17 Most Racist Moments of 2013

Black ESPN Sportscaster Racist Letter
Black ESPN Sportscaster Receives Racist Letter From ‘Fan’

Jemele Hill, a young Black sports enthusiast and ESPN personality has been guest hosting Colin Cowherd’s show, “The Herd.” Not everyone is happy about Hill being on the show. In January, a disgruntled fan sent a handwritten letter that begged the network to not have Black people hosting.

“Get her outa here before she backslides into some Ebonics-laden inarticulate mumbo-jumbo tirade. Short sound bites from male (Black) jocks is tolerable. But, I’m not interested in spending all day listening to some thick-lipped gorilla, attempting to properly speak the king’s English,” the letter detailed.


White Man Slaps Black Baby and Tells Mom to ‘Shut That N***r Baby Up’

Delta Air Lines passenger Joe Rickey Hundley was arrested and charged with simple assault when he allegedly demanded that another passenger quiet her 19-month-old crying baby, stating, “shut that n***r baby up.” The man then reportedly followed up the slur with an open-handed slap across the child’s face.

On Jan. 6, he was sentenced to eight months in federal prison.

Joe Rickey Hundley was sentenced Monday.

The incident occurred on Feb. 8.

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