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‘Haven’ Season 4, Episode 11: ‘Shot in the Dark’

Haven Season 4

“Haven” season 4, episode 11: “Shot in the Dark” premieres tonight on Syfy.

On this week’s episode, the Seekers follow a monster to Haven and their presence threatens to reveal the town’s troubles to the entire world.

A summary of “Haven” season 4 reads:

“Deep in the heart of Maine, Haven is a town where people with supernatural abilities have migrated for generations because it mutes their powers, allowing them to lead normal lives. At least, until recently. When hot-shot FBI agent Audrey Parker is called to Haven to solve the murder of a local ex-con, she catches the killer but uncovers a much deeper mystery about this town.

Each week, as the town-people’s dormant powers begin to express themselves, Audrey will try to keep these supernatural forces at bay while unraveling the many mysteries of Haven – including one surrounding her own surprising past in this extraordinary place.”

Tune in to Syfy on Friday, Nov. 22, at 10:00 p.m. to watch “Haven” season 4, episode 11: “Shot in the Dark.” Until then, take a look at a preview of the upcoming episode below.

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