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10 Top HBCUs Your High-Schooler Should Be Looking Into


Spelman College

Location: Atlanta

Tuition: $24,634

Freshman Retention Rate: 88%

Founded in 1881 as the Atlanta Baptist Female Seminary, Spelman College is the oldest historically Black college for women in America. Located just five minutes outside of downtown Atlanta, Spelman is part of the Atlanta University Center, the largest consortium of historically Black institutions of higher learning in the world. Freshmen admitted into the college are required to live on campus during their first year. There are more than 60 student organizations, including Greek life, which constitutes the largest group of students on campus. Known as the Jaguars, Spelman is a member of the Great South Athletic Conference in the NCAA Division III, and it hosts seven varsity sports teams.

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28 thoughts on “10 Top HBCUs Your High-Schooler Should Be Looking Into

  1. Please be advised that Hampton treats it students very callously for small offenses

  2. Ken Little says:

    Never heard of Claflin.

  3. Kenneth M C Burwell says:

    How do you NOT have North Carolina A&T State University on this list?! AGGIE PRIIIIIIIIDE!!!

  4. Kenneth M C Burwell says:

    Me neither!

  5. Jojuane Porter says:

    It's across the street from South Carolina State.

  6. Charles Edwards says:

    No Southern University Baton Rouge?

  7. Shawntae Fletcher says:

    90% of this list are private universities not to mention a few are in Atlanta. I think this is bias towards Atlanta based universities considering this is the Atlanta Black Star.

  8. This list is a bunch of bull! How can you possible have a list of must see HBCUs without mentioning the largest HBCU in the US!!! Southern University stand up!! The shade of it all!!!

  9. Kenneth M C Burwell Don't be mad though.

  10. Jessica Herd says:

    Famu made it, that's all that matters 🙂

  11. The article says Top 10 to see. And is very similar to U.S. News & World Report’s list of best historically Black colleges and universities

  12. Because Southern is NOT the largest!

  13. Geraldine Hendrix Jackson, misdemeanor offenses can draw expulsion and enforcement is very subjective

  14. Look at the "retention rate" for these universities, to myself that speaks volumes!!!!!

  15. You are correct. I should have said the largest HBCU system (3 campuses)!

  16. Stop hating on good black schools!!!

  17. T-Squared Shuttlesworth says:

    Five campuses, actually. The Agricultural Center is considered a separate campus. So is Southern University Law Center.

  18. I consider the Law Center and the Ag. Center as apart of the Baton Rouge campus. But technically, they are separate and it is 5 campuses.

  19. Nye Davidson says:

    They did mention the largest hbcu- FAMU

  20. Marvin Belk says:

    Cant believe i didnt see T.S.U. ot Lincoln U. In it..

  21. Bry Arcement says:

    Oh. In my opinion this list shouldn't have been made. Separating the common denominator in all HBCUs (the fact that they were created, caters to and are for black people) makes it seem like they schools that weren't mention aren't good enough to "Go See". Seems like your putting your own people down. You should be happy that a black student is considering an HBCU at all. I personally attend one of the GREATEST HBCUs in America (Grambling State University).

  22. CENTRAL STATE UNIVERSITY Should be the number one school to attend. That is all.

  23. NaKema Davis says:

    Choosing to go to Hampton was the worst decision I ever made. The staff is inadequate. The dorms are insufficient. The food is barely edible. The only good thing about Hampton is the fall career fair.

  24. Claflin University Keep-up the great work! The best school of business!

  25. LMAO at the comments on here. People really mad their school isn't on here. SMH.

  26. The were looking at the absolute best HBCUS. While the term, best is extremely subjective, there are a handful of institutions that are generally always considered to be at the top of the HBCU game e.g. Spelman, Howard, Hampton, and my alma mater, Morehouse.

  27. I guess they must have changed since I graduated, I thought the new Cafe and buildings were great additions. I guess the staff is still the same along with the dorms. that will never change. BUT I loved everybit of my time at Good Ole HU.

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