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Gabrielle Union Attends ‘Being Mary Jane’ Premiere‚ Gives Relationship Advice to Women

gabrielle-union-being-mary-jane-los-angeles-premiereAt the Los Angeles premiere of “Being Mary Jane”, Gabrielle Union took the time to give some relationship advice as she promoted her highly anticipated show.

During an interview with The Jasmine Brand, Union let women know the telltale signs of a relationship that is going nowhere.

Union was asked how a woman can know when it’s time to let go of a relationship, she responded jokingly by saying, “Um, when they don’t call you back? No.”

She continued, “If you ever have to put ‘Never Answer‘ in the phone, that may be a good sign that relationship’s run its course […] if you don’t look forward to seeing them, if the relationship starts to feel like a job, could be a sign. A lot of times as women, [we can look] at men like a carton of milk and we see the expiration date come and gone. It’s spoiled, and now its curdled, and it’s damn near blue cheese. It’s done. Throw it away. It’s gonna make you sick. We just have to recognize the obvious, obvious signs.”

The recently engaged actress appears to have no plans to leave her fiancé Dwyane Wade, who fathered a child while they were on a break in their own relationship. While the discovery may have been painful, the “Being Mary Jane” star lives by a mantra that puts a harsh spin on life.

She shared that her quote to live by was that “Bad things happen to people every day. Your pain is not unique. Now what?”

Union also sat down with Kelly and Michael this morning where she discussed her engagement. See the video below.

“Being Mary Jane” debuts 10 p.m. Jan. 7 on BET.

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