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Robot Revolution: Google’s Plans For A Robot Future

google-robotsGoogle will not be left out of the talks regarding implementing the use of robot technology in the future. On Sunday, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos created a media frenzy when he unveiled a plan to use drones to deliver packages to Amazon customers. That led delivery company UPS to announce that it is also working on implementing drones into their delivery process, and now Google has also followed suit. According to

“Perhaps as a response to Amazon’s frankly ridiculous flying-drone delivery ‘plans’ (a terrific PR boost ahead of Cyber Monday), Google has decided to take the wraps off its corresponding – and infinitely more workable – vision. In an interview with the New York Times, android founder Andy Rubin suggested Google’s latest “moonshot” involves robots for the manufacturing and logistics markets.

Google’s desire to get into manufacturing comes as a surprise. Logistics is less of a shock. Whereas Amazon’s putative drones are an impractical idea — they won’t be able to carry much weight, and the economics of sending them out on a per-parcel basis don’t even begin to add up — it does make sense to imagine an autonomous vehicle driving down the street, with humanoid robots trundling out to make deliveries along the way.”

Google is best known for being a large search advertising company, however, it is one of the most innovative firms around, and it uses  billions of dollars to drive some pretty cool initiatives. If robotics is supposed to be the future of technology, you can bet Google will position itself to be at the forefront of that industry so it can collect more data in order to sell more advertising.

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