California Rasta Vibes: Snoop Lion’s ‘Tired Of Running’ Video


Snoop Dogg has been vacillating over his new moniker “Snoop Lion,” which is his way of embracing Rastafarian culture. Snoop is back using his “Lion” name for his new video, “Tired of Running,”which takes place in his sunny home state of California.

According to 

“Snoop Dogg reverts back to his Rastafarian moniker, Snoop Lion, in the visual for “Tired Of Running.” The track appears on the legendary MC’s latest LP, Reincarnated.

“Snoop uses the sunny Los Angeles hillside as the locale in the cinematic treatment. He’s also joined by Keke Palmer, Nipsey Hu$$le and Tyrin Turner, who assist him with conveying the story. Here, Snoop and Neighborhood Nipsey play a pair of home invaders, but this job quickly goes south after an unlikely turn of events”

Whether he is Snoop Dogg or Snoop Lion, it’s hard to believe that he’s been in the rap game for 20 years. Snoop released his Doggystyle LP in 1993 and 20 years later he’s still a relevant artist. As reported by

“[Doggystle] served as a 13-song journey into the LBC with Snoop Dogg as your tour guide and Dr. Dre playing the perfect soundtrack to your journey. The sounds heard on this album could be heard loud and clear 20 years later in the sounds of new West Coast icons Dom Kennedy, Casey Veggies, Nipsey Hussle, and TDE. Music, like wine, only gets better with age, and Doggystyle still hits like a hard Gin & Juice. With Dr. Dre moving on to be one of the industry’s most prosperous entrepreneurs and Snoop taking on a new direction in his music and lifestyle joining the Rastafarian movement, Doggystyle now serves as a time portal as to what the music climate was back in 1993: Raw, rough, and real.”

Check out the Snoop Lion in the “Tired Of Running” video below.

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