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‘Hollywood Game Night’ Season 2, Episode 1: ‘ ‘Twas the Game Night Before Christmas’

Hollywood Game Night

“Hollywood Game Night” season 2, episode 1: “T’was the Game Night Before Christmas” air Monday on NBC.

Take a sneak peek at the upcoming holiday edition of the show with celebrity host Jane Lynch.

A description of the show reads as follows:

“It’s a cool summer’s night, and you’re at a fantastic party in the Hollywood Hills. As the house band rocks, you mingle with some of today’s biggest names in entertainment, including the host of ‘Hollywood Game Night,‘ Jane Lynch. So what could make this night even better? How about a chance to walk out with a mountain of cash? It could happen to you on ‘Hollywood Game Night.’ Every week, ordinary people and celebrities gather for a great party. Then two teams made up of a civilian and celebrities compete in a series of outrageous games. Are you a walking encyclopedia of celebrity trivia? An expert on all things pop culture? If so, you just might have a chance to take home up to $25,000. Not bad for a night’s work! From co-creators and producers Sean Hayes and Todd Milliner comes the ultimate game night with all-star players, host Jane Lynch, a rockin‘ house band and plenty of surprise guests. Let the games begin!”

“Hollywood Game Night” season 2, episode 1 airs Dec. 23 10 p.m. EST, 9 p.m. CST on NBC.

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