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Don Lemon Takes on Black Writer for ‘Why I Hate Being a Black Man’


CNN’s Don Lemon brought on an unusual guest Saturday: a Black writer who wrote a column titled, “Why I hate being a black man.” Orville Lloyd Douglas explained to Lemon why he wrote such a highly charged column and what it’s like for him being a Black man.

Douglas admitted he’s mainly talking about the stereotypes surrounding Black men regarding his self-hatred, saying it’s hard for people who don’t conform to the stereotypes of Black men to live in society.

Lemon was somewhat baffled by what he was saying, asking him why he doesn’t just let himself define who he is and not worry about other people. Douglas, a Canadian, explained race is handled with kid gloves up there, especially to the “more progressive way” it’s talked about in America.

Lemon credited Douglas for being very brave to come out like he is, especially with all the online hate he’s getting, but also pressed him on rejecting the self-hatred. Lemon said he should just “learn to love being Black” and not to “let other people define who you are.”

Douglas also talked about diversity in Canada, as well as racial and social issues that aren’t being dealt with in Toronto. If only they had a competent mayor who could f… oh, wait.

Source: Mediaite

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