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5 Funny Yet Disturbingly Inappropriate Cartoon Moments

Did you know that cartoons were originally created for adults?  They were reportedly created for adults as a filler before featured films or to promote music, as was the case when Warner Bros. launched Looney Tunes in 1930.

Many studies have highlighted the potential negative impact of cartoons on children but it is a widely held belief that cartoons are not to be taken seriously. Should we reconsider that sentiment for these listed below?

Herbert the Pervert

To be fair, Family Guy is considered an adult animation, however there is no room for humor when it comes to pedophilia. Herbert from Family Guy is a pedophile. An old man who likes to take advantage of young boys, likes to smell their underwear, write songs about young boys and basically lives for the next sexual thrill. Every single scene he’s ever been in on Family Guy has a common punchline theme: Herbert wants to have sex with little boys.

It would be tolerable if Herbert was ever punished for his reprehensible behavior.

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7 thoughts on “5 Funny Yet Disturbingly Inappropriate Cartoon Moments

  1. Jess Nelson says:

    LOL Pepe was definitely a stalker & creep

  2. Kadian Nelson says:

    So much of this stuff flies below the radar

  3. Bugs Bunny has never made me mad, not to mention that he's one of my favorite cartoon characters. The "All This And Rabbit Stew" short may have been deemed racist back then, but it's nothing but satire, to me.

    Other than that, I'd understand if Bugs Bunny's gags only targeted Blacks, but from what I can remember, his gags were a mockery of all different races as the title states. Yet, only the ones in reference to Blacks become censored on national television?

    How is Bugs Bunny any different from Dave Chappelle, a comedian who pretty much makes a mockery of every race there is (including his own) in his stand-ups….? Black folks seem to be okay with that, though, and I'm pretty sure the reason is obvious… Smh…

  4. Jacqueline McGee Smith says:

    "Nearly All Things Bugs Bunny" was the tagline of that example, and you're arguing based on the clip they chose to represent it. Just because you (personally) weren't offended, doesn't mean the cartoons weren't offensive. And what is your thesis- it's not racist, because he made fun of every non white? That's a bit of a flimsy argument. Especially when you consider that during this time period Blacks and Latinos were the biggest minority groups lobbying for boycotts and censorship of the offensive material- Arabs and Asians had yet to be in the country in large enough numbers to be taken seriously, and I'm willing to bet that if such blatant offenses were to be animated today, that those groups would be just as vocal in stating their displeasure as everyone else historically has been.

  5. Jacqueline McGee Smith I drew a comparison between Dave Chappelle and Bugs Bunny. They both mock other races. So, Dave Chappelle is racist by extension, even though everyone seems to be okay with the jokes he makes, right? Like I said, satire. I don't think either of it is meant to be taken seriously.

  6. Jacqueline McGee Smith says:

    Derrick Opurum Power structures are the difference.

  7. Jacqueline McGee Smith I disagree, but whatever.

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