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Fertility Clinic in Ghana Urges Couples to Have Biracial Babies For Better Future of Africa

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Ever thought that a time would come for mixed babies to be bred in Ghana? Well, thanks to modern science, one can have a half-caste or mixed-race baby without necessarily having to marry or have sexual intercourse with a person of different race.

Following in the steps of artificial insemination, a venture to create a new society –”Half-Caste World”- on the African continent is burgeoning in Ghana’s capital, Accra.

As ridiculous as it may seem, considering that the term “half-caste” denigrates one’s status in society, especially in Europe and the Americas, advocates of this enterprise believe the creation of this breed of people of biracial identities positions Africa for a better future.

“Half-caste World is founded to transform Africa into the land of riches and beauty, the land of every man’s dream. We believe life began in African and will end in Africa,” the advocates posted on their Facebook page.

The campaign is targeting both African couples and single women who want to  give birth to half-caste babies the opportunity of a lifetime, at a relatively affordable cost.

Although the advocate of this campaign has not revealed his identity, investigations conducted by pointed to  Augustine N.K. Boateng, a graduate of “University Mohammed Premier” hotc in Morocco.

When contacted at a phone number provided on his newly created website, he declined to provide details on the procedure and the level of patronage, saying, “I just started it and wouldn’t want to involve the media at this early stage.”

However, the infoboxx. com investigation revealed that he started operating about four months ago from Madina Estates in Accra.

It was further revealed that Boateng provides gametes from almost all nationalities, including the U.K. and the U.S. at a cost of  $3,000 USD, depending on the process and the individual’s request.

There are questions about how gametes are procured, the insemination procedure, and even the regulatory regime. Boateng claims that the procedure to insert the “gametes can be done both in a clinic and at home.”

The “half-caste” babies entrepreneur prides himself of giving women and couples biracial babies with “mental and physical beauty.”

“A new world has began and it is like the tide, you either swim along or get left behind. You too can be a blessing for the next generation,” he posted on Facebook.

To Boateng, there is what he has termed “a vast racial gap between Africa and the rest of the world,” which ought to be bridged through breeding of half-castes on the continent.


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197 thoughts on “Fertility Clinic in Ghana Urges Couples to Have Biracial Babies For Better Future of Africa

  1. First they brought us slavery, then they gave us Jesus, then they gave us bleaching creams and now they want to breed us out. Thank you Europe! :/

  2. Glester Thorpe says:

    Slavery at its finest…

  3. How are they regarded as "Hotcakes"? Where is the evidence?
    Anyways this is propaganda at its finest! Although I would not be surprised as he is subsidized, evidence This is a single man (Boateng) attempting to cultivate and cash in on internalized racism brought on and spread propaganda by manufacturing a fake "half-caste" fad to help solidify blacks as a permanent underclass in their own racist caste system! Saying that Ghanians need to appeal to Europeans by raising their babies. All for selfish $$$. Whoever this Boateng character he is SICK! and this Sambo of the utmost degree needs to stop now!

  4. Propaganda….black is way more beautifull…a human with more melanin is way better….whe dont need this..sorry

  5. There is more color more beautiful than any other

  6. There is more color more beautiful than any other

  7. Mark V Robert i dont understand??

  8. You said black is better, there is no race or color better than each other

  9. Farntella Graham says:

    Africa is for BLACK people and we are not going to allow the white man to lighten it up. he better step back. i am so tied of this demon trying to control the world.

  10. Kenton Falana says:


  11. Sebastian Felipe says:

    so they are going to let their wives get pregnant by someone else? that is some BS

  12. Trey Jones says:

    Disgusting. Ashamed of Ghana for putting this out there. Brainwashed by the white man.

  13. I really do not understand the logic behind this madness, do the men of Ghana who opt for this understand that they are actually giving up their paternal right to be a father, how can a wife be happy knowing that the child she is bearing isn't for the man she chose to marry, understandably if the husband is infertile and they chose to have fertility treatment to have a child that's different but to rule out a child that can be born naturally out of love ???

  14. This couple must be the stupidest people on the planet. Of all places, Africa. They need to understand white people will not rule the world forever, and what color will they want for the child then?

  15. Excuse me me people, this child does not look like either one of you, does that matter? Who own the clinic, I bet white people. This is another way they can end up with Africa, they want Africa badly. My goodness, when will black people come to their sense?

  16. The people of Ghana need to shut this operations down.

  17. Nostaw Erej says:

    because beauty is in the eye of the beholder, all colors and races are beautiful.

  18. Nostaw Erej true…but you dont want too try with this…its a game!!

  19. This is Bullshit!! #EndOfStory

  20. Nostaw Erej says:

    to the article itself: I personally wouldn't volunteer for this service for several reason with the primary being I only want the children of my husband. On a more generalized note: people… mainly black people… are uncomfortable in their own skin (hence the skin bleaching, nose surgeries, lip tucks etc.) We've been taught all of our lives, generation after generation that we are unattractive and some really believe it. When analyze the black race in a whole (not the select few) we make ourselves appear unattractive (sagging pants, smoking and drinking is norm (turn up), amongst other things). to the point we actually believe we really are unattractive (not including the select confident few) It's not just in Africa either, it's every where… I heard two teens on the trains arguing.. "I'm caramel and you black as charcoal"…. It's like you say that to mean what.. really… that alone indicates that our youth (and maybe not the youth of the select confident few) still aren't comfortable in their skin. They too may go opt for the same procedure mentioned in this article so that they can have a 'pretty' baby with 'pretty' hair.

  21. Nostaw Erej thats only the brainwashed ones…thats why this picture is propaganda…thats the people with a slave mentality…they are not aware from whats is going on…there is a psycho war against black people..and they dont know it…even what they try too learn you about history is a lie…

  22. Thoughtful Ed says:



  23. Nostaw Erej says:

    but when you say it's the brainwashed ones…. that's speaking of many of the black population. Most will utter, "not me" and that's because they ARE brainwashed.. I don't think the picture is propaganda, I believe it is the wants of a vast many.. maybe not the majority but the number is high. The picture only makes it cool so that those in fear are now free to express themselves. It's coming… They may not want it to through artificial insemination, but they want it. Just look at the wife pictures of the average black basketball player, actor, singer, etc… any of them with more than a dollar to spare… and you'll have your answer to rather this is propaganda

  24. Nostaw Erej its not because they have brown skin color..they cant be brainwashed…its all about the truth..what slaves wants its not important….most blacks are not aware…its all about knowledge….did you already saw hidden colors 2…believe me..if you didnt, you cant discuse with me…there is a lot going on…and its the whole human race…

  25. Michael Imhotep says:

    I'm trying to research this story. What is the website for "Half-Caste" and what are the names of the Facebook Pages?

  26. Sunset Granberry Brown says:


  27. Nostaw Erej says:

    one thing you said that I like is that it's all about truth… I read, observe and learn… not just black races all races.. I don't limit myself to one race, one culture nor one country. and I don't narrow my audience by only discussing issues if we have studied from the same source… I actually think it's better if my debater has pulled his/her information from other sources than mine.. maybe we'll both learn from each during the debate or conversation…

  28. Nostaw Erej you do not..but other race does!!!

  29. Esha Banks says:

    Sigh… When will WE see our own beauty.

  30. Deborah Banks says:

    I'm so DONE …wake up People

  31. Lonnie Kushking says:

    I was hoping this was a fake internet story….

  32. Ahjii Ghani says:

    Blacks (Afrikans) are purely genetically more diverse and yes the melanin is greater (better).

  33. Ahjii Ghani says:

    In regards to submitting to the will of God, no race or gender holds the patent on righteousness…we all are subjective to the Greater LAWS that govern the fabric of our entire being.

  34. Ahjii Ghani says:

    Yep, that is what they are doing all around the world.

  35. Kim Clarke says:

    This story does it for me..#boohiss .Earlier I read that during slavery Black children were used as bait for alligators this..hmm… is it the same story with children as bait for mad scientist?#whenwilliteverend

  36. Zon Pickens says:

    Wow! So on point!

  37. Lol nonsense,they need to try harder…

  38. Ballotelli Mario says:

    This is making me sick to my stomach and this is just plain stupid I dare this gentleman to do this is Europe and see how his operation get shut down this dumb ass. Be proud of your race my people Africa is the land of blacks and keep it that way.

  39. Asians are diverse and so are whites ..But the most diverse is us mixed people we have diverse genes which in some cases is a genetic advantage…..

  40. I rather not say it is ridiculous, it might just be a human instigated and facilitated evolution, moreover white men before the natural evolution where initially tanned

  41. Jr M Noltë says:

    I guess black isn't beautiful anymore.

  42. this guy need to be hanged……. im glad that I have friends on Ghana and they are not with this b.s only self haters will do this get on the board and link up with Ghana ….trust me this will be dealt with

  43. Riitta Carnivore Kaakunga says:

    "Half Caste" is a politically incorrect statement. Nothing wrong with using the term Mixed Race.

  44. Totaly agree
    White supremacy
    What a shame!!!

  45. Riitta Carnivore Kaakunga says:

    No need to go racist.

  46. Thandass Imhotep says:


  47. Therealjonnie OfBrixton says:

    Self loathing in 2014.Well done Ghana,so stupid and meaningless to most proud black people who hang their head and shake it in shame for you…So i presume because i am light skinned,i will have a good life in Ghana…Where,when did this slave mentality come from?..SOMEONE PLEASE EXPLAIN?..

  48. Thank you sister Farntella Graham .

  49. It has already gone full racist

  50. Mark V Robert I don't think you're too educated on what Genetic diversity is. When we says africans are the most genetically diverse… That's not our opinion… That's a fact.

  51. This world is trying to kill us. Look at places like the dominican repuplic.. an island full of blacks who hate themselves and don't even want to be identified with their african ancestors. They can look like Will Smith or Kunta kente and still say "My people are from spain." look at how brain washed black people are in latin america. Look at what happened in brazil. How the portuguese used racial mixing as a means to die down the black population, and teaching the mix children to recent being black, and to strive for whiteness. They took race off the census in Brazil preaching that we are all the same and no longer need to identify by race, and preached that we should all mix because we are equal. Then they invited more whites into the country to mix with the blacks to breed the blacks out. This process of erasing the "Negro problem" all in the name of love went down in brazilian history as "racial whitening" and it took place in almost all latin american countries with a large amount of black citizens. In just a matter of years, blacks went from being a majority to a VERY small minority according to brazilian census. Not because they were actually a minority, but because there were so many blacks in that country who reject who they are out of self hate and try to identify and pass for everything other than what they actually are…. It wasn't until 2010 that Most people int hat country started growing some pride and instead of identifying as "white", trying to pass for white, they started identifying as mixed or black, after finally waking up to how brainwashed they were. The racial whitening that took place in Brazil also took place in several other latin american countries. In the Dominican republic they call "Adelantar la raza" which means "Advance the race. It's an idea that the spanish put in black people's heads that they should only date or marry someone lighter than them to "advance the race" by getting rid of the malo clases(bad genes). They also took race off the census in a lot of these countries and created a false sense of equlity so that they can fix what they called "the negro problem" by breeding them out, all in the name of love. This is history, PLEASE don't make the same mistake the blacks in latin america made. Grow some pride… You guys need to wake up and find some pride and realize that the people in this world will give you a false sense of security just to use your trust against you to hurt you….

  52. Jason Green says:

    You do realize that it's not exactly in Europe's best interest to destroy the black race by breeding us out because then, they would not only have destroyed the black race but also their own white race as well, mark my words it would be the last thing they would do. This is more likely the words of Marxist who wish to put an end to ALL races and replace the lot of us with a new race of hybrids

  53. Dan Lee says:

    This story is SOOOO depressing!

  54. Devil is obsessed with us Africans,but he has short time.

  55. Michelle Robinson It doesn't take Einstein to know that mixed people are obviously the most racially diverse group on the planet..

  56. Ahjii Ghani says:

    Mark, you have no clue. It is scientifically acknowledged that even the first Europens had afrikan phenotypes and the all of other races and nationalities sprang from Afrikan DNA. Even Fox news speaks the truth with this regard about blacks being genetically more diverse.

  57. Karlene Chance says:

    Riitta Carnivore Kaakunga how is Farntella Graham racist? If you have nothing sensible to say don't say it.

  58. Ahjii Ghani I never said blacks were less diverse than whites..What I am saying is that people with mixed heritage are the most diverse you cant dispute that. It's common sense

  59. Ahjii Ghani says:

    How can anything contain more diversity than it's origin? You can argue me all you want, but the proof is what it is… To you be your way & to me be mine.

  60. Jason Green I was being facetious, I don't blame all of Europe for what only some have done and are doing. There is no such thing as race, it is a system to make Caucasians feel superior, it's a caste system with white at the top and black at the bottom. What they've successfully done is convinced Africans to buy into the race system therefore to elevate themselves they feel they need to become white. The institution of race is a lie and by any of us believing in it we are regenerating it for yet another generation.

  61. Riitta Carnivore Kaakunga says:

    Just because you do not understand my point does not mean it's not sensible. I do not support the article. However, saying Africa is for black people is racist. There are plenty of white people born and bred there. Blaming it on the "white man" is racist. It's not the whole race that has these views. Simply blame the organisation. If a white person sais exactly what she said about black people it would be considered appauling and racist – people need to be more careful with what they say. Make your point without making generalizations… simple.

  62. Mark V Robert Yeah but it sure did take several groups of European scientist to prove your "Opinion" wrong. People of african descent, the natives on the continent were proven to be the most genetically diverse people in the world with every race in the world being able to trace it's genetics to several native people on the continent. Difference between you and me? I read and I give facts, while you just think and say it as if your words are absolute with nothing to back it up. Mixed race people have been proven to be genetically stronger than the parent with a higher percentage of neanderthal DNA(whites, asians, who are already mixed with homosapien and Neanderthal. Neanderthals did not have much genetic variation) but genetically weaker than the parent with little to no neanderthal blood(indigenous africans, or blacks). Homosapiens were more genetically diverse and genetically stronger than neanderthals. So the neanderthal hybrid came out more genetically diverse than the neanderthal for having homosapien blood, but not nearly as genetically diverse as the homosapien because having neanderthal blood. Neanderthal blood made it genetically weaker than the homosapien parent. The closer you are to homosapien, the stronger your genetics. So you being mixed with white or asian, and having black, you are genetically more diverse THAN the asian or white parent, but not as genetically diverse as the black parent. You are genetically stronger than the white or asian parent(who are homosapien/neanderthal hybrids) but not AS genetically strong as the parent closet to homosapien(blacks/africans). Example… African americans, for being a mixed race are not as genetically strong as africans straight off the continent who have not come into contact with nenderthals, or the neanderthal/homosapien hybrids(whites and most asians.)

    Don't argue with me, argue with the researchers who said this for me to repeat.
    Thank you.

    Get it? Ima break it down easy enough for a child to understand… The closer you are to homosapien, the stronger and more diverse you are…. The further you are from homosapien, the least genetically diverse you are. Asians are more genetically diverse than whites because asians have least neanderthal blood than whites… Most africans and people of african descent are genetically stronger and have more genetic variation because they have little to no neanderthal blood. You are mixed. so you are more genetically diverse and genetically stronger than your white or asian parent, but not as genetically strong or genetically diverse as the black parent who have little to no neanderthal DNA…


  63. Farntella Graham says:

    Riitta Carnivore Kaakunga they have done that and more to us. don't you know that? don't you know your own history? you sound a bit brainwashed, lover and supporter of our declared enemy.

  64. Tejan Barry says:

    Finally Ghanaian society itself is sick… Authorities allowing this kind of madness right in the heart of Accra

  65. Falando Heidelberg says:

    What i want to know is, what the hell is the Ghananian Government doing letting this go on?!

  66. Falando Heidelberg says:

    If this is true, he needs to be found and arrested for aiding and abetting the enemy.

  67. Falando Heidelberg says:

    Ahjii, never argue with the enemy; you're playing into this his game, his world. Never reveal your strategy to them. I love the PLA of China for employing this strategy of silence, while maintaining action…

  68. Ummm… That photo is of Dallas Cowboy's lineman DeMarcus Ware and his wife. They are African American, and their child is an adopted Hispanic. If the story is true, please use an accurate photo.

  69. Michelle Robinson Well you've just proved my point if black is the most genetically diverse race then a mixed person who is mixed with black & other is OBVIOUSLY going to be more racially diverse than someone who is pure black like you…Because i have European DNA as well as African

    You just don't get it

  70. Michelle Robinson Black genes are not stronger

    Where knowledge has improved over the past century has been in precisely how many genes are involved and their specific loci.
    As of 1998, five human pigmentation genes had been identified. Their symbols and genome loci are: "TYR" at 11q14-21, "TYRP1" at 9p23, "TYRP2" at 13q31-32, "P" at 15q11.2-12, and "MC1R" at 16q24.3 (Sturm, Box, and Ramsay 1998).

    Many things can go wrong and, when they do, the result is a lighter complexion. For instance, deleterious mutations at the five loci above result in various forms of albinism,

    But no genetic defect can make the child of light-skinned parents come out dark.

    Another words. You need two dark parents to produce a dark child. But you don't need two white parents to produce a white child.
    Also. Black vs white = most likely equals brown. So neither skin tone wins.

  71. Nile Milton says:

    Thanks for telling all of us the truth James. There's so many lies out there

  72. Jenaye McElroy says:

    I am disgusted!

  73. Eon Kirnon says:

    no matter where we come from . BRO. J.Brown said say it LOUD !! THATS RIGHT BLACKMAN said " We love you, too! "

  74. Ron Gunnerz Unstopable says:

    AFRICANS!!!!!! let us unite. lets take back wat our ancestors left us!

  75. Tiara Harriston says:

    My brothers and sisters please dont be stupid enough to fall for this!

  76. Really!! Seriously this is grown people talking about custom made babies? This is mans ego on another level!! First of all what's with the 5 year old mind set about skin colour?? Have no one looked into history and see the terror superficial thinking does to man kind?

    How can we call ourselves intelligent beings when we are still concerned about our complexion, let it go! People messes up in the past it our time now, those shallow battles are of the past!! Please don't that on to our kids!! To put your issues on the unborn children of the future! They have the right to a GOD given life not one born out of shallow insecurities!! HAVE WE LEARNT NOTHING!!! Its not the outside that mattered its the inside!!

  77. I'm so confused now I think i need to end up in a psychotic hospital and remain there for the rest of my life!!

  78. Brian Wolfric Edwards what is confusing you?

  79. Martonyo Caddiell says:

    Mark V Robert How are mixed people more diverse than African people? Isn't Black the the reflection of all color? Last time I checked the original people were jet BLACK! You people keep confessing your ignorance……

  80. Martonyo Caddiell says:

    Mark V Robert There is no such thing as European DNA, it's all African. You don't we possess all the genes….

  81. Africa has yellows and browns to not just blacks

  82. Africa has yellows and browns to not just blacks

  83. Like really? this world is taking a turn for the worst!!!! men is truly trying to prove that they don't need God because they can do it by themselves………..creating lives in THEIR (men's) own image! i'm sorry but penis still works and God is still in charge the old fashion way!…………..#i'm a christian and i'm loving it! ………….#disgusted by mankind!

  84. Kate Yasmin Koppen says:

    How is that helping? A mixed kid still looks mostly black. I don't think anyone outside of the US ever cared for one drop rule. If someone is racist, and you look black, they will treat you in a racist manner because they are assholes. Having a(n unknown) white parent won't make them suddenly like you. The change needs to be made in the head, not by genetic engineering.

  85. That is ridiculous. Race isn't even a scientific idea anymore it's social.

  86. Darryl Robb says:

    As a Ghanaian myself I am appalled and ashamed something like this is happening in Ghana. You don't have to have a biracial child to feel beautiful. Yes mixed children are generally good looking at the same token I have seen some beautiful pure Ghanaian children. This guy is about making money and brain washing people. He needs to be castrated and his business banned

  87. Pascal Cuttat says:

    The racism in these comments is simply disgusting.

  88. Jay Bee says:

    Europe is for WHITE people and we are not going to allow the black man to darken it up. he better step back. i am so tired of this demon trying to control the world.

  89. Farntella Graham says:

    Riitta Carnivore Kaakunga those whites who are born and bred in africa are settlers who stole land, murdered and enslaved the indigenous peoples. the white man comes from europe. that is his original home which he left and reaped havoc on peoples of color worldwide. who is the organization, rita? are they ghost, duppies? I am not interested in protecting the feelings of the white collective. I leave that to the brainwashed amonst us.

  90. Farntella Graham says:

    Mark V Robert you represent another layer of problems for Black people.

  91. Ryan Malcolm Jonny says:

    How dare blacks admire whites in Europe of all places…

  92. Ryan Malcolm Jonny says:

    You mean like you assholes darken Europe in its entirety to the point where it is nearly irreversible?

  93. Ryan Malcolm Jonny says:

    Karlene Chance
    How is she not racist when she called white people demons?

  94. Mat Wright says:

    As a European I find this very offensive both for Europeans (they have no right to use our DNA in this way) as well as the Africans, very insulting suggesting their genetics are not good enough. I would be very interested to see who owns this clinic, meaning the race of the owner, Check me out at europeandailynews,org

  95. Mat Wright says:

    Lol you are so deluded. The majority of TV and movie companies in the USA are owned by Jews. They also brought the Africans into the USA for slavery not Europeans.

  96. Anonymous says:

    From the bottom of my heart……FACK YOW ILLUMINATI! When did GOD intend for extremely dark skin people to be wiped out. FACK YOW ILLUMINATI. And no I did not make a typo in the FACK YOW.
    Good day, may the LORD bless you and change your corrupted hearts.

  97. Anonymous says:

    If you are a young successful dark skin African with itchy genitals and cannot seem to secure your life partner and you want to buy into this propaganda. May I suggest, a free advice, adopt an African-albino. They have white complexion with blonde hair and they are AFRICAN to the core. Adopt an African-albino, because when the white man comes to enslave the dark Africans, the albino child will not sell you out unlike the artificially inseminated HALF-CASTE child that will sell you for weed, or crack, or 10 cds.
    Good day.
    Oh JEHOVAH… all of them are foockin, foockin fools. Sitting around while eating their demon shit.

  98. Sharon Daniel-Roane says:


  99. Sharon Daniel-Roane says:


  100. Dolores Patterson says:


  101. Sharon Daniel-Roane says:

    What are you talking about Dolores Patterson?

  102. Obviously it is extremely upsetting that clinic like this exists, but when whiteness is so closely correlated with social mobility, it isn't exactly surprising that PoC feel pushed to such extremes. Situations like these are the inevitable consequences of colorism and the caste-system as a whole

  103. Obviously it is extremely upsetting that clinic like this exists, but when whiteness is so closely correlated with social mobility, it isn't exactly surprising that PoC feel pushed to such extremes. Situations like these are the inevitable consequences of colorism and the caste-system as a whole

  104. Anelle Mensah says:

    This is so disturbing. Why Ghana, why?

  105. Terah Ehigiator says:

    What kind of BS is this?

  106. Carter-Grannum Karl says:

    Doesn't have a blasted thing to do with Europe IDIOT!!

  107. Everlast Lee says:

    This is Pathetic..whats wrong with Ghana being mostly black?

  108. These people are sick in their head… Everyone in the world trying to be we…tan lotion, lip and butt injections….We don't even want to be ourselves…. Disrespecting the heritage handed down to you through blood… This is not the way to validate yourself….Know yourself, love yourself

  109. Isaac Oton says:

    @ÁngeloMartinez, What does Jesus have to do w Europe when Jesus was Middle-eastern? Just cause people draw him as white doesn't change the facts. Would U prefer paganism & ancestor worship? The misuse of God's word was prophesied thousands of years ago.

  110. I don't know why people feel so strongly that having light skin is some privilege or that it will make life better for anyone. I have light skin and I am a descendant of slaves paternal and maternal…White people don't give a damn about me for the most part, they have contributed absolutely nothing to my life, I have had no advantages based on skin color…Many Africans that come to America have wealth and property here that home grown descendants of slaves don't have…I too want my 40 acres and 2 mules…God created people, I love the deepest black skin the most, and I am, and deserve to be loved too…I am proud of my lineage…My Freedom is that I answer to no one…I don't like capitalism, elite supremacist corporations and governments that wage war, pillage and plunder Africa for her resources, slavery, racism, eugenics that brought all this inequality about…We collectively must take it back, various skin colors of black people is the wrong focus, its only a distraction to what really needs to be done. Artificial insemination or any other process is wrong (a form of eugenics), trust me it will not be doing the child a favor, light skin is hated by both black and white races…We should have our children naturally by the mate of our choice, hopefully with the element of love…

  111. I always have to remind myself that all white people are not evil, it is the state of global affairs that makes black people feel this way…

  112. I descended from black skin and black skin continues through me…I am not a racist, I am a realist…

  113. Dawiyd Bar Eloheem El says:

    Africans have now proven to be the most ignorant people on the planet !!! WTF !Thank you jesus Christ for making our people dumb as hell !

  114. Kate Yasmin Koppen. Biracial people can look more African or more European. But they will never look mostly black. The only mixed people that look mostly black are the ones with more brown African DNA. And eve at that they still don't look pure black.

  115. Pravina Westbrooks says:

    Baby doesn't even look biracial. .smh

  116. Kevin Norman, Delroy Simms, Samantha Johnson have you seen this?

  117. I would rather be left behind by the "tide"…sadly this has been going on for 4 months..damn him!


  119. what kind of fuckery did I just read? they are really trying to git rid of us huh? this is diabolical.

  120. People DO NOT fall for this.

  121. Them breeding us out is plausible. However, scientifically that is not possible, our gene is dominant and their gene's are recessive. They learned that will never work. Them wanting to survive is a bird of another breed. Despite what you think or have been taught, it is not very many Caucasian people. Start researching. This is a clear form of genetic survival, which is why they push interracial relationships.

  122. Riitta Carnivore Kaakunga no need? R U serious?

  123. THIS ILLEGAL! THIS man is inferior, just like MICHAEL JACKSON. It is not his child due the to the fact that, he believes a strange WHITE mans seed is better for his wife rather than his own.

  124. They want the black women's womb because they want africa!

  125. Ahjii Ghani Racists shit there are no better races.

  126. Illegal against which law?

  127. I think this a racist hoax.

  128. is that DeMarcus Ware?

  129. I this time I thought adolph Hitler was dead !! It's as if some people are so retarded that they still go forward with these lame premises that black people are genetically inferior to other races is a sickness that long ago should have been dismissed. "Love yourself " God doesn't make mistakes, people do.

  130. White European devils.

  131. So encouraging people to have mixed-race babies in America is ok but it's not ok in Africa? If race-mixing is so great then what's there to get mad about?

  132. I think that is the problem for them, too. And they are trying to use Black people (again) to keep them in the gene pool.

  133. Did Black people really need encouragement here in America. Not too long ago, (it may still be prevalent today) Black folks wanted to bred "good hair" and "pretty color" by race mixing. Look in the public at all the dark and brown athletes and performers who children barely resemble them, like in the Jackson clan.Not many of that family's off-spring that I've seen in the press are browner than a paper bag. However, blue eye does run in their family Their choices were their own, but do you think they needed encouragement? Quiet as its kept (smirk), Black people want the imaginary freedom and beauty that white skin brings. The media tells us we would be freer and more beautiful if only we were white. Little do we know that the whole concept of white supremacy become more and more… irrelevant.

  134. Excellent observation.

  135. Gibson Ampaw says:

    Mat Wright And the African elders were very obliged to go along with it,

  136. Gibson Ampaw says:

    Sounds more like cultural marxism at its finest.

  137. Do you know what GMO's they put in the inseminated sperm? All kinds of diseases can be put in those sperms, enough to infect generations to come and render the future generations infertile. Before you know it, everybody at a certain future state would be mules, with no procreative potential.

  138. Ngila Michael Muendane si lo creo perdon mi ingles es malo pero tiene razon , apoyo la africanidad malcom x , el negro es hermoso 🙂

  139. que porra é essa vão toma no see you seus negros otarios brancos querem nos limpar the terra vamos acorda seus retardados brancos não gosta de negros so observa a forma que somos tratados.

  140. Let's pray.That's all I can say.

  141. Kaya Ade says:

    Self hate to the tenth degree!

  142. indeed a bullshit article the whites wants to take over Africa and be in controlle again.they lie bad Ghanains and Africans must stand together and fight.stupid illuminati agents of satan….God punish them

  143. JESUS! These ppl are Devils!

  144. Madness!! Peace Love Unity

  145. Sarah Ocea says:

    Can I just say that the couple in this photo does have an all black child and after having several late pregnancy deaths adopted this baby from Mexico. It's my understanding that in America people are made to wait years to adopt any child. I hate when these type of sites use innocent people to make their point. The people in this photo aren't even African they are American from Alabama.

  146. Sarah Ocea says:

    She is Mexican that is the football player Demarcus Ware and his wife. If you google them you will hear their story of how they tragically lost several babies through miscarriage late in their pregnancies and adopted this baby through their church. They later went on to have a "black" child also.

  147. Sarah Ocea says:

    The baby is Mexican that is the football player Demarcus Ware and his wife. If you google them you will hear their story of how they tragically lost several babies through miscarriage late in their pregnancies and adopted this baby through their church. They later went on to have a "black" child als

  148. One other major concern in all of this: why aren't the people actually seeking out and undergoing this treatment called out as well? In no form am I an advocate for this nonsense, but if they're were no people so willing to do this then Boateng wouldn't be successful. Self hate and brainwashing is all too real folks.

  149. I am not surprise, Ghana thinks every thing white is Godly but they are setting themselves up for future problem with race. They have no concept of racesisem.

  150. Odious motives aside, expect the technology of genetics to continue to put us more and more in the driver's seat of human evolution. The human species started out created in the "Image of God." 200-300 years from now, we'll biologically design ourselves in "our image," in our idea of what's better, what's an improvement. Things like this fertility clinic are just the beginning.

  151. The group or groups that controls Africa and its resources rule the world.

  152. Brainwashed ass Africans would only fall for this sickness. IF you live in these places, talk to your people. The blame would not be on them it will be on the Africans for giving away their own continent.

  153. Amina Diop says:

    I'm on the same page with you Mark Markab Beckford…what the hell did I just read?

  154. Mark V Robert It doesn't take Einstein, it took modern scientist to say that African people are the most genetically diverse in the world. whites and Asians are on par with each other and native Americans are the least genetically diverse according to studies. Biracial people are only more genetically diverse than their white parent, who lacks genetic diversity. Genetically stronger than the white parent, yet still genetically weaker than the African parent. Their hybrid vigor only makes their genes stronger than the white parent's, and it makes them closer to the parent with the dominant genes… And as much as you hate to hear this because of what ever personal inferiority complex you may suffer from, that dominant gene is the African people's diverse genes. Which makes since if Asians and whites are already mixed people(The only TRUE racial mixing that ever took place was with between the neanderthals and African people. Everyone else are descendants of this encounter. Whites and Asians are predominantly African descent with 4% neanderthal DNA for Europeans and less for those residing in Asia. These neanderthal/african hybrids stayed to themselves and mixed among themselves creating the homogenous societies you see today. A few thousand immigrants out of Africa and into europe turned into millions. Inbreeding does not create diversity, but a large group of people with strong genetic similarities. everyone who left africa, their descendants are nothing but smaller inbred groups of people with strong similarities. Again, that's not my opinion, that's a scientific fact. Maybe you should read a little and educate yourself more on this subject instead of trying to pass your opinion off as fact. Because it doesn't matter how often you argue that 5×5=10… It doesn't.You'd think you'd be a little more interested in the subject, but I have set to run into one who actually knows what they are talking about and isn't confused or suffering from self loath or a severe identity crisis as a result of their lack of education in the subject. Never argue with someone without knowing what you are talking about because you risk making a fool out of yourself if the person ends up more educated than you. Hell, education? I bet you didn't even read this much, I doubt you'll go educate yourself before speaking next time. If you have the ability to read, utilize it rather than going by word of mouth, because word of mouth is how people stay ignorant. Reading is knowledge and knowledge is power.

    Ps. Black vs. white equals brown? African people are already brown… Where ever you copied and pasted that from, was doing good up until that comment. Matter of fact, the person you copied and pasted your information from copied and pasted their information from another site, then added their opinion in at the end, and as I've stated before opinion does not equal fact, and what he said did not match the article above that he copied and pasted from. He was doing good up until he put his opinion in. See how you need to read and go by fact, instead of word of mouth. Read and educate yourself, because I didn't need to copy and paste anything that I said like you just did from this site

    are these your sources?

    Well these are mine, that I've been studying over the three years that I took interest in this subject. Read and enjoy, and hopefully you'll be a little more educated before you speak next time, because I've researched and studied. I didn't copy and paste.

    Here is a google search with articles on african genetic diversity. so that you can see that I don't cherry pick my articles to support my words, all of these articles will basically say the same thing.

    Oh, and just to satisfy you, I typed in (Africans are NOT the most genetically diverse)… still the same results pop up.

    Pick and article: This link backs up what I said about Asians and Whites being mixed descendants of African people… so if these people are already mixed africans, and you are a mixture of African and the people who descend from african and neanderthal, who do you think you came out closer to? Ima leave than one up to you to decide. I'm not even cherry picking my articles, I will let you choose and article for yourself and I am confident that which ever one you pick will back up my words because unlike you I actually am educated. here you go:

    Let me know if you need some more schooling.

  155. Mark V Robert Ps. Black vs. white equals brown? African people are already brown… Where ever you copied and pasted that from, was doing good up until that comment. Matter of fact, the person you copied and pasted your information from copied and pasted their information from another site, then added their opinion in at the end, and as I've stated before opinion does not equal fact, and what he said did not match the article above that he copied and pasted from. He was doing good up until he put his opinion in. See how you need to read and go by fact, instead of word of mouth. Read and educate yourself, because I didn't need to copy and paste anything that I said like you just did from this site.

    are these your sources?

    Well these are mine, that I've been studying over the three years that I took interest in this subject. Read and enjoy, and hopefully you'll be a little more educated before you speak next time, because I've researched and studied. I didn't copy and paste.

    Here is a google search with articles on african genetic diversity. so that you can see that I don't cherry pick my articles to support my words, all of these articles will basically say the same thing.

    Oh, and just to satisfy you, I typed in (Africans are NOT the most genetically diverse)… still the same results pop up.

    Pick and article: This link backs up what I said about Asians and Whites being mixed descendants of African people… so if these people are already mixed africans, and you are a mixture of African and the people who descend from african and neanderthal, who do you think you came out closer to? Ima leave than one up to you to decide. I'm not even cherry picking my articles, I will let you choose and article for yourself and I am confident that which ever one you pick will back up my words because unlike you I actually am educated. here you go:

    Let me know if you need some more schooling.

  156. How about we all try to remember that we are all humans and the only thing that makes us 'different' is personalities and the shade of our skin. There should be no race, only species. These people aren't raising a 'mixed' race baby. They are raising a baby, a human baby.

    Racism is really disgusting on all ends of the spectrum.

  157. Globally black/African people already out-number Whites/Euros and the future odds are certainly not in their favour with their poor reproductive and infertility rates. The case of photolysis and cosmic karma is striking the pale breed out of existence.

  158. Tyecha Brown says:

    I agree. Wow this just blows me away. If this thinking continues blacks will soon be extinct. People hate themselves so much that they wouldn't mind driving their race into extinction. I bet the Klan nor hitker ever thought of this one.

    Dey so brainwashed…dey raise the white chitlins…to take dey land, resources and wealth…smdh..

  160. This is a fake story and I'm really disappointed in AtlantaBlackStar for not properly vetting the sources. The man in the image is Demarcus Ware and he plays for the Dallas Cowboys. Him and his wife adopted that girl. The story has nothing to do with Ghana or fertility clinics. It originated from some internet blogs which, if you look at the other stuff posted, you'll see they have a habit of posting fake stories to get web traffic. The story itself has no verifiable primary source. This is just some bullwhip somebody made up. Here is a link to the actual story…

  161. White supremacy is racism. You should not separate the two. This modern form of eugenics is a form of racism white supremacy. And I would love to hear all the concepts that can't be explained in this comment you seem to be educated on this topic

  162. Bryan Cox says:

    I would not necessarily call it racism, but I would call it ignorance and a reduction in love and pride of their on race. If you want a half caste baby marry a white, asian, or someone of another race, but to marry a person who is darker than you and you are black as night is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. ( Oh and by the way I have an African wife and I live in Ghana) She read the statement and agree 100%.

  163. Bryan Cox says:

    I would not call this racist, but I would call this the most ignorant and most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. This is definitely a great business move for the person starting this because so many people in Ghana have so much self hate that they will have a baby that looks nothing like them. How stupid does it look that 2 people who are darker than my eyeballs have a kid that looks like the color of my teeth. Makes no sense to me at all. This is self hate to the highest. Marry someone of another race if you want a mixed child. Oh and I have no problems with interracial marriages if you do it for love. If you do it because you hate yourself that is as ridiculous as this article.

  164. De Ware? I thought that was you..

  165. If you think about it white supremacy it's racism. The definition of racism is as follows; the belief that members of a particular race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as superior to another race or races. White supremacy. It is ignorance at it's finest but the effects white supremacy has on the mind will lead one to believe that another race is superior to their own. What did you mean by "but to marry a person who is darker than you and you black as night is the most ridiculous thing i have ever heard." Are you saying that two deeply ebony toned people should not procreate?

  166. Melinda Ringari this is why they are so desperate to increase their numbers with interacial progeny. this is their weakness and if we are smart and self-loving, we will not breed with them.

  167. they can't. our numbers are too big and this is our strength. that does mean they will not try. this is why I believe it is very important that we do not let them have our genotypes when they promote this ancestry BS.

  168. Daniel Muchi says:

    Da most stupid thing or idea..av ever read..what a retard. .its cleear education is not key

  169. I am 100% ok who is against ? Black presidents, religious hypocrites, black people that want spread suffering to another generation to don t have to look a botj racial baby, and of course people that loves war in Africas as they are always "purifying" some black tribes from another, who is against is a total hypocrite !!!

  170. Once again, the Euros are making another pathetic attempt for Euros to try and stay on Earth. Their population is rapidly declining because most of them have fertility problems due to their early Neanderthal interbreeding, consistent bestiality practices, sun allergy, and their race being a genetic mutation in the first place. The myth that white skin came about from evolution in different climates is a LIE. No scientific research exists to prove that claim. People with white skin were the last to appear on Earth and it was by chance (a genetic mutation).This is not hate speech. Facts only.

  171. This SHYT is crazy, do we really HATE OURSELVES that much. Do we really believe that we are not already a BEABEAUTIFUL PEOPLE? I was planning on moving to Ghana because I just knew they had their SHYT together. But now that I'm hearing this I must reconsider.

    LOVING MY BLACK BEAUTIFUL SELF!!!!!!!!. MUCH LOVE!!!!!!!. [email protected] AND YES U

  172. Why isn't the advocate behind this scheme revealing himself? I have a feeling whoever is behind this is not even African, they will do anything to get rid of us. I hope people are smart enough to realize that this is not good for us. Black babies are beautiful and mentally fit just as they are, stop messing with our genes

  173. I was at first all for moving to Ghana, but until they get their act together I might just have to reconsider. First of all when did we decide that we weren't Beautiful enough for Afrika? This SHYT is crazy. Why is it that we continue to let others dictate to us what's Beautiful. We know that we are a Beautiful People so what's up with our Sis & Bro's in Ghana?? Somebody please help me to understand?


    [email protected] AND YES U

  174. This white man has pretty much done whatever he's chosen to do with us? I hear plenty of "We're not going to stand for this?" Tell me this, how do we combat an enemy who is technologically more advanced than us? We as blank people need to get on the ball..

  175. For everyone getting their panties in a twist- this article is bogus trash! Do your research please! Look up the NY Times article about DeMarcus Ware and his wife and ADOPTED DAUGHTER. Also this so-called source for this juicy bit of horrible, inept and unethical journalism is from a debunked site called Not a reliable source, thus Tracy who posted this clearly doesn't know how to conduct thorough accurate writing of facts. This was posted to get racial tensions stirred up and clearly it worked well, just look at all the racist comments. No one race is superior than another. Racism is wrong no matter who holds the hateful view.

  176. They want our Melanin plain and simple

  177. Ebele Olisah says:

    How sad. How sad. Black man, where is your pride ?

  178. Ebele Olisah says:

    This is why, of all the races and cultures in the world, the white man chose Sub saharan Africa to colonise.

  179. If you have ever worked with bi-racial children, you would realize this is a mistake.

  180. I read your comment you need to write the government of Ghana and tell them to get rid of that plant that laboratory out of Ghana

  181. Zakaria Ali says:

    We black people have racism with in us we divide our selfs between light skin n dark skin anyway with alot of us bleaching our skin n wearing weave n shit so I am not surprised seeing this.

  182. Stone Kapolo says:

    This is total bullshit. No Afrikan government should allow such a clinic to operate on this continent.

  183. Mari Gordon says:

    This is a fake story…that is Demarcus Ware in the photo, not an African.

  184. Sharon Cox says:

    What madness is this?

  185. Jay Ama says:

    Atlanta Blackstar better check itself before it gets sued HEAVILY for using a family's photo without the permission of the photographer and for misrepresenting the family, which is an American family from Texas. Def. not a good look and bad journalism…makes me question any of text if they can't, as a newspaper, get something as basic as the photos right.

  186. I lived in Ghana for many years and I seriously doubt the credulity of this article. As a person with both British and Ghanaian ancestry/citizenship I'm deeply offended by your bigotry. There is a deeply integrated presence of mixed race and biracial people in Ghana and has been for generations. I'm by no means advocating the bizarre mission of this "clinic." Denigrating mixed race children in general is absurd, especially considering how many African Americans are technically mixed race.

    FYI everybody: It's unlikely that Augustine Boateng, educated in Morocco operating out of Madina, is a white person. Unfortunately many Ghanaians are obsessed with the notion of skin tone, one only has to look at the proliferation of skin bleaching products in Accra to understand that. This isn't racism from a western source, this is an African opportunist capitalizing on Ghanaian post colonial self hatred. If this exists at all.

    Atlanta black star: you should be ashamed of yourself for casually using "half caste" in an American publication in 2015. Are you not aware of the Indian caste system?

  187. I´ve had the mishap of reading this ludicrous article. Some idiot mentioned brazil, where I live now and hate, for it is one of the fithiest racist nooks on eath. The miscigenation in that country occurred due to the fact that white girls were not allowed to have sex before marriage, then white boys resorted to black girls (and the livestock alike to releave themselves) who felt happy enough to have sex with the white. Then miriad fatherless black children started to spring up. Today blacks and half breed alike are seen as a sub human group. If you are black but poor and uneducated it is OK, you do not bother much but when you have an education, some money and means of intruding into the white´s hang outs, you can neither have a friend or a shag- the whites won´t let you, especially women who crave to purify their races (they start by dying their hair sweedish flaxen and japanese limp). What is worse is that black people lie to themselves claiming that they are accepted, it only occurs because they are extreme nationalistic and do the most to protect the image of an imaginary country they create deep inside their brainless skull;.

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