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‘Oprah’s Lifeclass’ Season 3, Episode 22: ‘Oprah and Iyanla Vanzant / Colorism: The Secret Shame’

'Oprah's Lifeclass' Season 3, Episode 22

“Oprah’s Lifeclass”  season 3, episode 22: “Oprah and Iyanla Vanzant / Colorism: The Secret Shame” airs Friday on OWN.

In this episode, Oprah is joined by Iyanla Vanzant to discuss colorism—the prejudice people face based on skin color—and the impact it has on self-esteem.

A summary of show reads:

“Sixteen million viewers in the United States alone tuned in for The Oprah Winfrey Show finale. In the historic final hour, Oprah took the stage as teacher in the world’s biggest classroom, highlighting the principles that guide her life, many of which were gleaned from the 4,561 hours of The Oprah Winfrey Show. In an all-new series, “Oprah’s Lifeclass“, Oprah reaches back through the show’s 25-year history to teach the lessons that matter most to her… the guidelines for fulfilling your life’s potential, breaking through your barriers, understanding your purpose, letting go of anger, how to use joy to fuel your life and becoming all you were meant to be. It is the ultimate life class. Oprah will share her most personal revelations and what she thinks now about those iconic show moments and guests.”

“Oprah’s Lifeclass”  season 3, episode 22 airs Jan. 10 at 10 p.m. EST, 9 p.m. CST on OWN.

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10 thoughts on “‘Oprah’s Lifeclass’ Season 3, Episode 22: ‘Oprah and Iyanla Vanzant / Colorism: The Secret Shame’

  1. You have to love yourself and who you are inside and out no matter what shade of color your skin is

  2. Hi my carnesia jones I think every woman color is beautiful that's no better than anyone sooo its what media and entertainment industry say for color I think all black or any body has what to belive in our inner outer beauty. I think we all goes through this equally and that we special just way we are and I'm 18 just graduate from highschool and through school its was constant pressure from dark and light skinned to pick on the other soo want to know that if its goes back to when were slaves why the topic comes up still sooo pepole who are mixed don't put themsleves as black or color

  3. I am not a black or light skinned person I am a white caucasion person and I my sl

  4. finishing my post.. I have been descriminated at when i was a child and still to this day

  5. i have still e been having trouble i would have many dare

  6. darek or nlight scineed girls and theay were not nic te to me i was pregnant when i was a senior in high school i am still with my babys father but i was told by 2 black/llightskinned rgirls that i should terminate my pregnancy caus my mmomma would not allow it .. did they thingk that my momma wanted me to go to school pregnant … non but it happens and i was alwasys so mimtimitraded by the girls at school that i would not say anything .. this alwos also ahappens in the shite white community

  7. sorry about the missspelling on the posts this will not lwt me mback up and mi fingers dont work right.

  8. Lisa Mutchel says:

    I think this girl is so pretty. I am jealous of her skin tone. I am a very light skin Caucasian and since a child I have been so jealous of those with dark skin. Especially the color of this girls.

  9. WFor all my life my light skin as caused me a lot of grief. Going to school i caught hell becsuse the darker skin girls though everthing for me was and will be handed to me on a silver platter and i was left out and so became an intervert . I saw it as jealousy and really i had no control over who my father is. I had nothing handed out to me . I have to work like everyone else.

  10. Farntella Graham says:

    it is very interesting how oprah brags that she is the O in Oprah/Harpo, but yet most of the people in her employee are white. I was teased about my color coming up but I came to understand WHY I was persecuted and once I came to know, their opinion of me came to mean nothing. it (the oppression) was just another lie and manifestation of the doctrine of white supremacy and the making of a slave and to divide to conquer and control on the part of white people.

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