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‘About Last Night’ Cast Talk Working Together, Chemistry And Possible Sequel

The stars of Steve Pink’s About Last Night were in New York City to screen the project to press. In a dinner chat with Kevin Hart, Michael Ealy, Joy Bryant, Regina Hall and power producer Will Packer, the gang offer a modern take on the one-night stand.

The film finds Ealy and Bryant as two mild-mannered lovers who play opposite Hart and Hall as a feisty couple. As it nears its world premiere at Pan African Film Festival (Feb 6 – 17), the cast and filmmakers gathered in an intimate dinner to talk about their experience working together. “I’ve worked with Michael,” Will Packer said. “I’ve worked with Regina, and we knew she could keep up with Kevin. I love the dynamic of those two juxtaposed against the dynamic of Michael and Joy. Putting them in the hands of Steve [Pink] with this material, I knew that combination would win.”

Kevin Hart is seeming batting for the bleachers with his recent roles. The big box office funny man continues his impressive run of selecting films. Hollywood is recognizing talented individuals to market films to a global audience and Packer’s Midas touch has lent blockbuster appeal to his brand of moviemaking. “The Black film” label is something that has been used for quite a while,” Packer admits. “I just want to make good films.”

Adapted from the 1986 Edward Zwick version, the original starred Rob Lowe, John Belushi, Demi Moore and Elizabeth Perkins. Branded as an “edgier and funnier” next-gen take on the film, Michael Ealy admits to never watching the original for any inspiration. “What am I going to gain from it?” he asks. “The world has changed drastically. The internet has just changed everything, and so to me this About Last Night is based on what’s happening right now in 2014.”

The highlight of the film is the remarkable chemistry Kevin Hart and Regina Hall show on the screen. Criminally slept on and a welcomed addition to any set, Hall plays, flirts, and volleys retorts and jokes alongside her diminutive co-star. Their competition for the funny is fly, original, and showcases their talent for riffing. Audiences looking to dive right into a romantic, earnest and rewarding comedy movie will only get a minutia of what to expect by only watching the trailer.

About Last Night explores new age relationships in a risky and dynamic way. Judging by Hart’s box office track record, it’s no secret that questions about possible sequels would be asked.

“Hollywood is the great reactor,” Packer says. Michael double-down, saying, “I would never say never. It could be interesting to see where things go from here [after the movie ends].” “I’m sure there’s a bunch of ideas out there.”

About Last Night is directed by Steve Pink and will hit theaters nationwide on Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14.

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