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Is Apple Buying Tesla Motors?

Two of the world’s most innovative companies may have discussed working together or even joining forces, according to a San Francisco Chronicle report.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk met with Adrian Pierca, Apple’s head of mergers and acquisitions, last spring as analysts were suggesting Apple acquire the electronic carmaker, the Chronicle reported Sunday, citing an unnamed source.

“While a megadeal has yet to emerge (for all of its cash, Apple still plays hardball on valuation), such a high-level meeting between the two Silicon Valley giants involving their top dealmakers suggests Apple was very much interested in buying the electric car pioneer,” the report said.

Apple and its CEO Tim Cook spent much of last year fighting off concerns from analysts and investors that the company had lost its innovative edge. While the company added new technologies to many of its products in recent years, Apple hasn’t launched a new product in a new category since 2010, when the iPad first came out, according to USA Today.

Acquiring Tesla could ease some of those worries. Nothing says “IT’S THE FUTURE” quite like a car that runs on electricity with a fancy touchscreen that tells drivers where they can charge up next. And Musk, a co-founder of PayPal, has become somewhat of a Silicon Valley darling, unveiling ideas like the Hyperloop — an idea for an elevated transit system that could get people from San Francisco to Los Angeles in just 30 minutes — to much fanfare.

In addition, if Apple acquired Tesla, the tech giant would get the added benefit of bringing an innovative leader like Musk into the fold. “You could strike up a partnership and obtain a new iconic partner to lead Apple’s innovation drive,” Adnaan Ahmad, an analyst at German bank Berenberg wrote.

Apple isn’t the only tech giant to explore the auto world. Google has a project in the works for driverless cars that would keep people safer on the road.

Musk has signaled in the past that an Apple buy isn’t out of the realm of possibility. “They do have a lot of cash,” he told Bloomberg in an interview in May.


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4 thoughts on “Is Apple Buying Tesla Motors?

  1. Jimmy Yang says:

    Tesla should be independent, with apple's cool design and google's auto driving capability.

  2. Alex Hindley says:

    please for the love of god no D:

  3. Michael Nath says:

    Tesla: now with Apple maps app! … ugh.

  4. I would not buy a Tesla if Apple were to buy them. Everything would work fine as long as it were new and nothing unexpected happened, but six months after buying the car, something would go wrong and the cheapest fix would be to buy a new one because you can never figure out what the hell to do with any Apple product that has even minor issues.

    As soon as the Apple badge gets slapped on the car, it becomes an overpriced toy designed for the tech-unconscious, not a practical means of transportation. But their display would have a lot of pixels.

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