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Jesse Williams on Michael Dunn Case: ‘This is Not a Black Problem, This is a White Problem’

Grey’s Anatomy’s star Jesse Williams has taken every opportunity to speak out on matters that are important to him, and this time, he’s not taking what’s going on in the Michael Dunn trial sitting down.

On Thursday he spoke with HLN’s Jane Velez-Mitchell about his outrage over the trial where Dunn stands accused of killing a Black teen over loud music in his car in November 2012.

On Saturday, the jury continued deliberations in the Duval County Courthouse in Jacksonville, Fla. Dunn is charged with first-degree murder, three counts of first-degree attempted murder, and one count of shooting or throwing a deadly missile.

“This is a tradition in this country when people are able to go ahead and kill Black people because they got sassed, because we were inconvenienced, and we become a victim of a fantasy,” Williams said.

“It is not a Black problem. It is a white problem. This is an American problem. This is a societal problem where people should be outraged when a man is able to instigate an interaction with kids and then shoot them when it doesn’t go well,” he continued. “It should be an outrage for everybody.”

“Feeling threatened is not the same thing as being threatened,” Williams said. “We have to keep fighting to be heard and to be treated as human beings. This is not close, this case. This guy is a sociopath. He goes to jail. Next.”

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130 thoughts on “Jesse Williams on Michael Dunn Case: ‘This is Not a Black Problem, This is a White Problem’

  1. While I respect the diligence of the jurors, I am ENRAGED they can consider it's anything LESS than Murder 1 !

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  3. Debbie Krous says:

    We *are* outraged!
    He *does* belong in jail, just as Zimmerman does.
    But, Mr. Williams, so did O.J. Simpson. Because you *are* right. It *is* an American problem and America is made up of White and Black people, and every other race, and not one of them should get a pass in our judicial system. Unfortunately, justice is not blind, and money walks. Simpson walked, Zimmerman walked and too many in our time and our history have walked. I pray that Dunn does not… As Cornell West said, "Justice is what love looks like in public." We need more public love. We *need* justice!

  4. Rahiym A Alamin says:

    In the Zimmerman and the Dunn case they were both on the scene for the murders and admitted a confrontation because of witnesses. In the case of O.J. Simpson he wasn't proven to be on the scene of the murders and there was evidence (scientific proof) that proved he couldn't have been in two places at the same time. So please let it go about O.J. y'all got him on a set up so be happy. OYVEY!!!!!

  5. Barbara Robinson says:

    I think Mr. Williams did an outstanding an eloquent job explaining why this is a problem in the United States! However, the commentator's statement about there being a two part justice system based on rich vs poor was wrong in so many respects. It is more than just rich and poor, color and GENDER figure into the system as well. Mr. Williams' response to her statement and question are well stated.

  6. I'm outraged, AGAIN!

  7. Why is it a white problem??? It is an american tragedy that ANYONE would shoot anyone else no matter what the problem!!!!! What if it was black on black as it is so much in my town where I live in Savannah Georgia!!!! It would still be an american tragedy!!!! Michael Dunn deserves the death penalty and nothing else!!

  8. Debbie Krous says:

    Rahiym A Alamin, I will defend with my life your right to say what you have to say. I do, however, completely disagree with everything you say about the O.J. Simpson trial(s) — respectfully. And, no, I am never "happy" when people are murdered and/or robbed. It's wrong behavior – always. There's nothing to be "happy" about. Please remember, O.J. was a superstar to ALL Americans. It's why he got such a wonderful defense team; it's why he could buy his "justice." But, his ex wife and her friend never got justice, did they? Just saying…not arguing. It's far too late for those arguments now. Have a great day!

  9. Blacks need to start acting like human beings instead of sub-humans and then maybe there wont be "profiling"

  10. Ali Niacole Robertson says:

    That is EXACTLY what he said, if you listened past him saying it's a white problem, he also said it's an American and Societal problem that this guy could shoot an SUV full of kids and still have people that claim he was justified. This shows his point! Although you are agreeing with him, We, as Americans get so wrapped up in race issues that we forget to see the bigger picture. We, as Americans, should be outraged that this even occurred not outraged because the shooter was white and the kids were black or vice versa

  11. Marcus Car Man Minnieweather says:

    That's the problem right there. You say blacks need to act like humans. I have no criminal record and I am not on welfare. I take care of my kids and I am black. We get bunched into a group by some of you. So you want to assume that all of us are the same. So you treat all of us like animals. You forget there are people of all colors that do things that are crazy. People of all colors that rape, kill, steal and do some of the most heinous crimes on this earth. But you say blacks need to start acting human. WOW! Most of us do!

  12. Bobby Duncan says:

    Marcus Car Man Minnieweather Exactly, I'm white and there are white people that act like animals too. The problem is the stand your ground law in Florida. You can't instigate a problem and than shoot someone when they disagree and call it self defense. Everyone should have the right to own a gun but the laws need to change and the punishments need to fit the crime. I'm still shocked that 12 people are having a difficult time putting this [email protected]@hole in jail for first degree murder. These were kids playing music for God's sake!

  13. Nakia Gayles says:

    Why pay littlejim any mind Marcus. Clearly he's a "black skin white mask" self hating to impress the white establishment. It is my hope that he would one day accept his African heritage and begin to know and love thyself. Same thing for you too Auntie Ruckus.

  14. Tommy Deas says:

    People are outraged and doing nothing but talking,it's time for actions!

  15. Cynthia Copeland says:

    Marcus Car Man Minnieweather, don't let LittleJim Basso get to you love. It's cowards like him who hide behind the anonymity of the internet to spew their hate and try to get a rise out of people.

  16. Kathy Ritter says:

    Ali Niacole Robertson which is why we should stop with the AFRICAN AMERICAN, the ITALIAN AMERICAN, the ASIAN AMERICAN, and go back to just AMERICAN.. when we add race, ethnicity, color, heritage other than AMERICAN .. this is where the trouble starts!!!

  17. Kenya Smith says:

    Ignorant prejudice exemplified!


  19. Chris Dart says:

    And here I was worried that no one would come and hijack the thread by saying something profoundly stupid.

  20. Ali Niacole Robertson I understand but there was no reason to add ITS A WHITE PROBLEM into the equation. Just saying

  21. Kathy Ritter if white America had ever started treating other colors as if they were Americans your comment would make sense. You need to learn your history.

  22. Kathy Ritter says:

    Al-haqq Zayid until we stop with the _ _ _ _ American, and just call orselves Americans nothing will change. I have native american blood, , Irish, English, but I do not call myself NATIVE,IRISH,ENGLISH american I call myself AMERICAN because that is what I am!!!

  23. Monica Burns says:

    Kathy Ritter I don't really think the fact that people identify with their country of origin as creating hatred in the heart of another. If it does, then the problem lies with the person who is so offended that you still identify with relatives that came from somewhere else. Maybe some Americans shouldn't be so offended by someone saying I'm Italian American. And let's be honest, that man did not shoot that boy because he hates that some other black people say African American.

  24. Darla Kirby says:

    It's a Florida law problem, and rest assured more kids will die until they repeal this law. Black, or white, who is next?

  25. Precious Goggins says:

    Debbie Krous How in heavens name could you even bring OJ and his wife divorce drama into the killing of 2 kids just because some man felt like it?
    Is this suppose to make it better for the killing of a white woman?
    What is wrong with this world? Kids died period, there should be outrage, forget the skin color they could be your kids.
    What is wrong with people?

  26. Caesar Braddacus says:

    Acting like humans??? Pardon, but the most HEINOUS crimes in the HISTORY OF MANKIND were committed by, wait for it… WHITE PEOPLE

  27. Bill Lawson says:

    OK LittleJim Asswipe……It's IGNORANT ass people like you who continue to pollute the gene pool with your mouthful of babble and shyte! But I shouldn't expect anymore from someone who's mother probably bred with maggots anyhow.

  28. Vic Stafford says:

    Ah. Now I understand. Payback for OJ? And the system was fair until that point?

  29. Renee Lostit says:

    When a black woman and man are born they are already being profiled. We never had a fair chance.

  30. He will serve the rest of his life in jail. To say he was not convicted of first degree murder just because he killed a black kid is ridiculous. You act like he walked off a free man. You should be more outraged on the black on black killings that make up 75% of all murders in the US and how blacks commit 93% of all murders in this country. What actions are you talking about?

  31. Mag Martin says:

    Rahiym A Alamin : Thank you for pointing out the obvious differences between the OJ trial and the Zimmerman & Dunn trial. Enough said.

  32. Christopher Leo Daniels says:

    Michael Murphy i'm afraid those numbers are very much incorrect. 93% of black people are killed by black people. comparably, 85% of white people are killed by white people, which is statistically very close.

  33. Dave Gunn says:

    Actually, OJ Simpson's son, Jason, committed the Nicole/Pearlman murders…

  34. People bring up the OJ thing, but that doesn't compare to these jerks getting by with killing black teenaged boys. OJ was a celebrity who had been famous for a long time and had a very good image, prior to that. Had he not been famous, he would have been found guilty in a heartbeat. How many cases are there where a black man has gotten by with killing a white teen?

  35. Abril Baloney Sutherland says:

    ALSO, OJ was mostly acquitted due to the doubts raised by obvious police misconduct, another well documented issue that arises disproportionately in criminal trials involving black defendants.

  36. Debbie Krous says:

    Precious Goggins, I did not bring it up, my dear…. Rahiym did. I simply replied to that person. Please read all before pointing a finger. You may also note my outrage at all people getting a pass at justice. Have a great day!

  37. Debbie Krous says:

    Vic Stafford, so you didn't see, or made a choice not to see, my point about people in history and people with money getting a pass at justice? I cannot understand why people see what they *want* to see instead of what is written…. *sigh*
    Justice was somewhat delivered in the Dunn verdict of "attempted murder." The prosecution will retry to go for murder. I am pleased with the prosecution's decision. It's the right thing to do.

  38. Michael McCree says:

    Michael Murphy Sir, would you please explain WHY the black on black killings are so high? Which, by the way isn't racially motivated, rather it's socio-economically motivated….but please explain your reasoning…

  39. Lady…YOU brought it up…lol. Maybe she's old and lame in the head. Scheups. One has nothing to do with the other two, the only link is race. One is domestic between adults that knew each other, were in an unhealthy marriage. The others, two kids got killed…for no reason. Becaus men with their small egos felt threatened.

  40. E Dian Cantrell says:

    Dave Gunn ABSOLUTELY the son of OJ committed those murders!!!! too bad the ignorant don't understand that!!!

  41. E Dian Cantrell says:

    Clearly some of you do not know the history of America and "color…aka race"


    America was built by violence and oppression. Did any of you grow up here?????

    And to poor whites…you do realize that in the beginning of the conquering of this land from the natives…WHITE MALE LAND OWNERS (the rich) WERE THE ONLY ONES ALLOWED TO VOTE!? The rich white males of today have no use for poor whites other than to incite you to violence against black, muslims and gays. You are being manipulated into hatred and violence and when you have completed the task you will be eliminated!!! America has ALWAYS claimed to be the "land of the free" BUT ONLY WHITE MALE LAND OWNERS WERE FREE. So poor folks you are working and voting against your own existence!!

    This country was built on hypocrisy and violence; and folks don't understand what the problem is? The WASP are systematically attempting to return to the "I AM A WHITE MAN, I AM SUPERIOR AND I CAN MURDER ANYONE THAT GETS IN MY WAY" way of life. White men have now opened the door for ALL young black males (and other non-whites) to be in fear for their lives, therefore carry guns…because they will never know when a "white" male will invoke a confrontation and open fire. The young men of color will be justified in "fearing" for their lives ANY TIME A WHITE MAN IN NEAR THEM.
    It is going to be a bumpy ride…..

  42. Ronee Groff says:

    Debbie Krous What is interesting is with all his outrage on this tragic and horrific killing he threw in his own prejudice with his sly and slick Oyvey comment. So, Mr. Rahiym, your wearing the shoe that fits a prejudice person and so you have betrayed your argument and your manhood! This is tragic no matter what person, Black,White,Yellow, Jew or Christian or Muslim or Hindi, or anyone else!

  43. Debbie Krous says:

    Ronee Groff I chose not to go there. People want to argue, and I'm done with it. They prefer to see difference rather than agreement. They prefer to see hostility rather than an honest disagreement. That's their choice. I don't own it. It belongs to them, and I'm pretty sure it comes from hurt. One day they will know they don't hurt alone… One last thing…. It was Mr. Williams, the subject of the article, who brought up O.J. I simply replied to that. My apologies to Rahiym and others for any confusion, but, it was not I who brought it up. I was responding to it. Have a good day, everyone. I'm done here. I won't waste time with arguments and don't want to cause harm. We can agree to disagree without being disagreeable. 🙂

  44. I don't understand the prosecution in the Dunn case. The kid in the car was under attack by the big white man. The big white man got out of his car and aggressively approached the kid. If the kid had a gun it would have been a "Stand Your Ground" self defense if he had killed the big white man.

    You can't be the aggressor and use self defense or stand your ground. That should be the closing argument of the prosecution. The prosecution should state that it is immaterial if the kid had a gun because he did not get out of the car in an aggressive manner but rather if he had a gun he brandished it in a defensive manner as was his right. No evidence of any kind any gun was fired other than the big threatening white man's gun.

    Time to test this in the Supreme Court.

  45. Michael Harmon says:

    Debbie Krous- fact is you are an idiot for comparing oj to this case. Blacks have 1 case in the HISTORY of America where we can say we got what we thought was right. You're emotional, dumb ass can't even live with that. ONE!lol as in I'm laughing at you Debbie. Shall I run down the hundreds of unfavorable cases blacks have gone thru in America? I can start with emmit till if you want. It's nice to know tho that you identify yourself as a white person who is still feeling racial injustice over oj. Now you know how we have felt for centuries and after 20 years you still are not over it and actually had the audacity to bring it up after the deaths of 2 black teens. And they say black people are SO concerned about race. You tried to sound like you are not the racist you are but, Debbie it's obvious. 400 years of oppression and court cases going against black people that were wrong and you Debbie, are still concerned with oj, the ONE case that didn't go white folks' way in the history of Debbie. And I bet you still can't see your bs.

  46. Tony R. Gill says:

    I have a problem with the juror(s) that deadlocked on the issue of murder instead of looking at this case for what it was. Attempted murder times x3 yes because he shot at the others.. deadlock on murder 1 because he actually killed one of the passengers!! Yes I have a problem with the thought process of the individual that obviously sabotaged the rest of the juror(s). It was done purposely.

  47. Tony R. Gill says:

    I have a problem with the juror(s) that deadlocked on the issue of murder instead of looking at this case for what it was. Attempted murder times x3 yes because he shot at the others.. deadlock on murder 1 because he actually killed one of the passengers!! Yes I have a problem with the thought process of the individual that obviously sabotaged the rest of the juror(s). It was done purposely.

  48. Russell Burlingame says:

    Janice Fillweber Palmer Because the perception is that this and things like it are "a black problem," that it's something that only concerns people of color and guilty white liberals. His point is that it will never get better as long as the discussion is framed that way.

  49. Russell Burlingame says:

    I agree it's time to test this at the Supreme Court level. Unfortunately, the precedent set in Florida by Zimmerman is that you CAN be the aggressor and still claim self-defense. He PICKED A FIGHT and when he claims it started not to go his way, he pulled a gun–and a jury decided that was okay. The mind boggles…but if the prosecution had used that as their closing argument, the defense could have cited Zimmerman in rebuttal.

  50. Michele Hamilton-Williams says:

    @little Jim Basso most rapist, serial killers, and child molesters are white are they acting subhuman? …all races have people that commit terrible crimes it's not just African Americans just watch the news

  51. Roxanne Evans says:

    Michael Murphy your stats are a little off but point taken; however how will becoming outraged regarding black on black crime stop white men from shooting black boys which is the issue we are addressing. Are you implying black people have killed black people we shouldn't care when a white man kills an innocent black child???

  52. Roxanne Evans says:

    typos* are you implying "because" black people…therefore we shouldn't…

  53. Brandon Baker says:

    She wasnt wrong, she actually couldnt have been more precisely right. She suggested a two tier system of justice for regular people and people with power and privilege, and that is exactly the case, thats the aspect of these situations overlook. Dudes like Michael Dunn and George Zimmerman dont have the power, privilege, and means somebody as famous as Jesse WIlliams does, but they dont need it either. Its not their white skin that gets them off the hook, its the privilege and the benefit of the doubt that comes from having it, thats enough to get away with murder in this country.

  54. Brandon Baker says:

    Michael Murphy he's not going to jail for attempting murder, he's going to jail because he missed the other kids. If they had actually died, he likely would be walking scott free, because in some backwards screwed up kind of way its somehow actually harder to prove murder with a red handed man at the scene of a dead body in this country.

    The only reason he got convicted on the other counts is because there's no way in any plane of reality you can actually argue that a guy fired 10 shots into a car full of kids and WASNT trying to hurt anybody no matter how full of S*** you might be as a jury, you cant bend facts and manipulate a story to explain that way, so they were FORCED to convict him. Unfortunately the only thing Michael Dunn is going to learn from his jail time is to aim for the head.

  55. Joan Fuller says:

    Michael Murphy, those numbers are peculiar, looks NOT like the ones I've seen reported. And Nyoka speaks of something important-the fact that unsolved murders as well as wrongly convicted (a frequent occurrence among Black men) citizens make for skewed findings in these kinds of stats. As a white woman, I'm appalled at the volume of wrongly accused/wrongly convicted Black men, all too often just because its a simple slam-dunk conviction where politics are concerned. And the OJ Simpson case is not a good comparative issue, that whole fiasco came down a different power-pipe.

  56. to say blacks need to act human is a terrible thing to say.It implies they are less than human.What a racist remark.And people wonder why race is always brought up?We are all divine…Ignorance is so prevalent….The Zimmerman verdict did not set well with me and this one may not either.It is a sad time for our country when any life is taken away carelessly and without remorse.

  57. These two separate issues as he so eloquently stated. This problem is not happening to young white boys

  58. Lets not make this about a damn OJ Simpson! Everybody wants to skip the subject. The deal here is that we don't see unarmed white boys being killed by armed men in this country day after damn day! Period!

  59. Tara Wilson says:

    O.J has,………………… nothing to do with this miss.

  60. Jennifer Jarrett White says:

    Folks please lady off the exclusionary or balancing arguments/comparisons to other cases (meaning those in which the perpetrator was black and the victim white). The crimes aren't mutually exclusive… meaning that they're all bad and wrong. Anger and frustration here doesn't mean that people think killing white people isn't just as wrong. Those arguments make no sense. Both can be true (at the same time) and passion for one case didn't somehow invalidate the criminality (unconsciousnability) of an unjust killing another case.

  61. Jenna K. Anthony says:

    When are folks gonna stop using OJ Simpson as an excuse?! Really?! NEWSFLASH–move on cause that is a totally different situation.

  62. Well that is just the most ignorant statement I've seen on here. There are bad in every race… and there are good in every race. This is the problem, we all forget the big picture and focus on the white/black thing and that's what becomes the issue and everyone forgets why we are here in the first place, one human being killed another one for no good reason and he/she should have to pay for that…. when we start looking at everyone as human beings that all bleed the same and forget the color or our skin and start treating people as they should be treated… then maybe we will become one American people… this race shit is getting really old!!!

  63. Subhuman really! By you saying that shows how subhuman you are.

  64. Clifford Fields says:

    Janice – its a white problem because a car full of AfricanAmerican teens playing loud music made him feel like his life was in danger (if we're to believe his story). Until whites (a group I am a member of) get past this ridiculous (and ignorant) position, our evolution as a country and as humans has been impeded.

  65. Jen Braden says:

    Michael Murphy, your numbers are trash. But even if they weren't: please. Tell me. Are you enraged about white on white violence? Because in the vast majority of cases, murders occur within racial/ethnic groups and are crimes of passion. Here, we have a white stranger trying to kill a car full of Black children because their music was loud and he lives in a country that permits such foolishness. Context matters.

  66. Daryl Decker says:

    What the heck is happening now a days?For one I never got why people put stereotypes on anyone based on race,gender, or sexual orientation, and REALLY?! Mr Dunn you're really going with you felt threatened and so you shot him? You move away if you're feeling threatened, YOU DON'T SHOOT SOMEBODY! I think they need to start using the death penalty in cases like this again because people figure,"Hey the worst they can do is give me life in prison.", but the people who are dead don't come back, they don't get to see their family on supervised visits, and they don't get a chance at parole. So why should the murderer?

  67. Estelle Clark says:

    I agree 100% but we as Black parents must teach our children not to be drawn into such a confrontation and to mov on! Let us not win the argument and lose your life.

  68. Estelle Clark says:

    I agree 100% but we as Black parents must teach our children not to be drawn into such a confrontation and to mov on! Let us not win the argument and lose your life.

  69. Chuck Lynch says:


    I agree! For some reason we find it very difficult in this country to convict a woman. Kasey Anthony is case and point. We can read about child abuse by a woman in the school system almost daily, but people tend to say so what! It is time we stop gender bias in the court system. Convict women who do wrong!

  70. Chuck Lynch says:

    I honestly find it difficult to listen to these limousine liberals! This is what it boils down to….violent teenagers meet cray cray white dude! In this case they all lose! Who cares!

  71. Chuck Lynch says:

    calm down and take your medicine…

  72. Houston A. Yarbrough III says:

    You're right. OJ is in jail. You got him! Framed him for a later crime and put him away. Don't you people know when you've won. Let that one go, already. Can we not bring OJ up again because, unlike all these other folks.. he DID get punished. Ultimately.

  73. Janice Fillweber Palmer it's often hurtful to good hearted people to hear that a problem might be laid at their door. But that's just a hurt we need to accept and deal with. You and I, as white people, cannot demand a shining star of racial sainthood from strangers who happen to be of color. We cannot force words into people's mouths, or out of their mouths.

    What we can do though, is understand the realities of white privilege and try to not take advantage of it– sometimes impossible to do. And we can talk to other white folks and tell them that their position is wrong. Not that anyone ever wants to hear that…

  74. Darla Kirby betcha "the next" will have dark skin too.

  75. Gennene Wilburn says:

    What does OK have to do with the brazen killing of two teenagers but the fact that they are all black? Now back to the subject at hand; I saw his(Williams) intetview and was so proud of his responses to pointed questions and his ability to keep a cool head while being articulate as well as well informed.

  76. Gennene Wilburn says:

    What does OK have to do with the brazen killing of two teenagers but the fact that they are all black? Now back to the subject at hand; I saw his(Williams) intetview and was so proud of his responses to pointed questions and his ability to keep a cool head while being articulate as well as well informed.

  77. Brandon Baker, you are absolutely correct!

  78. Had Dunn actually killed all 4 teens he would likely have gotten convicted only of the last charge of firing into a vehicle if that. There is a high probability that he would have gone free or gotten far less time if he had successfully killed them all.

  79. Cooper Ramona Lisa says:

    This problem goes back to the Bible, jealousy,rage hate malice. It is a human problem and it is called sin..Killing of children and molesting them should be of the highest consequence.For a Man to get his anger out on a child is just plain sick and that is what happened with both cases. Repentance with a sorrowful heart and it is up to God to have the last word with these killers..

  80. Estelle Clark says:

    Well, I hope all observers learn one thing. Not to win the argument and lose your life. Jordan could have ignored Dunn. He did not have to engage in any verbal confrontation. But again, he was only 17 year old.

    This is a classic case of letting your mouth overload your behind. Dunn is a very angry hostile bigoted man. It was very foolish to argue with him. As an old head, I can see the hatred and anger in this individual. But then again I guess Jordan did not. It is not surprising that he killed. And, id the opportunity presents itself, he will kill again.

    Avoid Verbal Confrontations. They just get worse and worse. Move on and find something more productive to do rather than engaging in a verbal confrontation that escalates until a tragedy occurs. Move on!

  81. Rahiym A Alamin O.J. is a prime example of what the mainstream society does when the law doesn't work the way it "thinks" it should have. You basically trump up another charge until you get what you want.

    I'd never heard so many people express how they felt "the justice system doesn't work" after the O.J. verdict, but black people by and large have been living with verdicts like that since the inception of the country.

  82. Shalonda Philpot says:

    Most black on black crimes gangs, drugs, or robbery. White people say " black people kill black people, why can't we? All you hear about the major states and cities and sterotype black people. If a white person kill only white People, does mean its okay for black people to kill whites? If your parents were forced (having no rights) to live poor, having no education, making low wages, you would have also seen a community of crime, single mothers, drug dealers, pimps, prostitutes, and rape. Ultimately, if you settle in your heart that these adult white men are justified in picking fights with little black boys, then you are cold.

  83. Janelle Kindred says:

    Rahiym A Alamin in the Dunn case he was not on the scene he left went to his hotel had a pizza then the next day left Jacksonville and went home to Satellite Beach. The only way he was located is that one of the witnesses wrote down his licence plate. Dunn never would have come forward.

  84. Janelle Kindred says:

    Michael Murphy you need to check your facts because they are not right. It is ridiculous how "people" try to flip a situation and say oh don't worry about this only worry about that. How about we worry about both and you should be more outraged at yourself for not thinking about your post before submitting it. Anything less than a murder conviction was a judicial fail and that is how you would feel if it were the other way around.

  85. Bonnie Shannon says:

    Debbie Krous Neither did Emmett Till and all the black people who were lynched in this country. So this getting away with murder started long before OJ. Btw, OJ was not everyone's hero, or favorite running back! This system that you speak of regarding persons financial ability to be able to influence justice, is true. It's sad but it's true. Look at the tragic case in Texas where a rich white kid kills four people, paralyzed one other and he got NO jail time. His defense 'affluenza' Those families didn't get justice either!!!!!!!

  86. Eric Heath says:

    Gender and race do influence the justice system in the United States but the predominant factor really is money. If you have money you can hire a private defense attorney and pay bail. If you don't, you have to take a public defense attorney that's incredibly overworked and often can't afford bail, leaving you in a situation where you're much less capable of fighting your charges while stuck in a jail cell. Additionally, this leaves you in a situation where you're far more likely to strike a deal and plead guilty on reduced charges, even if you're innocent because you need to get out of jail to take care of your family, get back to work, and reclaim your freedom. Then, once you've gotten a felony conviction, recidivism becomes drastically more likely, you lose access to a lot of jobs, financial support, and even the right to vote.

    Gender and race come up in the initial arrest and in jury trials. The latter are incredibly rare, statistically, though the former is obviously common. That being said, the real meat of the problem is in the prosecutorial discretion and the imbalance of power between the prosecutor and a poor defendant.

    All of that aside, killing someone over loud music is utterly despicable.

  87. Lisa Blythe says:

    the killer of OJ'S girlfriend came forth and ADMITTED to killing her but no one has said ANYTHING about that they want so bad for OJ to be killer lol

  88. Lisa Blythe says:

    Michael Murphy LIES white on white crime is more abundant but your WHITE SUPREMACY MEDIA wont report it cause you want to make the blacks look sooo bad! go do your RESEARCH!

  89. Lisa Blythe says:

    how is it that the killer of OJ'S girlfriend came forth and admitted to killing her but it was not TELEVISED why is that information hidden? the real killer confessed to the murder but no one is talking about it cause you want soo bad for oj to be the killer

  90. Michael Murphy, those might be the most ridiculous statistics I've ever seen conjured up from thin air/racism.

    You should stop getting your numbers from Fox News. Remember, it's the same network that said Obama, STATISTICALLY, didn't stand a chance of winning against McCain AND Romney.

  91. Is anyone else sickened by the "Black people kill each other all the time!" response that only seems to come from racists White men?

    Even if they could agree on the numbers of the make believe statistics, (they can't, they change from racist to racist), is the "Black people kill each other and no one cares, so WHY CAN'T WE" argument REALLY the one you want to hang your hat on . . . as you cry "race card" yet again?

  92. Eli Klasne says:

    I think they should make him walk through the Bronx and Harlem naked with a Boombox on his shoulder blasting Madonna… Just my opinion of punishment.

  93. Latasha Mcglory says:

    Michael Murphy WHY OH WHY must we bring up black on black crime when talking about these cases? White on White crime is about 80 something percent as well… not much of a difference. So what are we getting at. The fact that they couldnt come to a decision on the murder charge for Davis is what people are upset about.

  94. Latasha Mcglory says:

    Maam… I dont care if Jordan Davis cussed smooth out for an hour… THAT IS NO REASON TO LOOSE YOUR LIFE. So what was he suppossed to do say "YES SIR MASSA… I CUTS THE MUSIC DOWN RIGHT NOW"? It is 2014 aint nobody got time for the white priviledge. The better answer would be Dunn should have minded his own business and respected Jordan's right to listen to whatever he wanted at WHATEVER volume he wanted to.

  95. Scott Osborn says:

    Rahiym A Alamin: "Y'all" ("You People")? I've never done this kind of thing before, so help me out. Is this where I am supposed to state that you are a racist?

  96. Simona McCowan says:

    Debbie Krous Apples and Oranges Debbie. Apples and oranges. The killers of the kids are ADMITTING they did it. That does not sound anything close to the OJ Simpson trial. The prosecution had a problem placing OJ at the scene of the crime. You remember? And what about those racist detectives? What about the videos of first responders creating bloody footprints themselves by treading through the blood and the prosecution singling out a set of footprints they claimed belong to OJ. I was like, "Really". In the Martin and Davis' murder trials, the killers are admitting they are the killers. There is a problem with whites initiating aggression towards blacks. After they chase, follow, pursue, interrogate, challenge, and profile our young black young men, they want to make the allegation, "I had to kill him because I feared for my life." We are asking for whites to ACT like their scared if they are really scared of our black young men. Stop chasing them down and interrogating them if you are that timid. Is that too much to ask of your people Debbie?


  98. Zina Gebru says:

    Michael Murphy: What we are saying is Jordan Davis did not get justice. The Moran was convict on the less accts but not for 1st degree murder. Michael Dunn will rot in hell, in jail, in prison. He will suffer more and be miserable for rest of his life. He is ugly inside and outside. Dunn=Cow that's also include the chicken Zimmerman.

  99. Jackie Allsman says:

    Everything is a white peoples fault..why don't you guys get up and stand together to stop the black race from robbing and killing people.. Do u see us white people blaming the people blacks for crime. What about that lady who just brought a new bag and what happens two black men Robb and kill her but thats ok though… Stopping blaming each other and check the black race.. White power

  100. Barbara Robinson says:

    Gentlemen, I admit that money does create a special situation in the justice system, however, race and gender also create different standards of justice. To Chuck, there are women convicted for many crimes, and some simply because they can't or won't turn evidence against the men they had relationships with.

  101. Absolutely spot on. Although I will say RACE also plays a part in the Judicial system.

  102. Zina Gebru says:

    If Dunn and Zimmerman did not have a gun on their passion they would have never approach the innocent two teenagers, Marin and Davis. Those two evil men can't stand up to real men their age but want to attack children. They both belong behind bars for rest of the lives for ruin both families forever. #JusticeforMartinfamiliesandDavisfamilies

  103. Gardy Jolicoeur says:

    Rahiym said something very good but once again most whites are calling him a racist. Hey white people stop telling someone how to feel when you lack the experience to do so. Lastly how can he be racist he lacks the previlge that you have. Part of white previlge is the right to be racially bias and be completely unaffected by reality. It's ok if you can relate to him but trying to make him seem like a racist is just idiotic.

  104. Scott Osborn says:

    Gardy Jolicoeur: Racist: A person who displays abusive or aggressive behavior towards members of another race, based soley on their ethnicity, and having no regard for the content of their individual character. Who is a cute wittle wacist Gardy?! YOU are!!! I see, you don't want racism to go away, you just want to have your opportunity to participate in racism without being affected by reality. What a noble cause! (Sarcasm)

  105. Simona McCowan says:

    Why is a certain race of people still mad about the outcome of the OJ Simpson trial and comparing that trial to the killing of young black teenagers? There was no admission of the killing in the OJ Simpson trial. The prosecution could not prove OJ Simpson was at the scene of the crime. What about that racist detective, Mark Furman, who claimed he found a bloody glove? What about the first responders being caught ON VIDEO treading through the pools of blood, but the prosecution singled out a set of footprints they claimed belong to OJ? If I am looking at a video of responders walking through blood at a crime scene, how am I suppose to know for sure the set of footprints the prosecution claimed are OJ's footprints are really his? That spells DOUBT. What about the glove not fitting when the PROSECUTION asked OJ to try it on? Then, the prosecution spent the following day of court justifying why the glove didn't fit. That's why Johnny Cochran said in the closing remarks, "If it doesn't fit, you must acquit." These and host of other matters creating what is called reasonable doubt brought about a not guilty verdict. We know who killed Martin and Davis. Their killers are initiated aggression, followed by the claim they feared for their life and killing them. How is this similar to the OJ Simpson? I know many of you are upset with the verdict of the OJ case, but prosecutors should be expected to do their jobs and actually prove their case. The prosecution in the OJ Simpson trial performed in a mediocre fashion and couldn't really prove anything. Anybody can create allegation. Proving it is another.

  106. Richard Hong says:

    While I agree with most of you that there are different types of crime, the skin color of the perpetrators and victims are really irrelevant and distort how people view these topics. Apparently, crime is distinguished between white-on-white, black-on-black, black-on-white, and white-on-black. If this is really the message you're trying to send then just know that y'all are idiots. If you mentally visualize different groups of people by color, how the hell you gonna influence anyone else not to do the same? Especially the people closest to you? Actual skin color itself has little power except through the eye of the beholder

  107. Richard Hong says:

    Chuck Thompson that ain't even the problem. So what, I'm supposed to wake up read the news and see that both black and white boys are getting shot for stupid reasons and then be totally cool to go on with my day because I'm Chinese? Problem is people are dying, and these people are kids, and the reasons for why are just downright fucking absurd. Skin color is not a good reason to kill someone, just as skin color is not a good reason to defend someone. I'm sure you can think of a better reason to defend these kids other than the fact they are black.

  108. King Roberto Morisseau says:

    those are the people that should be in jail this should of never be a black and white thing it should be a human thing what's right and what's wrong people

  109. Kimberly A. Hadden says:

    Michael Dunn is a hero!!!

  110. Rahiym A Alamin Ask his children what they think of his innocence or guilt in the matter. He lost in the civil trial by the way. He had an alibi? Where was he, in a golf foursome?

  111. Christopher Leo Daniels What are the interracial crime statistics? White on black murders versus black on white murders?

  112. Lisa Blythe Citation?

  113. Al-haqq Zayid Yeah, the ones repatriated to Liberia have done fantastically with self rule, haven't they? Or right over in Haiti, as well. Whitey is always to blame no matter what.

  114. Janice Fillweber Palmer yeah– there really is a reason. I know it's hard not to be defensive when you hear things like this– it's not our FAULT that we are white, after all. But defensivness won't change the facts. All it does is add one more fact– that you or I, as white people, don't want to work towards the change. Not a fact to be proud of!

  115. Eric Heath Eric, a black man with money is disadvantaged compared to a white man with money. In fact, a black man with money may well be disadvantaged compared to a white man with less money. It depends on the jury.

  116. Rahiym A Alamin Are you for real? He"s DNA was at the crime scene. Ron Goldmans DNA was in OJ's car. He is 100 percent guilty.

  117. Blacks today are disproportionately perpetrators of violent crimes against whites and against other blacks. According to data from the FBI Uniform Crime Reports, in 2009, “whites” — a category that includes Hispanics — were known to be responsible for 5,286 murders. Blacks, a mere 13% of the population, were known to be responsible for 5,980 murders.

    In 2005, the New Century Foundation’s “Color of Crime” report found that “Blacks commit more violent crime against whites than against blacks. Forty-five percent of their victims are white, 43 percent are black, and 10 percent are Hispanic. When whites commit violent crime, only three percent of their victims are black.” Also in 2005, the Department of Justice reported that one-third of rapes committed against white women (approximately 37,000) were perpetrated by blacks, while less than ten — statistically zero — rapes of black women were committed by whites.

    Fact — blacks kill 7 times more than whites kill. Fact — blacks kill whites 20 times more than whites kill blacks. Fact — blacks mug or commit group crime against whites 50 times more than whites commit against blacks. Fact — blacks rape white women 2000 (yes 2000) times more than whites rape black women.

  118. Al-haqq Zayid Blacks today are disproportionately perpetrators of violent crimes against whites and against other blacks. According to data from the FBI Uniform Crime Reports, in 2009, “whites” — a category that includes Hispanics — were known to be responsible for 5,286 murders. Blacks, a mere 13% of the population, were known to be responsible for 5,980 murders.

    In 2005, the New Century Foundation’s “Color of Crime” report found that “Blacks commit more violent crime against whites than against blacks. Forty-five percent of their victims are white, 43 percent are black, and 10 percent are Hispanic. When whites commit violent crime, only three percent of their victims are black.” Also in 2005, the Department of Justice reported that one-third of rapes committed against white women (approximately 37,000) were perpetrated by blacks, while less than ten — statistically zero — rapes of black women were committed by whites.

    Fact — blacks kill 7 times more than whites kill. Fact — blacks kill whites 20 times more than whites kill blacks. Fact — blacks mug or commit group crime against whites 50 times more than whites commit against blacks. Fact — blacks rape white women 2000 (yes 2000) times more than whites rape black women.

  119. Dennis Dread says:

    Chuck Thompson and if we did, the perps would be behind bars, no questions asked.

  120. Dennis Dread says:

    Michael Murphy who are you to tell anybody what they should be outraged by? Arrogant much?

  121. Dennis Dread says:

    James Watson Strandwolf Pollock whitey has screwed more than just black people. Own it.

  122. Dennis Dread says:

    Why don't you get up and stop the white race from robbing and killing people, a hole? In fact the white race has a long and disgusting history of doing just that. Why don't you say to your fine white brethren, "hey, we suck! Let's stop the robbing and the killing and most of all, the crying when someone does it back to us"?

    Try that one, jackass. Your shit stinks, too and there's a lot more of it.

  123. Dennis Dread says:

    Sure he is. To racists and other sub human miscreants. You can have him. And when he gets killed in jail, we're all going to celebrate.


  124. Dennis Dread says:

    Janice Fillweber Palmer not true, Janice. Look deeper.

  125. There are more white people living in poverty than black people in this country Michael McCree

  126. Richard Hong says:

    Michael Murphy a pissing match over which generalized color of skin bears what statistic over the other means what exactly? Are you implying that being black a cause for crime? Or being poor a cause for crime? Shirley, you must know that's not how one derives conclusions from statistics. For one, there are more white people than black people in this country…but on the other hand, anything a Chinese-American male does is not an automatic reflection of what I do or something that I'm responsible for. Even less so if you broaden the category from Chinese-American to Asian-American to Asian and eventually to "chink" or something less derogatory, but more dangerous in implication, like "yellow".

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