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‘Love & Hip Hop’ Season 4, Episode 8: ‘Girls With Gunz’

Love & Hip Hop Season 4 Episode 8 Girls With Gunz

“Love & Hip Hop” season 4, episode 8: “Girls With Gunz” premieres tonight on VH1.

In this week’s episode, after learning that her husband and Tara slept together, Amina gives Peter a list of things to do for her to take him back.

VH1’s description of the show:

“When people think of the hip-hop life, they think of the players–the men who shape the music and the blinged-out lifestyle that comes with success. The fact is the hip-hop life is different for the women involved: the spouses, girlfriends or artists trying to define themselves in a world where men are still calling the shots. VH1’s new, eight-part docu-soap series ‘Love & Hip Hop’ follows four dynamic women who are connected to the world of hip-hop, whether it’s through the men they love, or their struggle to be heard as an artist. ‘Love & Hip Hop’ provides a dramatic, funny and sometimes heartbreaking look into the female side of the New York hip-hop life as these four women try to claim their own place in it.”

“Love & Hip Hop” Season 4, Episode 8: “Girls With Gunz” airs Dec. 16, at 8 p.m. EST on VH1. Check out the spoiler video below:


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33 thoughts on “‘Love & Hip Hop’ Season 4, Episode 8: ‘Girls With Gunz’

  1. Anna Hilton says:

    Why is it not on??

  2. Anna Hilton says:

    Why is it not on??

  3. Quintina Haskins says:

    Are you missing it?? Shaquoua said Tiny looks better in the cartoon than she does in real life..

  4. Anna Hilton says:

    Well they can't make her look any worse! Lol
    Why is love & hip hop not on though?? Mondays 8pm vh1, right?!

  5. This doesn't come on tonight smh

  6. Randrea Anderson Billings says:

    Right ,where is the show at

  7. Ashley Chamberlain says:

    Why the hell ain't love and hip hop on? I've been waiting all week for this. I'm so mad. They should have told us it wouldn't be on tonight.

  8. Hulkiie Cole says:

    yo what 's good i wanna see it

  9. Stacey E Johnson says:

    The TI and Tiny: Holiday Hustle is on…not LHH

  10. Shkinah Perry says:

    Why ain't this come on?

  11. Stacey E Johnson says:

    Right!! T.I. & Tiny: Holiday Hustle (cartoon) is on…not LHH

  12. Why aint in on tonight cuz . Ugh I be waiting for ever for the next week to much to watch more .

  13. so mad love & hip hop isn't on..way to ruin a Mon night thanks vh1

  14. Joyce Myers says:

    You so right I was looking forward to it tonight

  15. Sucks I was all happy waiting then I see the shit aint comin on got me pissed now ugh .

  16. Hulkiie Cole says:

    they showed the commercial and said 2 weeks

  17. says it will return Dec 30th..

  18. Xaviera Jones says:

    Pissed, my show is not on!!!

  19. Ashley Chamberlain says:

    Now they just said it won't be on for 2 more weeks. Wtf

  20. how annoying when does it come back and why does it go straight to reunion wth is goin on there? lol

  21. Oh #VH1 where ya at, we want the answers…lol

  22. I'm upset I look forward to tonight. Who told them to take it off for some cartoons.

  23. Can we watch it on, On Demand?

  24. Arlene N Enrique Lopez says:

    This is bull i was waiting for Lhh to come on im so mad uggghhhh

  25. Dominique Deveraux says:

    Its not scheduled for next week either…wtf??

  26. Thats that bullish I be talking bout. Vh1 sux for that!

  27. Can it be found online anywhere?

  28. Dominique Deveraux says:

    They say it returns on the 30th. @vh1 This ain't Scandal and Mona you aint Shonda.

  29. Og Brown says:

    This show's the boom

  30. Trenabiena Pires says:

    Ok so we are going on the second week and love and hip hop still ain't on what the fuck

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