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Auburn Cancels Alabama’s Perfect Season with Miraculous Last Second Play

The 2013 Iron Bowl between Auburn and Alabama lived up to the anticipated hype in what was arguably one of the greatest college football games in history.

Auburn beat Alabama 34-28 on the final play of the game. After being tied with .1 second left in the game, the Alabama Crimson Tide missed a long last-second field goal, where the Tigers’ Chris Davis caught the ball in the back of the end zone and ran it back for a 109-yard touchdown.

“What it was like?” Davis said. “Like I keep saying, God is good, God is good.”

Auburn’s coach Gus Malzahn attributed the win partially to the fans.

“We talked about that we wanted to keep it close, and if we could get it to the fourth quarter playing at home, with our crowd, we would find a way to win,” Malzahn said. “You know, the way we won the last two weeks is really unbelievable.”

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