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Beyonce Models Jay Z’s Barneys Collection; Fans React to Prices

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Beyonce played the role of the supportive wife when she shared photos of herself on Instagram in several pieces from her husband’s holiday collection for Barneys New York. Jay Z can use any extra boost he can get since his reputation has taken a hit in recent weeks following Barneys’ racial profiling controversy.

Bey was seen wearing the $12,500 Gold New York City Ring, a $695 ski mask and a $2,295 Moncler varsity jacket.

Not surprisingly, some fans were less than pleased by the luxury price tag, despite the collection launching at a luxury department store.

One Twitter user wrote:
“Here’s the problem with this: Jay’z demographic is not one that can afford this. Maybe he can get Birdman or somebody to buy it”

Another added:
“This the same culture that spends 3 to 600 on a BELT! But since a Black man tryna sell a product in the same Lane (Ultra Luxury) y’all not supportive smh..

U ain’t even gotta buy it. Just support the fact that a black man can collaborate and out this out. Especially since Kanye crying in every interview damn near bout the very same thing”

What do you think of Jay Z’s collection and the prices?

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