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10 Hard Truths Black People Try to Avoid

The enslavement of African people and its deep-seated impact continue to stall the progression of Black people in America and throughout the African world. The monumental task of advancing our peoples’ interest beyond the affects of slavery and colonization requires that we accept a few hard truths to get ahead. In the words of the honorable Marcus Garvey,  “If you (Black people) cannot do what other men have done, what other nations have done, what other races have done, then you will have to die!”

truth colorblindness

1. Color blindness is a disempowering narrative

To teach Black people to not see race in an intrinsically racist society is to disarm our people from properly identifying the threats organizing around them. One key threat that Black people face is global white supremacy and its race-based ideology and institutions.

Psychologist Stephanie Fryberg writes in “When the World Is Colorblind, American Indians Are Invisible: A Diversity Science Approach:”

“In a colorblind world, whites, who are unlikely to experience the negative effects of race, can actively ignore the continued significance of racism in American society, justify the current social order, and feel more comfortable with their relatively privileged standing in society.”

2. We believe we are stronger because we “turn the other cheek”

We are weak, not strong when we align ourselves with the most pacifist verses in the Bible. As one of the most religious groups of people in the world, there is little reason why we remain at the bottom economically and otherwise. The following biblical verse should replace the “turn the other cheek” mentality.

In Luke 22:36 Jesus is quoted: “’But now,” he said, “if you have a wallet or a pack, take it; and if you don’t have a sword, sell your robe to buy one.”

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44 thoughts on “10 Hard Truths Black People Try to Avoid

  1. Hiewet Senghor says:

    Black people please read this is really thought provoking and something we should be considering and/or debating

  2. I felt it… Yet it feels like we are all alone…

  3. i feel you like Dr. Amos Wilson said for this system of white supremacy to work black people must be out of their minds..I try to have hope that enough of us will wake up in this information age

  4. Renessa Bak says:

    to Continue. I think generally the white population is shrinking every where compared to the growing numbers of others. If China, decides to walk all over America on day, call up the debt, they'd walk all over us. we'd be shocked how many condo's have been bought up by them . .

    you also forget that the tables are turning upside down and side ways. . . first off, we have a whole acclimatized to the computer generation, which particularly the kids that are now coming up, they are light years ahead of us, no matter their particular background. There is now a massive movement of peoples about the face of earth.
    This breaks the bond with home turf, the land out of which your peoples grew, as did their customs, their cultures, music, song dance, with and wisdom, languages and dialects. Each
    dressed in earth's signature of its rockbed neath their feat .
    language is
    the expression of where humanity is at. words put to the cosmic consciousness
    with each, picking up on the molecular structures of earth's rockbed as well as being journeyed through the eons an ages of time through which the becoming of earth has traveled to arrive in the hear and now. .

  5. Renessa Bak says:

    earth, from an orb crusting over . . literally having its memoryes bake into stone and on being watered by a touch of light, turned earth, into an inside out womb. from every oceanic vent unique flora and fauna grew round according to John Delaney's interactive ocean TedTalk. Had heard the same tale about the vents and geysers of YELLow Stone Park.
    so have we all stem or could life have sprung up from all manner of spots and then when earth crack intwo
    and the land which rose and on getting stuck on earth's
    ever still growing crust, split up further into the continents
    each of earth's peoples differences have evolved with time
    our features accentuate certain vibrational traits , its our vocal cords through which the earth
    about an hour ago · Like
    Renessa Bak Jamaican reggae , the music that can't help set your feet a dancing , and all the folks who Jazz up the Blues with Cajun Funk, from the MoTown Music, ah, that long time after Lead Belly. . . lets get real now
    no people tear more sweat and blood into the earth than did your peoples, That also reads of all the plants have absorbed your DNA into the earth and plants . . being taking it back to the highest . . through the healing process by compensating for the low and hurting vibes.

    you were the brought here to do the back breaking labour. and the first let go of when they got fancy and they began to take the work out of farming , and the last to get jobs at the factory until. . . in your leisure, you have made music, music is the medicine when and where ever words fail .

  6. Renessa Bak says:

    we were heading down to Florida of Feb 2001 and noticed a Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd in every town and city we come through . . . at 3 we'd got to Atlanta and i said , hey, lets call it a day. . . if it isn't DrMLKjr day, and Oprah's on, so we got our fill on it. . . . after we arrive at our destination. . . there was this ad on and on and on and on and on and on TV. There was no end to it . The ad asked 'where have all the black folks gone', and then went into a long list of how poverty struck we'd be as a nation without their music, muscle and magic '
    yes my words, a proud man has all of that . .
    lightbulb moment. . they were all found walking . .? dancing on their Respective Dr Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevards . .
    at which our mind naturally presents us with a memory of their setting a table through town when they celebrated 9 centuryes of township. . . or all the times I've mentioned it? no one has picked up on it. .

  7. Renessa Bak says:

    I hope, on the other hand, that you browse our notes well (a few after yours, ) for a view , from the side lines

  8. A truly profound explanation of the dynamics of what African people throughout this planet continue to endure. Somehow we expect that because some of us are in the USA our meager accomplishments will quiet the hate and domination that we have yet to overcome. Not so. I actually believe that our future is greater than what we currently understand as a people, though it will require an even greater mental transformation about our journey and our destiny. It will take enormous love of self as is mentioned in the article and the complete eradication of the brainwashing that is locked in our heads about the superiority of white people, finally understanding that superiority has nothing to do with color. Instead it is realized by honoring our true selves, a powerful resilience, a purist’s character, and loads of knowledge rather than the lies we have been fed for centuries.

  9. Neville Matroos says:

    now what about south africa

  10. Don't Blame The Victim! why, u hurt? or weak?

  11. Ko Kuffuor says:

    This is both great and true. We need to believe and accept these truths – and finally start working together, with all the "black feminists" ruining relationships and marriage. People tend to read these truths everyday – and then do the opposite.

  12. Truth hurts.if you wanna see racist just come to South Africa then go to Germany.

  13. What a great article, summoned up so simple for all blacks to read, and easily to understand. Keep these great article coming. This is a wonderful site. I use to be a constant site visitor of Huffington Post, not anymore. They are very selected of our post. But they will not allow the use of the n word. I like that.

  14. What a great article, summoned up so simple for all blacks to read, and easily to understand. Keep these great article coming. This is a wonderful site. I use to be a constant site visitor of Huffington Post, not anymore. They are very selected of our post. But they will not allow the use of the n word. I like that.

  15. Dee White says:

    Amen. Thank you. May God Bless and Help us All. Race and Sex are being over rated to enrich others. Mother Earth of which we are all enriched is under rated.

  16. Matt Tullas says:

    lets celebrate black history in a positive way

  17. Matt Tullas you are not celebrating, you are stalking me from page to page, like the God-less devil you are.

  18. Guercy Elan says:

    WOW. I will hit Tariq Nasheed this is.

  19. Doris Leyba says:

    Q: with that said, then you believe your statement is true for when Arabs contributed to/with the sales of men, women & children during 1800's?

  20. Qdown Dale says:

    Most Arabs DO NOT associate themselves whith being black. You cannot expect this site or the authors to be unreal and speak as if you got Arabs out the ass yelling they are black. the truth is they are not if if there is it is a very small percentage. qucik with the fake nigga outrage

  21. Qdown Dale says:

    Most Arabs DO NOT associate themselves whith being black. You cannot expect this site or the authors to be unreal and speak as if you got Arabs out the ass yelling they are black. the truth is they are not if if there is it is a very small percentage. qucik with the fake nigga outrage

  22. Qdown Dale says:

    another thing is you missed the entire point of the post to whine about some damn catogories. that was less then a percent of the article. You NIGGAS kill me smh

  23. Tia Nia says:

    This is an excellent article. I will make one suggestion. All of this information must be instilled in our children as soon as they come out of the womb. Maybe prenatal .The way we design their nursery is also crucial. Get rid of the Goldilocks and get Afro Tina and the 3 bears . Say Goodbye to Superman and get Captain Africa. But most of all if you hang up God /Jesus type images see to it that the posters and books are Black. If not color them. There is a war of White dominance and supremacy that is branded on our children as soon as they turn on the T V . Be conscious of all the mindless comments spoken over your child. Somebodies understands what I'm talking about.

  24. Ibrahimi Qurani says:

    Qdown Dale First of all I am not a nigga. Do not use that term with me. Given the fact that we know what that term means and that even we use it to insult should be enough for you to stop insulting yourself and other black brothers and sisters with that ugly term that the white man gave to us.

  25. Ibrahimi Qurani says:

    Qdown Dale I attacked what I saw was an untruth in the article. I didn't talk about anything else in the article because besides that it was a GREAT article. Peace.

  26. Ibrahimi Qurani says:

    Doris Leyba The people who the Arabs bought and sold the most were European Slavs, people from the Caucasus like Georgians and Armenians, Greco-Romans and Persians. And this was happening way before the 1800's. As a matter of fact that Ottoman took huge numbers of slaves from southern Europe all the way up to Hungary and brought them to N. Africa all the way down to the Sudan and Eritrea. British propaganda tried to blame and deflect slavery on the east coast of Africa on Arabs since the Arabs were there most potent enemies in the area, when the main participants were the British via their Indian subjects, as well as the Portuguese. Additionally it was black Africans who were mostly involved in these sales. Lastly no one wants to talk about the extensive slave markets within Africa itself where slaves were destined for other black African households, garrisons and farms. Arabs bought African slaves but in MUCH, MUCH lower numbers than Europeans and even Africans themselves. Also remember that many Arabs are black and the further back in time you go the blacker they are. It is pure Western Propaganda in tandem with pale Arab propaganda that you do not see these black Arabs and that the Arabs do not admit to their Arab black ancestry. Have you not seen Tippu Tip the "famous" Arab slave holder (pure British propaganda here). He is as black as any of his "slaves." Also remember that the Arabs used slaves in ways that gave them great power, they often used them as officials and executives. They also assimilated them into the Arab ethnicity very easily. This is opposed to the racist European system that used slaves as chattel animals, denied their humanity and enslaved them and segregated their ancestors based on physical racial appearances. The sin wasn't the actual enslavement as much as the treatment and acceptance of slaves and the children of those slaves in society. An Arab recognizes the Arabness of anyone whose ancestors either Arabized or any Arab who has a direct Arab ancestor even if the Arab looks Chinese. How many Europeans do you know who recognize the Spanishness, Scottness or Irishness of the black people with whom they share patrilineal ancestry throughout the Americas?

  27. Ibrahimi Qurani says:

    Qdown Dale Most Hispanics don't either. But we don't go around talking about the Hispanic domination of black people, because we know better. Because we know that Hispanic and black are not mutually exclusive terms and that saying Hisanic man does not equal saying 'the white man' and that many hispanics are not white. This is the same case with Arab. Additionally whereas to be a pure Hispanic is to be a white Spaniard, to be a pure Arab is to be a black Arab. So say all of the Arab linguistic authorities on the matter.

  28. Tia,

    With all due respect, I fight for the LIVES and SOULS of black women babies and families in my Pro Life work…abortion dis empowers women of ALL races. It destroys families. In America, it is a form of legal Genocide.

    Are you aware of the:
    Radiance Foundation and Ryan Bomberger?
    Too Many Aborted?
    Did you know that 4 out of 5 black babies are aborted?

    This isn't about race about whites vs blacks this is about our gov't lying to us telling us that white women and black women are too stupid to figure out how to take care of their babies so lets put 15 Planned Parenthoods (who do abortions!) in poverty stricken neighborhoods so they can walk to get "care" and ONE crisis pregnancy center in that same neighborhood!

    How is that supporting poor, scared moms?

    I don't care what color anyone is…LIFE Is sacred, black babies, white babies, Hispanic babies, Russian Babies, Chinese babies are all SACRED! Our families are the building blocks, smallest units of society…everything else is built upon that. IF our families are conquered and divided…what is there to build upon? Scattered we are vulnerable. We are all human and some how we've become pitted against each other…when it should really be us all united against the powers that be that are destroying human beings in the womb, the very fabric of our communities and society.

    It is the ultimate form of population control. I beg you to please look up Margaret Sanger the founder of Planned Parenthood and see her mission statement, her goals of eugenics and genocide and population control…Planned Parenthood is DESTROYING the black culture, families, babies, dads, moms, grandparents…and guess what? Our lying President is feeding PP billions of dollars, of tax dollars to keep killing your babies and our babies….he advocated for murdering live born babies that were accidentally born after a failed abortion (I know this will piss readers off but can fully back it up with any evidence necessary)

    So who is the real enemy? How can we stop perpetuating the lies that ALL women have been told about "choice" and life?

    How empowering is it for someone to tell a woman, black or can't have a baby you can't afford one, you are not strong enough, smart enough, wealthy enough, baby will mess your life up, you can't be successful with baby…What does all of that really say about the strength and wisdom and faith and knowledge of WOMEN?

    Have you ever seen the movie Precious? "Precious" Gabourey Sidibe, is what women REALLY are!! She is empowered, she is strong, she is wise, she is a MOTHER, she did not let anyone get her down. She was sou wounded, broken and scared. God created women to be strong, to be the nurturers of the next generation…which is the MOST IMPORTANT JOB IN THE WORLD…and we've fallen for the lie that we can't do it, so lets just murder and reduce the population of black folks…….

    I hope this post is received as an inspirational and educational message, one of a common bond of woman hood and families and God and love…if anything I wrote come across any other way…I am sorry, I do NOT mean it anyway but in the above veins.

    If you have any questions or want to learn more about the lies we've been told and truths, please feel free to engage in dialogue or ask any questions.

  29. John: 8:32 Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.

  30. Gerry Darby says:

    When we stop trusting that God is the answer to our problems and looking at the world with an objective and analytical eye , then maybe we can make real changes in our lives and our communities.

  31. Tony Temple says:

    Should be added crying never helps. If one don't like the education system, start and go to private schools. And we need to stop thinking of ourselves so collectively because there are brothers and sisters who put themselves in bad situations, and we should stay away from these people. Example, women who keep having babies out of wedlock, thugs, etc.

  32. Red Dipper says:

    Ibrahimi Qurani Hispanic is Synonymous with WHITE

  33. Denise Saxon says:

    Yes, yes yes

  34. Farntella Graham says:

    the main one is the denial that we are living with people who want us gone. they want us dead and they will do it because this is what they do. we so busy believing we are the same. we are NOT THE SAME SPECIES. WE ARE HUMANS AND THEY ARE NEANDERTHALS. THIS IS NOT A JOKE. THIS IS A SCIENTIFIC FACT.

  35. Alexander Gowan says:

    Daily reminder this is lincolns opinion of basketball americans:
    I will say then that I am not, nor ever have been in favor of bringing about in any way the social and political equality of the white and black races, that I am not nor ever have been in favor of making voters or jurors of negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with white people; and I will say in addition to this that there is a physical difference between the white and black races which I believe will forever forbid the two races living together on terms of social and political equality. And inasmuch as they cannot so live, while they do remain together there must be the position of superior and inferior, and I as much as any other man am in favor of having the superior position assigned to the white race.

    no one wants you, doesn't matter the country.

  36. Ramal Davis says:

    If that were the case your government would have allowed Marcus Garvey to complete his work. I find it very strange how white supremacists have soooo much to say about black people yet it is you all who come to our sites to troll us. Not to mentio the FACT that your people wanted us here in the first place. Hence why you bought us here.

  37. Fb keep redirecting off this sites.the fb police don't want us to wake up

  38. Joseph Balin says:

    Arabs are not even close to being black.

  39. Joseph Balin says:

    Renessa Bak Huh? Did all of the black power nuts come out to comment?

  40. I love this article. Yet the central problem to organizing African people is our inablity to let go of the "one dope rule". There are many mutiracial people claiming to be African American. Barack Obama comes to mind who are not working in our best interest and obviosuly do not represent African people form time immeorial. Thus, we need to stop celebrating half breeds like Farakhan, Malcolm X (Griffe), Adam Clayton Powell, and many others.

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