When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong: News Anchor Ruins Christmas For Santa Believers



News anchor Robin Robinson may have ruined  Christmas for children this year who believe in Santa Clause. Last night the anchor made it even clearer that the evening news is not something for your children to watch if you’re trying to maintain their innocence.

In a segment about children’s gift expectations on Fox Chicago earlier this week,  Robinson flat-out said, “There is no Santa.” (The denial comes at about 3:06).

“Stop trying to convince your kids that Santa is Santa,” Robinson told her co-host. “That’s why they have these high expectations. They know you can’t afford it, so what do they do? Just ask some man in a red suit. There is no Santa.”

Robinson found herself in hot water this week after making the declaration, with her words prompting a flood of angry calls and Facebook posts from viewers.

Many of the parents who watched the segment were pretty upset — so upset, in fact, that Robinson later apologized. The Huffington Post reported that Robinson apologized to her audience Wednesday during “The Talker,” an op/ed segment of the 9 p.m. newscast that regularly shares reader reactions from social media platforms.

“It was careless and callous to say…what I said, in what could’ve been mixed company,” Robinson stated. “So many kids don’t get to be children, that for those who do get to live the wonder and magic of Christmas, I would never spoil it intentionally. So I sincerely apologize. We have certainly heard how you feel about my mistake, and since ‘The Talker’ is about opinions: here we go.”

Robinson also read Facebook comments slamming her slip-up and went out on the streets to confess to viewers and get reactions, which were overwhelmingly critical.

Do you think Robin Robinson was wrong for saying, “There is no Santa?”

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