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‘Love & Hip Hop’ Season 4, Episode 10: ‘Red Alert’

Love & Hip Hop Season 4 Episode 10 Red Alert

Tahiry and Rashidah clash when “Love & Hip Hop” season 4, episode 10: “Red Alert”  premieres tonight on VH1.

In the upcoming episode,  Tahiry visits her best friend Rashidah Ali to vent out,  but the situation gets heated when Rah begins to question Tahiry’s friendship and selfishness. Meanwhile, Erica Mena and a new rival fight for territory.  Elsewhere, Joe decides to stake his claim as Tara and K. Michelle take the plunge on a double date. Rich finally admits his love.

Here’s a summary of the show by VH1:

“When people think of the hip-hop life, they think of the players–the men who shape the music and the blinged-out lifestyle that comes with success. The fact is the hip-hop life is different for the women involved: the spouses, girlfriends or artists trying to define themselves in a world where men are still calling the shots. VH1′s new, eight-part docu-soap series ‘Love & Hip Hop’ follows four dynamic women who are connected to the world of hip-hop, whether it’s through the men they love, or their struggle to be heard as an artist. ‘Love & Hip Hop’ provides a dramatic, funny and sometimes heartbreaking look into the female side of the New York hip-hop life as these four women try to claim their own place in it.”

“Love & Hip Hop” season 4, episode 10: “Red Alert” airs Jan. 13, at 8 p.m. EST on VH1. Check out the spoiler video below:


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3 thoughts on “‘Love & Hip Hop’ Season 4, Episode 10: ‘Red Alert’

  1. Denise Robertson says:

    Like it is so degrading to see the way the men treat women on this show. It is like we are living in the 20's, 30's, 40's and 50's when our female parent and grandparent were being treated like they were just a piece of meat and baby makers. And now here it is again in a show called LOVE AND HIP HOP. First of all there is no dam love, or hip hop. I wish shows would stop using love in these bull shit shows. The woman/women who produce such demeaning shows must do not have respect for themselves.

  2. Mickey Casalinuovo says:

    No respect for women by the women themselves allowing all the bullshit fighting for a men who has no respect for them

  3. amen hardly ever if not at all mention their love for AGod or seving him and puttinghim before these sorry men

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