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‘Deadly Women’ Season 7, Episode 20: ‘Untamed Evil’

'Deadly Women' Season 7, Episode 20: 'Untamed Evil'Coming up next on “Deadly Women” Season 7, Episode 20: “Untamed Evil,”   a love-struck Texan will go to any lengths to keep her man, a gun-toting redhead shoots first and asks questions later, and a mother with a vile temper does the unthinkable to her tiny son.

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A Synopsis for “Deadly Women” reads as follows:

“Female murderers are often times more horrifying and intriguing than their male counterparts. Their worlds are often defined by obsession, greed, and revenge. “Deadly Women” fuses bone-chilling story-telling, sumptuous period drama and forensic fact in a bid to explore history’s most alluring female killers. Each episode profiles four famous cases from the past; killers and their victims are brought to life by elaborate dramatized reconstructions.”

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