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Jamaica Poised to Receive Lucrative Canadian Deal to Export Medicinal Marijuana

KINGSTON, Jamaica – Canada is willing to purchase marijuana from Jamaica, a lucrative deal that could potentially earn billions of dollars for the country annually.

Blaine Dowdle (pictured left), chief executive officer of Canada-based MedCannAccess, is urging Jamaica to act quickly and seize the vast economic opportunity that could come from legalizing marijuana and establishing an export market for the product.

According to Dowdle, his country is looking to engage in the potential CDN$1.2-billion medical marijuana market. However, it is very expensive to grow marijuana in Canada, and investors there would be more than willing to import it from Jamaica.

Noting that medical marijuana currently retails for approximately CDN$7-$10 per gram in Canada, he said the product was in demand, which makes it a very profitable market.

Dowdle, who was in Jamaica to participate in Sunday’s Cannabis Stakeholders Forum that was staged at the PCJ Auditorium in St. Andrew, said MedCannAccess is a leader in the medical cannabis field, working to improve access for patients across Canada.

“I’m here from Canada representing 50,000 sick patients right now who don’t have access to safe, reliable, inexpensive medicine. Lots of the people using medical marijuana in Canada are disabled, they are literally sick and don’t have a lot of money, and they do need lower-cost cannabis in Canada,” he told The Gleaner.

He noted that in Canada, the number of patients under the medical marijuana program has been doubling annually.

“We are expecting it to continue along that trend. That means within the next four to five years, we should be able to supply between 400,000 to 500,000 patients,” Dowdle said.

He noted that MedCannAccess is currently becoming a licensed producer in Canada, which would enable it to produce and distribute medical marijuana within the Canadian market.

“There is an import provision within our new regulations which we are becoming licensed under. Hence, we would be able to import marijuana to Canada from any country in the world that has a medical marijuana product that is ready for export. Our regulations are already in effect and we have passed everything except the security check, which we are expecting any day now,” Dowdle said.

He noted that, “There are currently about four companies in Canada that are currently licensed to import marijuana for medicinal purposes.”

He said these companies currently import marijuana from a company in Holland; however, it would be cheaper coming from Jamaica, because of the cost of the growth of the plant in Holland.

He also stated that the industry was not restricted to Canada alone, as the Dutch company also exported marijuana to Germany and Italy, among other European countries.

He said that in Canada, growing marijuana was phenomenally expensive. They have to do it indoors, use lights, nutrients and very expensive ventilation systems he said, describing it as a complicated system.

He added, “Jamaica has probably the best environment in the world. With the help of small farmers you would be able to set up smaller-scale and lower-cost production spaces that would ideally fill a need in the Canadian market.”

“I hear everyone talking about Uruguay bypassing Jamaica and becoming the first Southern Hemisphere country to get into the Canadian medical marijuana market. However, Jamaica still has that opportunity.”

Uruguay legalized the use and sale of marijuana last December.

“If the weather is there, the determination is there and the people want it, then it’s yours for the taking, as there is a great need in Canada for lower-cost medical marijuana of higher quality,” Dowdle added.


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11 thoughts on “Jamaica Poised to Receive Lucrative Canadian Deal to Export Medicinal Marijuana

  1. Marco Renda says:

    The company's in Canada that are licensed to produce and distribute medical cannabis grow it themselves. There is 1 company from Holland that has also been given a license to produce. I can also assure you that Blaine Dowdle doesn't represent nor can he speak on behalf of the 40,000 patients in Canada.

  2. Todd Kaighin says:

    Mr. Renda is absolutely correct.

  3. Bill Hitchon says:

    This is government corruption in its finest. We can't grow it because we will go to jail. 35,000 licence people are growing it , buy it from them in Canada. Whats next ? import maple syrup from china

  4. Lynda Hewton says:

    You are completely correct on that!

  5. Jim MacAULAY says:

    man,wouldn't it be cheaper from Mexico?or let us grow our own….or legalize it here in CANADA! PM Harper in a continuous effort to complicate things.

  6. Marco Renda says:

    Well I got a call from Blaine Dowdle and he explained to me that what he said WASN'T what was printed. I have to admit that the media can put a spin on things. Here is a message that I got from Blaine that he said I can share " Hi Marco, Hope you are well. I went to the Cannabis stakeholders forum in Jamaica to explain our medical marijuana program and encourage reform of the laws down in Jamaica. Cannabis is still illegal there and thousands every year are arrested for possession which needs to change. We are Canadian and will be producing in Canada for Canadian patients. Jamaica may be able to in the future produce unique medicine from what we grow in Canada as their climate is vastly different. I stand by the fact affordability is a big issue for Canadian patients and that sunshine is cheaper than electricity. Change in Jamaica is not what is preventing patients in Canada from proper access or the right to grow. We need unity to make these changes not only nationally but internationally because the current prohibition is wrong. I hope we can all see a positive change in Jamaica as good for all medical marijuana users, the ones currently there and all the ones who love to visit like me! Thanks and take care I hope your vacation is amazing!"

  7. Thit is great and thats all icansay rightnow

  8. The only good thing about the plan is it could establish an international trade in marijuana which if I am not mistaken challenges prohibition in the US,,a treaty states American citizens cannot be banned from a legal intl market,,it was written beore marijuana was illegal so it does not have a caveat against it.

  9. But then,,the US iCongress s famous for only paying attention to the treaties they want to

  10. I know growers in Jamaica and investors in Canada, Jamaica needs to hurry up and change its laws. The only problem is nobody wants brown outdoor bush in Canada, everybody wants the green and purple high grade kush and will literally turn away B grade weed. Most growers in Jamaica I dont think they have the sweet tooth for weed like foreigners I was in Jamaica last year and bought like 8 different samples of weed from 5 or 6 different people in Negril and the quality turned me off. I am going back this year and hopefully I can make some moves with the growers I know to upgrade the product strains and develop better drying and curing and storing techniques. The strains in Jamaica have been crossed to take out essential terpenes to avoid detection. Something has to be done about that because nobody wants to smoke harsh weed with no particular flavor. So Im hoping to ssee some real gems next time I go to Jamaica. My new thing is me naa buy off a no bald head again.

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