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6 Truths Kanye West Exposed About Institutional White Supremacy

Over the past several weeks, Kanye West has given fans and critics alike an earful of his philosophical musings. Less than nine years removed from his declaration that “George Bush doesn’t care about Black people” at a charity event for Hurricane Katrina survivors, and four years following his infamous Taylor Swift speech interruption, “I’ma let you finish but…,” at the MTV Music Awards, West is back at it with much more to say.

The Chi-town rapper admirably tries to tackle the behemoth that is white supremacy, a system organized to maintain global power and influence in the hands of Western European people and their institutions.  Check out these six statements by West about white supremacy that we believe are justified.

kanye boys clue

The good ol’ boys club is alive and well = “Man, let me tell you something about George Bush and oil money and Obama and no money. People want to say Obama can’t make these moves or he’s not executing. That’s because he ain’t got those connections…Black people don’t have the same level of connections as Jewish people. Black people don’t have the same connection as oil people.”

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29 thoughts on “6 Truths Kanye West Exposed About Institutional White Supremacy

  1. Gary Gray says:

    This is one time that I agree with Kanye West. We are still modern day slaves without the chains and shackles of our Ancestors.

  2. Charvi Dawson says:

    This is a thought provoking article. Very well put together!

  3. Julia Lucas says:

    Ummmm…none of these statements are unique to Kanye West. He didn't expose anything; these are all truths that have been proposed by other activists for years. In mean, I guess it's great he's declaring all these facts that are well-known in the activist community while gaining mainstream white media points by shacking up with the Kardashians…

  4. this izzz the Kanye West that had me like his music…ty bro 🙂

  5. Amanda Lee says:

    None of this is new or thought provoking. *yawn*

  6. English" strange languish

  7. Trip Bossman says:

    Very interesting that be gets rich and
    something he should have always known.

  8. they are exposed because they are brought into pop culture and not in our little conversation circles, they have not really reached the larger dialogue snce the civil rights and black power movements

  9. Vanessa Jones says:

    Jordan Taylor , I agree. The truth must continually be exposed and who better to do it than a rapper. Kanye has exposed it to a generation who may not be conscious of the efforts that these private prisons take along with these corporations to keep them enslaved.

  10. Devan Clark says:

    I cannot stand all these so called Anti white anti establishment so called negro's .They are Hypocrites and are obsessed with these issues because deep down inside they love white people. Henry Louis gates Jr., Kanye , Harry Belafonte , Amiri Baracka , all anti racism and critical of white folks but then turn right around and marry white women.have children with women that look nothing like their Mama.This is a mental disease for sure.That Pro Black and successful Black males,even when they have nothing in common culturally go out and get white females as life partners..That crap makes my stomach turn.

  11. Sophiqua Jenkins says:

    The thing about Obama not being like other former Presidents is so wrong. Please do your research. Don't just support someone because they share your skin tone. You forgot to list thta ignorance is alive and well.

  12. De Shaddow says:

    This was a beautiful article, articulating what Kanye's been trying to make clear. His energy and timing is so off the wall that nobody is trying to hear what he has to say.

  13. Kanye West need to go some where and sit ass down and shut his damn mouth nuff said

  14. I like how the author looked over him addressing the prison industrial complex in New Slaves & in the Breakfast Club interview. come on.

  15. Julia Lucas says:

    I think more people know about it outside our little writing circle than we give them credit for. The uneducated homeless women I serve at work have understood it their whole lives, they just don't write about it online-but that doesn't mean they haven't heard about it or that they don't understand it. Really what it is is that Kanye West has a platform, that's all. But I think it is a bit patronizing to assume people outside of our writing circle don't understand or haven't lived these declarations. Especially since while they are trying not to starve and are attempting to get people to support legislation to empower black homeless women, Kanye is getting people to protest Louis Vuitton because until after January because they wouldn't talk to him.

  16. Julia Lucas are you going to deny that kanye bringing these things into his music and these radio interviews made these things more noticeable? I have had conversations with many people who did not get what he was talking about.

  17. Reiteration is just as important as exposure. Reach one. Teach one.

  18. Julia Lucas says:

    Jordan Taylor, yes, I am going to say that he really hasn't done anything helpful. Yes, he's making these statements, but you mentioned people don't seem to know what he his talking about. That's because he's doing a terrible job. One minute he launches into civil rights speeches and then he asks people to boycott Louis Vuitton until January because they won't talk to him? Cry me an effing river. I've had conversations with the many homeless women my organization serves who have not only know what he's talking about, but live it. They are ale to speak about and understand it quite succinctly–they simply don't have a public platform. In fact, maybe that's my problem with him. I'm witnessing these women, many of whom suffered abuse and were ignored by the system because they are black, trying to get health care, jobs and housing and he uses his platform to spat about Lois Vuitton? Instead of doing something to make their voices heard? And uses the wealth of Kim Kardashian to market his clothing line? I'm not saying he has to live in abject poverty but he seems quite removed from his own platform if he thinks anyone should care about Louis Vuitton not talking to him. I also don't quite understand why he thinks his relationship with Kim will make America accept interracial relationships. They are an entertainment franchise and people watch them to laugh at them and feel better about themselves–not to realize important social justice truths. By hedging his political bets with them he's made himself a laughing stock. All of these statements are unfortunately getting lost in his tomfoolery (yes, I used that word). But I agree with you and Vanessa that who better to expose the truth than a rapper…well, just not Kanye. He might be speaking these truths but he wasn't the first by a long shot so I'm not impressed, and this, coupled with his oddly chosen way of promoting social justice, makes me think he is the wrong man for the job.

  19. Julia Lucas its got us having this conversation right now. its got this article published

  20. Julia Lucas says:

    Yes, that is true, but it is nothing we do not already know. I have been having this conversation with others for a while, as have many people, and it was by no means because of Kanye. I am not saying he needs to stop, maybe he will reach someone, but Kanye is no Spike Lee. Kanye mostly makes a spectacle of himself. But hey, that may be my personal bias. My concern is by throwing all of this spectacle around while trying to speak about civil rights he is burying his own message. Think about it, when people think of Kanye West today, are they going to think about all the statements or his music video having sex with Kim Kardashian on a motorcycle, Taylor Swift and Luis Vuitton? I really cannot stand Taylor Swift but he did himself a diservice by putting Beyonce on the spot like that. See? Even I got distracted!

  21. Meta Chyle says:

    Umm Obama got connects. He was well invested in once they seen how we black folks eat up every word he say. He aint doing nothing he said cuz he never was trying to. They are still things he gets done and all of it helps the boys club.

  22. Mike DjEskimo Mitchell says:

    Why is it that people say there's nothing new to what he's saying? Oh, it's nothing new to YOU but, what about those who didn't know? Does everyone know these things?

  23. He needs to bury his face in Kim's fat white ass then expose that lolol oh yeah sorry ray j already exposed her lolol

  24. Herc Pona says:

    I guess he's saying nothing has changed. Just because it happened back then, doesn't mean it still isn't happening now. T

  25. Tonnya says:

    Call out the hypocrisy Devan because you hit the bullseye

  26. Renee Davidson says:

    Why? Do you have something better say?

  27. Renee Davidson says:

    Why? Do you have something better say?

  28. Ray Jackson says:

    Get a life ,and have a salad.

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