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11 Thought-Provoking Must-See Black Films


Daughters of the Dust‘Daughters of the Dust’

“Daughters of the Dust” is a 1991 independent film written, directed and produced by Julie Dash; it is the first feature film by an African-American woman. Featuring an unusual narrative device, the film is told by the Unborn Child. Ancestors are part of the movie, as the Peazant family has lived on the island since their first people were brought as slaves centuries before.

Better Mus Come‘Better Mus’ Come’

Jamaican film “Better Mus’ Come” has garnered international attention for its unflinching portrayal of politically-driven gang violence in 1970s-era Kingston.  The film is available on Netflix.

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12 thoughts on “11 Thought-Provoking Must-See Black Films

  1. Carla Cuevas Jackson says:

    Goodbuy uncle tom

  2. First off, "Django Re-chained" shouldn't even bee on this list. Glory wasn't a "Black" film. Just because a Black person is in it doesn't make it a "Black" film. Where's Bamboozled? Do The Right Thing? Dancing in September? Really???

  3. Rita Gates says:

    What about the HBO film Something the Lord Made.

  4. I've seen them all with the exception of Sankofa and Better Mus' Come. I agree that Django….. should not have been on the list.

  5. Alan Carter says:

    "Glory" was about a Black regiment in the North's Army.

  6. Forget about it. There is nothing thought provoking about slavery and interracial dating. Save it. – GRADE F. TRY AGAIN.

  7. Paúl S. Gary says:

    how about the Walking Dead… no, not that stupid zombie piece but the underrated flick starring Joe Morton & Allen Payne et al? it's a piece about Marines in Vietnam but far different from Platoon, Full Metal Jacket, etc.

  8. Anthony Bilali says:

    Better must come feels real

  9. Aj O'Neal says:

    The Walking Dead was horrible. Should not even be mentioned.

  10. Alan Carter – Still trying to discern how that qualifies it as a "Black" film.

  11. Heather Barr says:

    Killer of Sheep. To sleep With Anger. Black directed and all black casts,

  12. Deveda Francois says:

    "Things never Said" is one that isn't here.

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