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20 Most Anticipated Albums of 2014

dr-dreWho: Dr. Dre

Album: Detox

When: TBD

This one is a bit iffy. Dr. Dre’s “Detox” has been in the works since 2001; way back in 2007, the good doctor claimed that “Detox” would be his final album, telling the Los Angeles Times “it’s time to move on” and rapping is a “young man’s game.” Apparently, Dre isn’t ready to move on yet, because here we are approaching 2014 and “Detox” still hasn’t materialized. The album is so legendary, it’s even spawned its own blog,, billed as “the blog for the most-anticipated rap album ever.” Yet even that blog is short on details on exactly what’s happening with “Detox” and when it might appear.

Rock The Bells Music Festival -San Bernardino, CA - Day 1Who: Future

Album: Future Hendrix to Honest 

When: First quarter

Future has that Kanye-like creative genius, where he can make a whole song called “Honest” while crooning on the track with Auto-Tuned vocals. That kind of irony makes [fans] only more curious about what the Freebandz CEO has to say on a full-length LP of the same name.

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