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Holiday Spirit: Leona Lewis ‘One More Sleep’ Video


Now that Thanksgiving  has passed, holiday season is officially underway and Leona Lewis is giving fans a new visual that exemplifies the holiday spirit. Lewis released a new video for her “One More Sleep” single, which is off her upcoming album, Christmas, With Love. According to

“Leona Lewis makes the season merry and bright with the vintage video for her Christmas single ‘One More Sleep.’ As the snow falls outside, the British singer puts up stockings and wraps presents in her cozy cabin as she awaits the arrival of her loved ones. They have a snowball fight, warm up by the fireplace, and even get a visit from Santa Claus.

‘The video basically came from an idea that we did a little while ago where a camera crew came to the studio and shot me and my friends just kinda messing around’ explained Leona.'”

Leona’s Christmas, With Love album is scheduled to be released this upcoming Tuesday, and it features a mix of classic Christmas remakes and some original songs as well.

Check the Leona Lewis “One More Sleep” video below.

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