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‘Love & Hip Hop’ Season 4, Episode 13: ‘Reunion Part 1’

Love & Hip Hop Season 4 Episode 13 Reunion Part 1

“Love & Hip Hop” season 4, episode 13: “Reunion Part 1” premieres tonight on VH1.

This week on “Love & Hip Hop,” the cast reunite and host Mo’Nique gets to the bottom of this season’s messy love triangles and relationships. Drama ensues with shocking reveals and explosive words, both on and off stage. Rich, Erica and Cyn collide at the reunion show, and Mo’Nique gets caught in the middle of the drama.

Here’s a summary of the show by VH1:

“When people think of the hip-hop life, they think of the players–the men who shape the music and the blinged-out lifestyle that comes with success. The fact is the hip-hop life is different for the women involved: the spouses, girlfriends or artists trying to define themselves in a world where men are still calling the shots. VH1′s new, eight-part docu-soap series ‘Love & Hip Hop’ follows four dynamic women who are connected to the world of hip-hop, whether it’s through the men they love, or their struggle to be heard as an artist. ‘Love & Hip Hop’ provides a dramatic, funny and sometimes heartbreaking look into the female side of the New York hip-hop life as these four women try to claim their own place in it.”

“Love & Hip Hop” season 4, episode 13: “Reunion Part 1”  airs Feb. 3, at 8 p.m. EST on VH1. Check out the spoiler video below:


What people are saying

5 thoughts on “‘Love & Hip Hop’ Season 4, Episode 13: ‘Reunion Part 1’

  1. Chimere Jasmine says:

    Love AND Hip Hop I s The Truth!!!!! Real Life Ish

  2. Cathy Robinson says:

    Erica looks good. Pretty girl but her mouth though!

  3. Glad I DVR the show too many commercials

    Could have saved the money paying Monique to host.

  4. Oh I've been called many kinds of B in life.. but Cyn told Erica she was her B she said cryin her eyes out

    Oh my keys are stiki an skip Cyn is calin u Bitches and want u to buy her why ddn' t u just stay wit sum MEN!!!! That sily love affir Cyn is offeri with stret drama make me sick 2 hear her. both are so prtty but all 3 needs 2 go 3 differnt ways… Peter did sum shit that even f-up the HOOD!!! agin run 3 ways FAST!!!! Amina you got saddness in your future… BUT YOUR VOICE is ALL THAT annd sum !! U need a big sis job I'll work cause u wll make it. u got a blessing but dont let Peter block it.We love K Ma shell lol ,Do EMena say anythin good with that beau. face but cus.and throw a glass put ttat energy into your future cus if u pln 2 be wt Cyn u ned a income …Tiary u said u wantd Joe 2 do it… now you tell his mom u dont love him tell Joe ..I need sm makeup let him move on..cus it look like he up grade yo whole family.Mena slow it down b 4 u pop a vein in yo head u gettin 2 bg 4 yo self stop screamn and start singin!!!!! so much 2 say PC is SHIT!!!

  5. In episode 13, season 4, what was the name of the video that Mo`Nique hosted, in Love & hip hop

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