would be dispersed into all nations and and serve other gods that our forefathers did not know he also said that they would rule over us until we turn back to him. Deuteronomy 28 our people are in the conditions we are in because of disobedience to the true and living God and when the Messiah returns we will be delivered out of this state that we are in. I do not blame anyone for the conditions my people are in because God said that he would bring an evil nation against us. 2 Chronicles 7:14 declares that If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. The wicked ways and sin that it is speaking of in this verse is us breaking God's commandments, not keeping his statutes which is His Holy feast days, and His judgments, instead every nation that He has dispersed us into we seek to be like that nation and take on their gods who are not gods. God will restore us as priest and kings. Mary Kerr-Moscinska you are so misguided till it is not funny and your comment alone speaks volumes of your self hatred and I pray that God heal your blind eyes.

  225. What about the Jews and Adolph Hitler et al and the American Jews (Zionists) who financed Hitler so he could wage war and burn Jews in the ovens? How about the American Native Indians who were massacred along with the Buffalo earlier on to build America? How about the Mexicans who were killed and their country taken away to form Arizona, Texas, California, Nevada and so on? How in the name of God were all these people so "easily enslaved" dispossessed of their lives and property. Why don't the Jews and Mexicans and Indians stop blaming Hitler, the white colonists and the US Government for their massacres and misery?

  226. Solution to Slavery?: Secure Producing Land and build our own Economic System and be ready to kill and die defending it. The alternative?: Remain a Slave for God knows when.

  227. TCT.TV/ faithinhistory teaches daily on the topics…
    the plantation seer

  228. Little has been written about it because it was basically non-existent. Little has been written about the slavery internal to Africa and the expansion of African empires and enslavement of conquered Africans that fueled the ATLANTIC slave trade. black Arabs (not to be confused with Persian and Turks) bought African slaves brought to their settlements by other black Africans. In fact the main trade in slaves that goes back before Islam was the trade in European, Persian and Turkish slaves They were enslaved to such a degree that it changed the Arab ethnicity from being mainly black to mainly white. Learn your history and give up the Anti-islamic, Anti-Arab propaganda promoted by your enemy which you ate up and believed. The white man refused to show you the blackness of true Arabs that even exist today and did their best to subject those Arabs in their own lands. You guys are Silly, Silly, Silly!

  229. Ron Casey says:

    This is our holocaust .

  230. OK Madame, if you aren't black then I certainly apologize for assuming you are or were. But your opinion leveled people of color for blaming others for their predicament, and that in most cases is an unfair assessment. Do you really believe that our so called democratic society presents a level playing field?…if you do then shame on you, there are too many social, legal, judicial, financial, educational,and professional examples of racism to name for a standard of fairness to not be laughable. ..

  231. I do not believe the white devil. we went thru this shit already. what the hell do you think the civil rights movement was all about? a game, to be repeated 50 years later? the way people are talking today, you would think this is pre-civil rights era thinking. we should not be revisiting this problem. this was suppose to be resolved. there is only one solution to the problem: Black people get the hell out of the west and europeans, get the hell out of africa and everyplace else in this world where you have come to destroy. god gave everybody their land and home, who the hell are white people to circumvent the will of the creator. I do not want to live with you. I want to live and die on the land God gave black skinned people, africa.

  232. Ann Eds says:

    Are we seeking ways to mitigate the inhumane horror of slavery? To make it more palatable for the children of the brutal enslavers? To whitewash it to prove what was said about the reason blacks are lazy with their hands out is because they're use to being cared for? Three hots and a cot? Their own cabins, three meals a day, personal vegetable patches, clothing, and shoes in the winter? Is that what we're doing now? To intellectualize it by showing how smart we are by pointing out the inaccuracies in the article? To simply not discuss the soul crushing horror of being trapped and surrounded by an uncaring and ruthless enemy? Let me know something.

  233. Chanay Smith says:

    Listen regardless of your opinion or views of race the point is at the end of the day if they begin hanging "negroes", "blacks", etc. they are going to check your lineage. You are going to hang just as your counter parts will be. Instead of creating and continuig to have these fruitless conversations, come up with a solution. How many people are lawyers on these posts? Create a organization to fight for reparations or at least land we can call our own. How many teachers? Lets network and create a system of teaching our children what they SHOULD be taught so the cycle of mind enslavement can end. Although slavery is long over physically, our minds are still enslaved. Until we can overcome that we will always be in this position. How many doctors? Lets create hospitals, vaccines, etc. To treat our people. Come on stop talking at the problem and start discussing a solution.

  234. Chanay Smith says:

    At the end of the day, if they started at this very moment, hanging people of color. You can bet your bottom dollar they arent going to ask what you consider yourself nor check your lineage. You will hang due to the color of your skin regardless, same as your fellow colored men and women. Although we arent enslaved physically the effects of the ordeal has followed us and continues on with us mentally. I dont think many people grasp that fact. If i beat my child everyday for 10 years, do you think when hes 20, he won't still be feeling the effects?? Consider that. Also consider our fight for our rights wasnt too long ago and on some planes we are still continuing to fight for them. I say all this to say, while your having and continuing on with these fruitless conversations, come up with a solution. Network between each other. How many lawyers on these posts? Lets connect and come up with a plan, a team, to go after land for ourselves or reparations. How many teachers? Lets create a place where our children can go to be taught things they truly need to know…history, humanity, spirituality, etc. How many doctors? Lets create facilities that help our people…vaccines, medicines, spread knowledge so we are not tricked into this buffoonery. I doubt anyone will pull together though…why, you ask?? Because theres no money involved with pulling together I assume. Just think of what we could achieve instead of speaking on the tragedies over and over with no solution.

  235. 1) the title of the piece is strange – the article simply presents data, eg dates of the end of the slave trade, most of which does not relate to any potential "misconceptions." 2) on the last page, the idea that the slave trade "amounts to 34.5 million deaths of one single group of people" is highly debatable – "Africans" are not really definable as one single group of people, the slaves were taken from many different tribes. And 3) there is so much emotion, anger, rage around this history, for understandable reasons. So it is vital that those who want progress for humanity's sake speak with the most careful words. For me, even to define the perpetrators by their nationalities is wrong speech, as in those countries only a small number of people will have had any part in the trade – only a small percentage of those alive at the time will even have held any influence, any political power at all, the vote even, in most of these European countries when these atrocities took place, yet people persist in pointing fingers, as a catch-all, at "nations." It just doesn't help. (However this being the internet, those with no interest in advancing humanity will just continue to hate.)

  236. as I continue to study and learn, it has come to my attention that the decision to enslave Black people came after spain defeated the Blackamoors and overturned their rule. In 1492, columbus set out to destroy Black people because of the conquest. it was payback.

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