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Big Things Popping: Q-Tip To Produce Kanye’s Next Album With Rick Rubin

kanye-west-and-qtipKanye West is a superstar rapper and producer but he always looks to other superstars to help bring out the best of his talents. Now Q-Tip, who West admits is one of his early musical influences, is reportedly scheduled to produce Kanye’s next album along with Yeezus collaborator Rick Rubin. According to

“While the rest of the unit was doing their thing backstage, Q-Tip sat down with Elliott Wilson for Jay Z’s Life + Times for an awesome revelation. The Tribe’s most active member said he’s producing Kanye West’s next studio album alongside Rick Rubin.

”I’m producing Kanye’s album with Rick Rubin,’ The Abstract said nonchalantly. News of that magnitude would usually be hard for most artist to bottle the excitement in the expression but Q-Tip is a veteran’s veteran; he’s accomplished so much in Hip-Hop and he’s finding new ways to stay relevant on his terms.”

Kanye already produced what was been hailed as a “creative masterpiece” when he and Rick Rubin worked together on Yeezus this year. Now with Q-Tip on board, there’s no telling what direction Kanye’s next album will take.  Hopefully fans won’t have to wait too long as West has stated that he hopes to have his new album out by next summer.

Check out the Q-Tip and Elliot Wilson interview below.

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