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Zimbabwe Protecting Several Industries for Black Citizens

President Mugabe of ZimbabweThe owners of foreign firms operating in certain sectors in Zimbabwe after January 1, 2014 will be arrested, a senior official has warned.

Economic Empowerment Secretary George Magosvongwe issued the warning in parliament, state media reports.

“Indigenization” of the economy was one of President Robert Mugabe’s main campaign themes in the March election.

Farming, hairdressing and baking are among the sectors now reserved for “indigenous,” or black, Zimbabweans.

“January is a month to come and we are putting in place measures for enforcement in the event that they do not comply,” the state-owned Herald newspaper quotes Mr Magosvongwe as saying.

He said that Zimbabweans were being identified to take over businesses to prevent shortages of goods.

According to the Herald, the “reserved sectors of the economy” include: retail and wholesale business, hairdressers, beauty salons, bakers, employment agencies, agriculture, transport, estate agencies and advertising agencies.

It said that foreign-owned restaurants that did not serve local food would not be affected.

Owners of businesses without indigenization compliance certificates face a fine or imprisonment if they are still operating, the Herald reports.

It says these certificates are only given to local people.

There has been growing concern in Zimbabwe over an influx of traders from Nigeria and China who sell all sorts of goods in local markets, undercutting local retailers.

Mugabe says his policies are needed because under colonial rule, many economic sectors were reserved for white people.

Source: BBC

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6 thoughts on “Zimbabwe Protecting Several Industries for Black Citizens

  1. Chenayi N Shava says:

    Always looking out for Zimbos…..

  2. Nosakhare Boadi says:

    Please bare in mind that White Zimbabweans can still operate in any of these retail sectors which the Nigerians and Chinese are being thrown out of…also bare in mind that the Chinese were invited and encouraged to take up businesses in these sectors but they simply did too well…they didn't arrive in Zim by mistake….also remember that when Zimbabweans were being attacked and chased out of South Africa for similarly doing too well as compared to African South Africans it was called 'xenophobia'…this issue has to be taken with a grain of salt and the broader perspective examined…there are many sides of this issue

  3. Hope this will not reflect negs, on the people that have experience so many in such a short time remember… i.e. jobs will also go.

  4. Gary Gray says:


  5. Osita Dozie says:

    I haven't seen the details but from the little I glimpse, it is a good law….there are certain areas of the economy that has to be reserved for the locals considering their past experiences. Corruption did not allow Nigerians implement the indiginisation policy of 1973 due to the personal interests of the major actors. Ride on Uncle Bob…let the Europeans and Americans talk all they want. We know those working for Africans and those against.

  6. Excellent, SALUTE long live President Robert Mugabe and may our YAH ( GOD, Isaiah 39 : 7 ) bless Mother Africa .

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