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Rev. Jeremiah Wright Compares Obama and MLK: ‘I Have a Dream,’ ‘I Have a Drone’

obama jeremiah wrightPresident Barack Obama’s former pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, is back in the news this week, but this time it’s for  critical comments he made about the president at an event for the Chicago Teachers Union on Wednesday. While iconic civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. is remembered for the famous phrase,  “I have a dream,” Wright suggested Obama’s legacy could be boiled down to “I have a drone.”

CNN news anchor Don Lemon presented a report on Wright’s remarks, asking if  they could be considered “political payback” for Obama’s decision to denounce the pastor’s past rhetoric during the 2008 presidential campaign. While CNN’s cameras were asked to leave the room when Wright began speaking, the network managed to obtain some cell-phone video of his speech.

In addition to the unfavorable comparison between King and Obama, Wright also reportedly compared himself to the civil rights leader, who he said was reduced to “sanitized” soundbites much in the same manner negative soundbites were aired about him during the 2008 presidential campaign.

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3 thoughts on “Rev. Jeremiah Wright Compares Obama and MLK: ‘I Have a Dream,’ ‘I Have a Drone’

  1. Rev Wright suffers from narcissistic lunacy. Dr King fought a campaign with the best and most effective weapon available to him at the time. The Dream was what chose and he orchestrated a magnificent campaign with it. President Obama has Drones available to him and he has orchestrated a magnificent campaign with them. Hail to the Chief and God save the King.

  2. Theresa 'Tammie' Parrott says:

    Rev Wright said exactly what needed to be said, the truth! Blacks in the media like Don Lemon has assimulated, not intergrated into the system of the west. Rev Wright comments wasn't to get back at the president, it was to expose the evil western system for what it is. @James Washington, how can you use God and praise the use of Drones to kill innocent people in the same sentence? I bet you call yourself a Christian!

  3. Bob Simpson says:

    It's hard to imagine Dr. King endorsing drone strikes on impoverished villages in Pakistan seeing as how opposed the bombing of impoverished villages in Vietnam.

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