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Winnie’s Daughter Clarifies News of Discontent After Mandela’s Will Left Nothing to Mom

mandelaJOHANNESBURG – Zindzi Mandela took to Twitter on Wednesday in a bid to end all discussions on her mother being left out of Nelson Mandela’s will.

Zindzi defended her mother, Winnie Madikizela-Mandela, and lambasted the media in a series of trending tweets on Wednesday afternoon.

“Media reports that my mother was left out of the will are mischievous and sensationalist,” she said.

In another tweet shortly afterwards, she wrote: “She never attended the reading of the will as she didn’t regard herself as a beneficiary.”

Zindzi began her Twitter remarks by expressing her gratitude toward her father “for all that he has done for his immediate family and his extended global one.”

She then went on to say that her mother never expected to receive anything.

“Why would she expect to be maintained after his passing when she was never maintained during his lifetime?”

Mandela’s will was read to his relatives and the media in Johannesburg on Monday.

Mandela’s children, with both Evelyn Mase and Winnie, had 3 million rands bequeathed to each of them, but had already been given that money in advance and therefore received nothing.

In her tweets, Zindzi proclaimed love for her family and said that her mother would continue to support her father’s widow, Graça Machel.

“Mama will continue to mourn my father according to traditional protocols whilst holding Mama Graça’s hand throughout this difficult period… Irrespective: no amount of speculation will define the love that is shared by our family even when we disagree on issues from time to time.”

Zindzi’s silence-breaking tweets won the hearts of many.

“I like the way @ZindziMandela is clarifying issues even though she doesn’t owe anyone any explanation. @winniemandela remains our Mother,” tweeted Samora Makalima(@Mahazel5).

Jenn(@ironic_jenn) tweeted: “Zindzi Mandela’s tweets regarding her father’s will are very dignified. I think the rest of the world can butt out now.”

Zindzi’s tweets gained her more than 2,000 new followers within an hour.


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