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5 Worst Nations For Black Immigrants


Saudi Arabia

Over the last two months, there have been a number of  media reports regarding the inhumane treatment of African immigrants in Saudi Arabia, including atrocities against Ethiopians detained in concentration camps.  Since November 2013,  several Ethiopians have been killed or beaten and over 100,000 have been forcefully deported from Saudi Arabia.

Below is a video of  Saudis beating Ethiopian immigrants.

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142 thoughts on “5 Worst Nations For Black Immigrants

  1. Charlemange Fezza says:

    They should kick all of the foreigners who are there to steal their resources and bring invader religions into the continent OUT. Actually, they should have done this many years ago.

  2. This list missed the US

  3. Raquel Victorious Harris says:

    Speechless, the fuckery in this world

  4. Sam Best says:

    greece should be in this list for sure

  5. Why in hell would anybody migrate to China. China is like the worst country on earth. It's can't even feed it's own billion of citizen how in hell would it feed immigrates. If you are black u should know where you can migrate to and where you shouldn't. just saying.

  6. Why is this so hard to believe. We have know friends in this world. None at all.

  7. I have know problem going back to Africa. Kick all who are not African out of Africa. We need to stop playing with these people. They want what Africa has. We are powerful if we all unite as a people.

  8. Stephen Ayiro says:

    Africans treat everyone else like kings and queens when the set foot on our soil….we welcome them with open arms….they live in prestigious homes but on the contrary they treat us like crap when they cross the waters…we are all sons & daughters of God. ISREAL HOLLY LAND GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE… cant be the chosen peaple with this much hate in your cold hearts no wonder you keep fighting with Arabs who are not any much better either. Chinese are just some greedy little bastards manupilating the foreign market, flood your cheap stuff and counterfeit products migrating all over the world yet you want no one in your land, the whole world is intergrating lets just all get along

  9. Mistreab Hadish says:

    I wish all the best to people's of Israel but death to Israel politics's and racism

  10. Actually no. Black Immigrants actually do far better than black Americans in America. Check the facts.

  11. Then why don't you as well as most other non Native American people leave the Americas and go to Africa?

  12. Sahbi Ism says:

    Why jump out of the pot into the frying pan? I just don't see why the keep going where they are not wanted, will be jailed, beat or killed. What are they running from in Africa that could be worse than what they are experiencing in other countries?

  13. Sahbi Ism says:

    Why jump out of the pot into the frying pan? I just don't see why the keep going where they are not wanted, will be jailed, beat or killed. What are they running from in Africa that could be worse than what they are experiencing in other countries?

  14. The government but if it will be hell no matter where they were id prefer africa at least they accept u and love u more then outsiders. (Well at least they tribe) they bout to send dey kids thru STRAIGHT IDENTITY CRISIS TOO

  15. Sahbi Ism says:

    It's crazy how everybody else overstand self preservation, but Africans don't get it. They instead will try to mix with other people, even if they are unwanted, they still try to force themselves into the hearts of their abuser? I kinda want to punch some of them myself for being that damn needy. Lest we forget those children traveling with them…Mm mm mm.

  16. Don't be hateful and blind like them. They are on a level no respectable human should stoop to.
    They do this out of ignorance, fear, and hatred; we don't need anymore of that in the world.

  17. Ryan Hollis says:

    read books, man. China is THE biggest growing economic and manufacturing powerhouse in the world. This is why the U.S. respects china. Read and educate yourself.

  18. DonnaLee Sommers-Williams says:

    As much as America have it's share of racism….I would never trade it for any where else…..if there were jobs and smarter Political leaders in Jamaica…I would go back today…..I cannot go to Africa bcuz I don't know anyone there….furthermore Africans don't care too much for Jamaicans….lmao

  19. Angel Conet says:

    There fucks let them go to hell if I where I will fuck the word

  20. Harold Malcolm JP says:

    u must be

  21. Raquel Victorious Harris says:

    Naw im not jamaican, lol wtf!?? What that got to do with my comment, smh

  22. How did this comment get on my fb page??

  23. Racquel I'm going to hazard a guess and say that it is your choice of adjective about the world that would cause one to think that you are Jamaican. That is a 100 percent Jamaican word.

  24. @ Paul. I would love nothing more then to move to Africa. Don't forget that we were in the Americas long before it was call America. Don't forget we built this country. And also

  25. Raquel Victorious Harris says:

    Words are words and i am a human being, really dont care about origins of language, this world is fucked up!!! Is that better!!??? With all due respect!!!

  26. Raquel Victorious Harris says:

    Human being, meaning, not any race jamaican , or anything else, just human!!

  27. Anonymous says:

    Israel is built on the racist doctrine of Zionism. Just like many Jewish people made clear in the video, it has to be racist to survive as it was created to be, a place for Jewish people to rule. Hitler would be proud.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Israel is built on the racist doctrine of Zionism. Just like many Jewish people made clear in the video, it has to be racist to survive as it was created to be, a place for Jewish people to rule. Hitler would be proud.

  29. God's chosen people my @ss!

  30. Anonymous says:

    You really must not read the bible. Israel was built on genocide. It was the holy book of god that told them go into the land and kill everyone there and take the land for themselves. They are acting just like their god made them to be. Religion is wonderful isn't it?

  31. Ryan Hollis since you're the guy that read allot, please do tell me Where China get all of it's resources? China's economy is growing in the back of the African's hard work while at home in Africa the economy stay shitty. No I don't read allot because if I do I would sure know far more sir.

  32. Mercè Gil says:

    Greece and also Spain….all the latin cultures are quite racist…unfortunately…but fortunately, there are more anti-racist people…a man is not superior to another..

  33. Mark Meeks says:

    i often wonder about the people in all these countries telling people that they don't belong and should go back to where they are from now if all these people pack there bags and leave what would happen to that country.

  34. Dennis Muzahuzi Uganda says:

    When African are being tortured, the concerned authorities will call for a conference, yet without any solution to the problems!!

  35. Prince Stan says:

    The US should stop giving aids to Israel. The Congressional Black Caucus should protest this treatment of Blacks in Israel.

  36. Ernesto Gomez says:

    Unpack that internalized racism, asshole.

  37. Michael Abdal'Azeem McCalla-The Wycliffe She just from Chicago thats all. We got our own language coo

  38. Anonymous says:

    "China can't feed its own people?" I think you're mistaking China for Africa. China is currently lending $1.3 trillion, I repeat , $1.3 TRILLION to Obama so that US government employees shuffle paper around, and so that American students especially in the "Inner Cities" are only 3 years behind (not 4 or 5) the equivalent Chinese, Japanese, Eastern European in Science and Maths.

  39. @giltedged4 For god sake, China is communist Country. You think it's Government care that much for it's citizens? China have more then a billion people living in it, you think they can feed all of them? China Lending money to big superpower countries like the U.S just so the world could see the powerful of it's economy is. If China so damn great why don't you go live there for once and see how long you would last? & if you are living over there you probably the collect few that have the access to better life. And Nation that is leading in the pollution game at that too. I don't say China isn't a great country but out of all country in the world I would never choose China as a country for black people to migrate in. Just like I would never choose U.S and most of the European countries. Chinas great economy will never benefit black people in fact it will destroy most of the black people's hard earn economy.

  40. Amun Maat Zulu says:

    The CBC is afraid of the AIPAC lobby and are mostly Christians. Try sending this report to them with a video link and see if you get a reply. I think I will do just that myself.

  41. Amun Maat Zulu says:

    Raquel Victorious Harris fuckery maam.

  42. Raquel Victorious Harris says:

    Wow, that's sad

  43. Mansa Musa says:

    us black people are surrounded on all sides by our enemies. this is the best time to strike. economically and physically.

  44. Ryan Hollis says:

    Ricky R Edward actually, you're partially right. China is exploiting Africa just like the U.S. and Europe are, but china is also a huge exporter. Look at how much crap in the U.S. says "made in china". They are a manufacturing powerhouse. They are in line to be the next big powerhouse to replace the u.s. when the u.s. finally falls off.

  45. True, but china will fall right after.

  46. Charlemange Fezza How very tolerant of you.

  47. Sahbi Ism black kids WILL ALWAYS SUFFER and bare the burden because of their parentsI insecurity. They self esteem and identity is at the burning cross everytime…..hell that scolding ass try ya best not to be yo african self process could be the reason why negroes act the way they act now

  48. Anonymous says:

    Paul RichardsPaul Richards you are wrong. Black immigrants don't do far better than native, black Americans. You people are always distorting statistics to suit your agenda. There is a much smaller group of Black immigrants than Black Americans, so your percentages are just higher. It's not actual numbers. It's like saying 20 out of 100 black Americans go to college, while 5 out of ten immigrants go to college. That's 20% of Black Americans and 50% of immigrants, but 20 is obviously greater than 5. Most of you are too stupid to understand this fact because you come from shitholes and you need to make yourselves seem betters than another group (inferiority complex). But if you were really better than us, why aren't your countries livable? Why do you flee those those third world cess pools every chance you get instead of trying to develop them into halfway decent nations? You all don't come from paradise, you come from less than shit, and bring your dirt poor asses to my nation faking like you something. Well… Americans are the richest black people on the planet, that's a FACT. Another thing, you immigrants haven't started any movements here, you haven't founded your own institutions or big businesses. All you've done was benefited from the labor of MY ancestors and gone to our schools. If Black Americans were not here you immigrants would have suffered the same fate, but you stand on our shoulders. If we left, black immigrants would see their farce of a status change quickly.Why weren't black immigrants knocking down doors to get to America during the darkest days of racism and discrimination? It's a fact that American slavery was worst than all the Caribbean islands put together. But you come here now and talk shit about us AFTER the works is done. We don't wanna hear no shit from a bunch backwards ass people who can't even run their banana republics. How the fuck can you tell us about racism or White people when we've been here far longer and know them better than you? Your fake ass success is a sham because you immigrants are always in our communities, not in white ones. You stupid mothafuckas are pawns in the White man's game of pitting one group against the other. Have you ever noticed that no one compare black immigrants to whites, Asians, Latinos, or anyone else? I'm sure you don't. Look at the blacks in London and Canada, they are criminal burdens to the white citizens and it's a fact that Black Americans are more respected than the niggers in south London. Look at the black Americans who move to Africa, they do better than the natives, just like the Arabs, Indians, Chinese, and Whites. But you never hear us say "we are far better" than those Caribbean and African people. The Caribbean has had it's independence for far longer than Black Americans have been free and yet your countries have no more progressed than they were then. Africa has endless resources yet no black African can make anything of themselves or their nations like the outsiders have. So I'd say we all have our faults, wouldn't you agree. Take a look in the mirror before you look down your nose at black Americans because you are absolutely NO BETTER. Last thing, we are true native Americans, not ducking immigrants (our ancestors paid for that right in blood). So, if you don't like black Americans, get the fuck out!

  49. Actually this was done by the US census and it was based off ethnic groups by household income. So you are wrong, this is actually quite accurate. The average black american family earned 38k last year, while the average Black Jamaican earned 49, the average sub-saharan earned 40k. I guess it could be a matter of interpretation because while White Americans earn above 50k per household, they also have less people living in a house due to lower number of children while Hispanic and Latino Americans who alo earn 49k a year have more children. This however does not negate the fact that even so, black Americans do earn less than everybody else. I can't say if it is because black Americans are lazy, or if immigrants work harder, longer or are just lucky. Either way with the alleged downfall of the system, these people do find a way to make it work for them and as such elevate themselves above other ethnic groups. Black Americans should be ashamed of this.

  50. Anonymous says:

    Paul Richards Again, my initial comment stands. Who said anything about income? You forgot to add that women earn less than men for the same jobs and black immigrants earn less than whites for the same jobs, but Im sure it's due to laziness, so they "should be ashamed of this" (sarcasm). But it is laughable that you state black Americans "earn less than everybody else". Come on, the illegal immigrants who do do side jobs, the taxi cab drivers, and the "owners" of these hole-in-the-wall business easily take that title. Besides, you named some unfounded numbers, with no source and that's supposed to disprove my facts? Black immigrants typically have to work several jobs just to stay afloat. We have nothing to be ashamed of. We have prospered and preserved in this nation despite the worst hostilities and became the most influential group in the world. We've been through hell, yet we're still here. We made it possible for people like YOU to come, make no mistake about that. Using your "logic", you immigrants should be thoroughly ashamed of the shit you've made of your countries. If immigrants worked so hard, your countries wouldn't be in the foul conditions they're in today. Guess that debunks your "lazy black American" theory. You people are always claiming how hard you work, but fail to mention that you HAVE TO work or go to school as part of your visa terms and conditions, or else your black asses will be sent back to your poor ass countries and you'd rather die than do that. Otherwise you'd be lazing around, getting high like you do in your nations. Also, black immigrants along with White women, benefit more from affirmative action than any n native, black American because by hiring those groups, they fulfill the quota of blacks, immigrants, and women. Now you go look that up. You stupid mothafuckas think white people like you and we laugh. We know they'd rather deal with you immigrants because you're too stupid and backward to see them for what they are. No-good people never want to be around the people who know their true colors, they love the ignorant ones who believe everything they say and question nothing. That's why they'd rather give you black immigrants the bare minimum and pacify you with lies and skewed statistics stating you're "better than American blacks". But go to these same whites for aid in achieving true independence for your countries and watch how fast they say Caribbean and African blacks are "lazy usurper who've squandered all the financial aide thrown their because of endemic corruption". But I see it makes you feel better about where you come from to shit on Black Americans, but it'll never fly. If you're really better than someone, you don't have to keep saying it. You people are obsessed with us, you claim to hate us, yet you can't stop comparing yourselves to and talking about us. We never do this, because, (besides not giving a fuck about you) we know how great we are and you come here bitter, poor and jealous. That's the real issue. Well…….remember this, we didn't fuck up your countries, nor are we the one fleeing our nation in droves, dying in banana boats to get to a land that your people built up. We don't go to your countries and disrespect you to your faces and claim how we're so much better. If we did that, you'd say get the fuck out. So by all accounts we should HATE you black immigrants, your stank ass attitudes are worse than any other immigrant group. We don't have rifts with white immigrants, Asians, or Latinos like we do with filthy black savages that flood our neighborhoods. So take your opinion and shove it up your ashy, black asshole.

  51. Really disgusting Gand distasteful ..i hate to bring up racial facts but ..all these Caucasian people are welcomes with open arms in black nations even though they forced themselves to over power the countries but ..not welcome them in distasteful


  53. Sinncer Collins so why should all the non black people leave Africa but the non native American people should remain in America? If Africa is for us, then North and South America is for the native Americans! Do you realize how stupid that sounds?

  54. u didn't understand what I was saying, so I need not try to explain if u didn't realize I was being sarcastic and another thing u separate American blks and African blks and we r all the same and that's a problem we have as people!!! wake up and realize that's why us as a race are in trouble

  55. Sinncer Collins sorry if I took that the wrong way. And yes you are correct. We really shouldn't be trying to separate ourselves from 'them.' instead we should all try to find a way to love with each other. Because after centuries of contact with other races and the fact that most of us black folk grew up in and only know the western world as our home it makes no sense to move back somewhere only because of the color of our skin. Nelson Mandela taught us that in order for us to move on, we must first let go of our hate. Many black people are still mentally enslaved.

  56. thank you PAUL!!! when I seen this story it broke my heart!! I love all people by my nature and I love my race also no matter where they call home. Humanity is losing the fight to advance the human race if we still hate and divide based on color and religion. I could talk about this for a life time or until the world comes together and corrects this problem 🙁

  57. Paul Richards in American the blk mans life has no value. they mass incarcerate us and kill us like we are animals and it seems like that is the story around the world

  58. Sinncer Collins true. I have often wondered how people can live in the prison capital of the world (America) and not think about it. Yes the system in itself is racist. But it is not the whites alone that perpetuate this. Other black people are actually involved. Can I tell you that in my life, most of the racism I have experienced came from other black people? If only we could realize that we as a people need to stop what we are doing and and try to help ourselves. I myself have love for every single race as I love people based on their personality and not skin tone. However sometimes black people disappoint me. Why can't we put down the guns and stop glorifying criminal behavior as being a rite of passage? They say it is because of poverty. But there are poor white people in America who don't do this!

  59. society has taught us as people to hate who we are and we must change that as a race. we have been told lies about who are people really are and have been through time! we are the intelligent human beings, not savages like we were told and only through education of where we came from will we realize this

  60. Paul Richards hey when u get time, read about the trans atlantic
    slave trade. THAT will give u a little understanding on how Africans ended up in living from the islands to the americas

  61. Sinncer Collins there is so much to read about it. I have read a little on it, and believe me when I knew about some Africans sold other Africans to the Europeans, it depressed me.

  62. Why did Israel send for Africans to come there- take their money & the refugee money & now want to illegally torture, kill & fight them? Stop them from working & living peacefully like any other family. Now they have no money or resources to get back, they are stuck. What was the purpose of all that? It's so evil and as they have sown hate, misery & death, so shall they reap.

  63. Why did Israel send for Africans to come there- take their money & the refugee money & now want to illegally torture, kill & fight them? Stop them from working & living peacefully like any other family. Now they have no money or resources to get back, they are stuck. What was the purpose of all that? It's so evil and as they have sown hate, misery & death, so shall they reap.

  64. Alvin Stewart says:

    Do your research we was here in America long before the settlers.

  65. Farntella Graham says:

    Paul Richards for the same reason white people do not return to europe. white people are the ones found all over this world away from their home.

  66. Farntella Graham says:

    Charles Sutherland we have been tolerant of them long enough. too long, the arrogance of white people never ceases to amaze me. the home of these white people is europe. the whites are deep in the sudan; they were successful in helping to divide the country; they installed their puppet and are about the business of driving those people off their land. why would anybody want to leave the sudan with all the oil and other valuable resources that the west wants. I say, africans: go home and build your countries. make the foreigners pay for the resources they want.

  67. Farntella Graham says:

    dr. henry clark told us that.

  68. Farntella Graham says:

    Harold Malcolm JP fuckery is a very common british curse word.

  69. Farntella Graham says:

    it is a place where they think they will never be asked to leave as they have been asked to do in so many other countries on earth.

  70. Raquel Victorious Harris says:

    This exactly what im talking about, still commenting about a stupid ass word instead of what this article was about goofy, straight fuckery

  71. Raquel Victorious Harris says:

    This exactly what im talking about, still commenting about a stupid ass word instead of what this article was about goofy, straight fuckery

  72. Kevin D. Williams says:

    Wow!!! Articles like this should cause us to want to learn more about our past and who we really are. There's a reason why we as a people are treated this way!! We must return to our former glory!!!!

  73. Kevin D. Williams says:

    Israel should be ashamed!!!

  74. Andrea Dondi says:

    Myths and misconceptions about Africa are commonplace in the West. Our african values teach tolerance, not hatred; universal brotherhood, not enmity; peace, not violence.

  75. You see how they turned on you with absolutely nothing to say about what's going on in the video?? Tells you their true nature. Racism is fine as long as blacks don't fight back. We can only turn the other cheek for so long.

  76. Paul Richards Tell whites and Arabs to get the f out of Africa and leave whats left of our diamonds, oil, coal and other resources the hell alone( especially our animals that they have locked up in their zoos or on their walls, and I'll be happy to go, bitch. No body told your ass to come get me in the first place. Now give me my fucking reparations so I can have some seed money. And, yes I know what color your skin is you blind and silly MF. But I would never bless you by calling you one of mine. You so proud to be white? Let me see you carry your dark ass to a white pride festival or the wrong side of town. Then you explain to them how you hate blacks and see if they accept you as one of their cave brethren. An African immigrant had his insides sodomized out of him by a police officer with a stick simply because of the color of his skin; Another African has been locked up in prison for a yearw/o a trial simply because he was being a good samaritan and saved the life of a woman. Several well educated, hard working blacks have been arrested simply for 'shopping while black' I could go on and on. But it seems all the white mans sperm you have ingested has clogged your fucking brain. I wish your black ass momma had done us all a favor and aborted you. Now, on the off chance that you are a white troll playing that 'lets make the black people hate each other game', you could have picked a better identity than this one..we wouldn't want him.

  77. Ernesto Gomez Call that black man out of his name again while I'm on this post.

  78. Gina Dals says:

    What these people are saying is exactly what Hitler said about jews back in the 40s. They have convinced the world they were victims of some horrible deed but when they do the same to others it is because they are defending their race, these hypocrits have convinced the world they are the chosen ones but they are nothing but a plague,

  79. Shane Hill says:

    Farntella Graham Oh brother….you are a nut!

  80. Shane Hill says:

    powerup92164 I think it is safe to say you have never opened the Bible in your life…your exegesis is hilariously stupid!!!

  81. Shane Hill says:

    You sound a bit like a nazi yourself powerup!!!

  82. Eugene Hicky Minter says:

    Did they forget about what Hitler did? Oh ok they did because they forgot how bad it was in Egyptian bondage that many went back fearing death in the wilderness…Oh how forgetful these people are….

  83. Farntella Graham Interesting. By that logic, have you yourself considered going back to Africa?

  84. Angela Jarvis says:

    Bruns Michelle the chinese are raping africa now! africans sit back and let folk walk all over them!!!!

  85. Angela Jarvis says:

    famine and genocide maybe?

  86. Bruns Michelle you really need to let go of the hate girl. Not all white people are like that. In fact if you opened your heart up to love and not hate you would realize that blaming today's generation for what yesterday did is not fair and is plain stupid. Besides, you do realize that not all white people benefited from slavery. In fact you had to be super rich to own slaves. The average white European at the time was still poor. Also even today countries predominantly white which had nothing to do with slavery are still poor like countries of Eastern Europe. Is it fair to blame those people too? You are such a damn racist and you are too blind to see it. I feel sorry for you. Nelson Mandela has taught you nothing.

  87. Farntella Graham why don't they return?

  88. Farntella Graham why don't they return?

  89. Farntella Graham says:

    Shane Hill why do you say that?

  90. Farntella Graham says:

    Charles Sutherland you better believe it. I wish for that to happen everyday. I do not want to die in racist america.

  91. Farntella Graham says:

    Andrea Dondi I do not believe african values promote exploitation. I am disgusted by a lot of the things that go on in africa. why are africans allowing for profit entities from the west, to educate africa's children thru remote devices? why is it that african countries cannot educate their own people? don't give me that it is too poor. africa is the richest land on earth.

  92. Farntella Graham says:

    Shane Hill you like to call names? this is the limit of your intelligence. I understand that.

  93. Farntella Graham says:

    don't worry about that sister. I am african-american and we in the diaspora are a tribe unto ourselves. we have shown the world who we are over and over again. we are the best africans. we make all africans feel prideful. we are the protacal sons and daughters from africa. we give much to africa in spite of our condition here in the west.. ask yourself, what has africans done for us over here living in the belly of the beast? I ask myself that all the time and I am still searching for answers.

  94. Farntella Graham Careful, sweetpea: racism rolls both ways.

  95. Farntella Graham says:

    no, they do it because this is their nature.

  96. Instead of working to make their country a better place to live, these people run. Most people look down on immigrants for this reason alone. Freedom comes to the strong: if you're not willing to fight for it, you will not get it. Running will not make you free.

  97. Instead of working to make their country a better place to live, these people run. Most people look down on immigrants for this reason alone. Freedom comes to the strong: if you're not willing to fight for it, you will not get it. Running will not make you free.

  98. @ Donna Lee if you say Africans do not care about Jamaicans you are gravely ill-informed and this is coming from a Zimbabwean our cultures and struggles are so alike its not even travel a little visit Africa you will feel the love. I have been to Jamaica and it felt like I was at home and I am not going to even go at what food taste like African food or the music that resonates with me.

  99. Farntella Graham You would love Africa if you knew anything about it all this hatred and ignorance you spewing is because you don`t know any better we are one blacks are looked at the same all over the world,problem is we do`t know our value.

  100. Farntella Graham says:

    Clive Mangwere I am not spewing hatred. I am telling it like it is. I know many people who left the diaspora and went to africa. they were disappointed. now, that is not going to stop me from going there but I am a realist and I am not going to sugarcoat the experience. we, here in the diaspora, thirst for africa and many of us do not receive the welcome we expected. you know about the tribalism better than me. the tribe is everything in africa. we, in the diaspora do not know our tribe and therefore, we, here, come together as a tribe. I know what Black people of means and without means, are doing in africa and I do not see it returned in kind from africans. further, I hear the white man is treated like a god over there. no wonder he cannot keep his ass out of africa and he tells africans to stay clear of Black americans and jamaicans, especially. the white fears we will make africans feel about that white ass the way we do who know him best.

  101. DonnaLee Sommers-Williams says:

    @Clive…I don't know what it is like in Africa, but I am only speaking on how I see Africans act towards Jamaicans here in USA. I work with a lot of Africans and there are a handful that are ok and many that are not. I am not saying all Africans don't like Jamaicans. I do relate to the tradition because it is similar to ours in Jamaica.

  102. DonnaLee Sommers-Williams I am telling because I know what it like in Africa and don`t judge African according to a few ignorant ones you have come across because then you risk becoming ignorant yourself. I cannot judge black americans on the few stupid ones I have met because I have been exposed to some that are really good people.

  103. Farntella Graham You think you are telling it like is but your facts are wrong, don`t base you information on what people tell you experience it for yourself and you will be better informed. I came to the Diaspora not expecting a welcome but with an open mind ready to learn and understanding the difference in culture and had to adapt. Tribalism exists everywhere you just don`t realize it and tribes are more pronounced in the north of Africa, when people become more developed then tribes stop making sense. Its just like America in its formative years it was hard to see interacial marriages now you see all kinds of stuff. We have tribes here in America ,rich/poor ,democratic/republican ,pro gay/anti-gay but all of this is because we don`t understand its about humanity(ubuntu). Africans can actually benefit more from people in the the Diaspora because they are better informed and have the technical know how. Can you imagine what would happen if black americans starting investing in Africa and exchanging information, then we wouldn`t need the Chinese, or anybody else over here blacks still get the short end of the stick and don`t realize greater opportunities exists over there.It`s all love

  104. Olenu Ali Agunbiade says:

    MALAYSIA should be among them also

  105. Alfred Quartey says:

    Paul Richards-and just who are non Native American people.?

  106. Kwesi Ali Danladi says:


  107. Kwesi Ali Danladi says:


  108. Kwesi Ali Danladi says:


  109. You do know that Chinese are originally from Africa right? Want me to Show you what a Chinese Professor has proven to Chinese and many Chinese now know of this as well…check this out: I can even prove that about the Indians as they came from the Ancient Dravidan Tribe that went to what was to be Called India.

  110. China's Economy will soon surpass USA's so what do u mean?

  111. Africans, African-Americans, Hispanic/Latinos, Asians (Asians have African Orgins and can be proven) and Afro-Caribbeans need to Unite with the Whites that want Unity but we must unite within ourselves to make the World a better place.

  112. Farntella Graham says:

    Clive Mangwere I thank you for your point of view. it sounds reasonable and fair. I love my african brothers and sisters and will never forsake them. there may come a time, however, when africans are going to have to give account for their participation in the slave trade. I do not believe the white man could have done it without african help.

  113. That's why I hope the entire planet earth explode. That's the only way racism and other stupid behavior will be stopped! FUCK THE HUMAN RACE!!!!!!!

  114. Sahbi Ism JUST your fucking name sound as stupid as what you say. Do you me favor and go KILL YOURSELF!

  115. Bwire Msanii says:

    Farntella Graham
    Dream on, dreamer.

  116. Bwire Msanii says:

    Farntella Graham
    Dream on, dreamer.

  117. Bwire Vincent stay in your lane. this conversation is too advanced for you.

  118. Itai Kunonga I never identifyed obama as a Black american. we do not share the same history. matter of fact, he was not born in this country. they knew exactly what they were doing when they installed the mulatto.

  119. Itai Kunonga says:

    Farntella Graham…my apologies, those that did cursed and blessed us at the same time coz now we are talking and Mandela's funeral – those leaders that attended, are all "family" – Masons, basically all right in your face type of crap. Island people, used to be family oriented like solid, they are done, Usain Bolt putting on a dress…Rodman wore a dress once but now he is a spy going to NKorea to play basketball…who is paying attention to the real deal going down? The Black people is here talking about we are "divided"…that's a faq'n choice!

  120. Farntella Graham That´s the REAl Problem.All those highly trained,educated Blacks prefer to live Easily in Europe instead of going where they Belong and Developing their Own countries.

  121. Sahbi Said says:

    Sebastian Ross, to me It says that we have been stripped of our traditional African culture, which makes it somewhat of a task to just get up and go to Africa. Though it is possible. There is much planning to pull that off. In the meantime, we have to survive in America as well. Also, the power struggle is real. We can't even help ourselves in this country, because of too much interference and little control politically. How would we do it in Africa? By starting with children and raising them to smarter, hold jobs in much needed career fields. Teach them to speak more than two languages,etc.

  122. How on Earth can these Jewish people behave like this when they were spread everywhere in this world

  123. Dominican Republic really ??? Ok ! That whole Hatian thing is over played and over rated. Sure it's wrong but if there's a country that is super tolerant on race it's the DR. The country is black on US racial standards, that they have other ways of defining the selfs is a whole other thing. If anything USA should be number 1 on the list!

  124. You should be ashamed to include the Dominican Republic in this list.

    The Dominican Republic doesn't have a problem with *black people*.
    94% of Dominicans are black, while 99% of Haitians are also black.

    It has a problem with the illegal immigration of Haitians, who happen to also be black.

    Dominicans, genetically, are similar to Haitians and the problem that they have with Haitians is that Haitians are illegally invading the Dominican Republic.

    Over 1.5 million Haitians now live illegally in the Dominican Republic.
    That's 15% of our population.

    Over 20% of our health budget goes to attend illegal Haitian immigrants.
    We are a poor country and cannot afford that.

    If the US had the same problem with Mexican immigration, there would be 50 million Mexicans living illegally in the US.

    Why doesn't the US accept that illegal Mexican immigrants are Americans?

    The US should look at the beam in their eye, instead of looking at the mote in other countries' eyes.

  125. Marc Ufberg says:

    next time, might be worthwhile distinguishing between legal immigrants and illegal immigrants. countries have the right to expel illegal immigrants. unless you don't believe in borders. in which case, you pretty much don't believe in anything.

  126. Bwire Msanii says:

    Let's face it; Africans visiting the US are closer to white Americans than the Blacks. That tells me one thing; if the Black Americans were the inhabitants of present day Israel, Africans would be facing the same fate, if not worse.

  127. Who in the world compiled this list? This is ridiculous. Israel is the SAFEST place in the Middle East for African immigrants. Yes, there is a crisis right now, but the source is not Israel. As for that propaganda video linked to this "article" one would need to consider critically what one is seeing.

    1. Here's the opening statement of the video – a video which is designed to portray the nation of Israel as a racist, African-hating nation:
    "Since 2006 about 60,000 Africans have arrived in Israel on harrowing treks through the Sinai desert, fleeing poverty, persecution, ethnic cleansing and genocide. As refugee camps across Africa fill up and Europe closes its gates to asylum seekers, Israel became the next best option."

    If the producers truly cared about the stats they just quoted this "documentary" would naturally be about the perpetrators of "poverty, persecution, ethnic cleansing and genocide" on the African people. Maybe they would focus on the fact that conditions in some (not all) African nations are so bad that "refugee camps across Africa are filling up" and that "Europe (a CONTINENT 3.93 million square miles in size) closes its gates to asylum seekers." Nope. The focus is Israel – all 8,019 square miles of the only Jewish State on the planet.

    2. MK Michael Ben Ari's words are almost identical to those of African Jews I've interviewed personally. Here one must be careful to separate the terms "African" from "African Jews" (or Jews of African descent). The producers of the video are counting on the average viewer not catching this distinction. Israel is a Jewish state, and non-Jewish immigrants, regardless of where they're from, potentially threaten Israel's Jewish existence. This is a fact. Further, many of my African Jewish friends have stated that Israel should have dealt with the problem of "infiltrators" years ago before things got completely out of hand – which they have.

    3. At 6:15 the narrator quotes race statistics from the "Israeli Coalition Against Racism". I'm sorry? You mean there are people/organizations in Israel that fight racism? How many are there? What's the percentage? Is it possible that the vast majority of Israelis are not racist and that this video focuses on the ugliest side of humanity? I live in the largest, oldest most prosperous democracy in the world – the US. We have elected a Black president twice, and have African-American presence in virtually every facet of society. Yet I could walk around any town in my country and show pictures of racism that would make this video look like something from Disney. My point? Racism is a reality, even in the most democratic of nations. So people work together to end all injustice – where there is in fact injustice.

    4. The prolonged detention of African asylum seekers was ruled illegal by Israel's own Supreme Court (further signs of a democracy at work)

    But I can tell you that some of my Israeli friends of color disagree with the ruling.

    5. Lastly, I had the opportunity to speak about the African asylum seeker issue with Ethiopian Israeli MK Shimon Solomon. He expressed his deep regret over how the African asylum seeker issue has devolved for both the Africans and Israel. He explained that there are the conflicting issues of:
    a) Israel's security as many of the African nations (like North Sudan) are enemies of Israel, and will use "immigrants" as a means to attack the Jewish State, and
    b) the dignity and civil liberties of the Africans who are actually fleeing persecution. Again, Israel is the size of New Jersey, and is being forced to deal with a humanitarian crisis that all of Europe has chosen to ignore.

    Pictures of Black people being mistreated arouse distinct emotions in most people. Pictures out of context, or without deeper investigation are purposely deceptive. IMHO there are two ways to combat these types of attacks on Israel:
    A. Explain (which is what we're doing here)
    B. Constantly show Israel's ethnic diversity – which is real and far exceeds the negative depictions of Israel "race issues".

  128. Non fate di tuuta l'erba un fascio, gli italiani non sono rappresentati tutti dalla lega nord!!

  129. Kervin Soko says:

    We need one another to live as a global community no matter what but some one it to be like the slave and the slave master again. That's not going to happen any more and any attempt to force it will come back the other way with the black race becoming the slave masters ……sorry I have to say the fact!

  130. This article is straight BULLL……. Israel and Italy are not what the article says. In fact 80% of Italy ARE FOR Kyenge, they embrace the change and ALL children born in Italy have to wait until they are 18 to be considered a citizen.
    How about you round up all the leaders of Africa and convert them from selling out Africa then Africans would not need to leave due to war, famine, misuse of funds and so on. How about you stop buying Coke -Cola, eating Nabisco, General Mills and Nestle products because every time you buy you help Africa to be destitute as well others countries. Africa is divided it is no longer because of Europeans . FYI Africans began slavery, Zulu chiefs would in slave their captives and when guns came about they traded people for weapons. Europeans had the upper hand in capitalism and made it a lucrative business. In the UK slaves didn't exist but indentured servants -they got a paycheck.
    The problem is that the troubles in Africa is creating a flood of immigrates running in hope of a better life in countries that are already over flooded including the USA. The world is over populated and thus countries are struggling to support more.

  131. Black people want something for nothing and the 21st century is not having it.

  132. Arabs sold Africans into slavery

  133. No wonder why Obama took so long to go over there…..

  134. Mexicans are killing blacks like crazy in the USA no one wants to talk about it…

  135. This video is misleading. They were selling alcohol illegaly and caught by police. You can call it inhumane but not racism.

  136. Nothing worse than a Saudi pig whipping you while wearing a blue dress.

  137. Yemi Mshelia says:

    Evil behaviour. People forget that there is retribution. May God reward the perpetrators accordingly and deal with them

  138. Arabian Muslims sold Africans into slavery….European Christians purchased them…..smh

  139. If we start telling everybody to go back where they came from, Where would most of you go? Africa now and Africa for ever. Africa has what everybody want and know one wants to pay for it. It's the only place on this planet that can sustained its self. We are the Gods that we've been waiting for.

  140. Lois Prince says:

    Where is the Good Old U.S.A.? They should also, be on the Worst List

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