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‘Real Housewives’ Star Phaedra Parks’ Husband Apollo Nida Arrested in ‘Mastermind’ of ID Theft Scheme

Apollo Nida caught in huge ID theft scheme “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Phaedra Parks’s husband, Apollo Nida, was arrested Friday on charges of bank fraud and identity theft.

There has been some dispute regarding whether or not police actually came to arrest Nida or if he turned himself in.

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Nida allegedly created several fake companies to gain access to various databases that he used to steal a vast amount of information from people.

He then allegedly used that information to open fake bank accounts in the victims’ names and snagged their U.S. Treasury checks, retirement checks from several Delta Airline employees and checks for some of the victims’ unclaimed tax money, the report said.

Nida is currently out on $250,000 pre-trial bond but is scheduled to be back in court on Feb. 12 for a preliminary hearing.

Nida’s alleged partner in crime was also arrested and she reportedly has said she’s not interested in protecting the reality-TV star.

Gayla St. Julien, a woman identified as Nida’s aid in the scheme, was arrested in September and allegedly had $3 million in various bank accounts linked to her. She said that the $3 million she received from the scheme is only “scraps” compared to the huge amounts of cash that Nida raked in.

Apollo Nida's ID Theft scheme St. Julien’s part in the alleged scheme was to pretend to be the victims so she could open the bank accounts in their names. She would then deposit fraudulent checks into the accounts .

Nida is also accused of running another scheme involving a fake car dealership.

Reports say Nida reportedly opened a fake auto dealership and applied for auto loans in the names of some of the stolen identities, which allegedly allowed him to pull in way more cash than his sidekick.

This isn’t the first time Nida has been caught up in a messy fraud scheme.

From 2004 to 2009, he served time for auto-title fraud and he is still on probation for those charges.

Neither Nida nor Parks have commented publicly on the charges, and it’s not clear if Parks, an attorney, will be stepping up to represent her husband in court. The couple married in 2009.


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39 thoughts on “‘Real Housewives’ Star Phaedra Parks’ Husband Apollo Nida Arrested in ‘Mastermind’ of ID Theft Scheme

  1. Lindi Prets says:

    OMG Apollo.. I guess Kenya was right on the money… Love me some more Kenya..

  2. Wow I feel for his wife and kids. This is harder on them.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Sorry folks, but it's hard to make a husband out of a convict.

  4. Trash! Scumbag stealing from others because he doesn't want to work for it!

  5. That is TOO much "T". OOoooohhhh WWWEEEEeeeeeee!

  6. Selithia Holyfield says:


  7. i guess that's where he got the $8G that he said he dropped at the strip club while on the show tonite….

  8. Its a don dada prison here he come

  9. Dock Putnam says:

    yes!!!!! he might as well fight his way off the show. he can do a lot of that ware hes gowing.

  10. Dock Putnam says:

    does mrs parks have this kind of money,

  11. lmao Exactly what I was thinking. Horrible and the poor victims of this scheme!

  12. So seems like they can only pin him on the auto loo oan scam. She got caught with the $3mil.

  13. Dolores Carlson says:

    Oh, mercy. He's going to do serious (deserved) time on this . Shame on him for doing this like he's entitled.

  14. Well once a con ,always a con.

  15. Nicole Abrams says:

    This is sad because he has a good hard working wife and cute kids. I pray for this family. I pray for the victims.

  16. Phaedra a tiger never changes stripes. Take Mr . President and the Prince and remove yourself from this dirt. Remember your roots. A real Southern Belle knows when to make a graceful exit.

  17. Jarvae Shane Wright says:

    Amen to that!

  18. apollo! noooooo! hope you and your family can stay strong thru this.

  19. Bra dats real real talk

  20. Mary Paulina Silvestry says:

    not. surprising.character is not made,but is built within,he was not born with it.he ain't got any.

  21. What is he doing with all that money? What lifestyle is is feeding or trying to portray with this mess?

  22. Henry Love says:

    All of them are clowns RHOA…..

  23. Rena Geathers says:

    I don't feel sorry for Apollo because there is not excuse for this behavior. As many other viewers last night, I was shocked when he said he dropped 5K in the strip club. However I do feel sorry of his wife who makes an honest living just to have her life turned upside down by the idiot. This explains why he's exploded last night on the show ~ he has all the frustration built up an has been waiting on the opportunity to take it out on someone. Lets see ~ Probation ~ Felony = MORE JAIL TIME

  24. If he had the knowledge and skills to pull off this type of scam, He should have used it to better himself and make some honest money

  25. Shocked…can't see why all of is luck that blossomed after meeting Phaedra, havin a fam. & getting a tv gig couldn't squash his dreams 4 more

  26. I would hold my man down….im sure she got some gifts out of the money…..whether she knew or not

  27. Latoya Joyce says:

    They are sick and greedy!

  28. If Pheadra wasn't so dry…they could have let the nanny babysit and both went to the strip club…I would have went wit him

  29. Latoya Joyce says:

    That's why he was trying to get with Kenya! Kenya has the money!

  30. I am sure Phaedra will come up with some defense for Apollo's acquiring a 3 million dollar lottery, just as she did when she gave birth to her first child in 7 months full term. Kim was right about that when she said, no way in hell was she giving birth when she said she was due.

  31. Thomas Berry says:

    I,Told My Young Wife! IT'S OJT, What!

  32. Anonymous says:

    For Apollo to bring that kind of money home to an attorney wife and she didn't inquire, wonder, investigate is freaking impossible! Oh trust that she knew! She couldn't pull strings to get him an honest job? Phaedra may not be as big as she claims to be (money, networking, social contacts). And didn't Phaedra have more than an attorney job (funeral home business, DVD booty tape)? I think Phaedra wanted that yellow negro for his looks, why else would she choose him? I was rooting for them until this surfaced. Damn black people!

  33. Joyce Ellis says:

    Hold down my ass. What nerve he has to subject his family to his atrocious behsviour. Hope he gets jail time and pray Pheadra put on her big girl(literally) panties and go get the true southern belle life se deserves with a hella of a southern gentelman. She can fine one, there is a freak out there for her, she knows who they are, they just in the 'closet'. I think she was clor strck with Apollo but now that the limelight has dimmed,, it's time to go get a REAL MAN. Her husband is a punk ass who needs to be cussed out from everybody. We as black people has enough against us, now this asshole doesn't show any kind of repect for his culture. Divorce his sorry ass, I'm getting so mad just thinking about him.

  34. Joyce Ellis says:

    And old girl would hve gave it up and some just for the shallow attention. He would have stroked her up and end up all in her bank accounts. She's anther one that needs a good cussing out, she's a fake and a fraud.

  35. Joyce Ellis says:

    weren't the victims fake and made up?

  36. Pheadra probably new that Apollo money wasn't his and her reasons to stay home instead of joining him in spending someone else hard earn money. I believe she had an idea that he was no good but used her time wisely while with him, like making those cute babies'

  37. Remson Dorothy says:

    She is a crook to check you tube.

  38. Joyce Ellis He's obviously smart to have pulled all this off. Don't know if he ripped any people off, or it was just all fake stuff. He did rip off people thru the banks. So confusing to me. I wish he hadn't done it. He can't be all bad if Phaedra loves him. I think he got too much time for a white collar crime. I think we jail people too long, and too much in this country and I'm not liberal.

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